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How Honda Sensing Elite achieved what Audi failed in L3 driverless car race

Audi or the driver?

Own a recon Audi? Here’s how you can get a warranty from Audi Malaysia

small number of consumers turn to the grey market to secure a particular model variant, for example, an Audi

Audi and VW tweaked their logos to encourage social distancing

Stay safe. pic.twitter.com/uwsW2JbhEu— Audi (@Audi) March 20, 2020By now the phrase social distancing

The VW Polo started life as an Audi? Say what?

Audi did not start off as the luxury car brand that we know of today.

Audi A6 falls behind Lexus ES in global sales rankings

Despite being an all-new model, the latest C8 generation Audi A6 hasn’t been as well received by

Audi: China and South Korea most supportive of driverless cars, USA and UK least

A recent typology - the science of classification - carried out by Audi shows that China and South Korea

Audi RS cars now available in Thailand - TT RS, RS4 Avant, RS Q8

Aggressive pricing for aggressive cars is the mantra for Audi in Thailand as they launched the 2020 Audi

Audi Singapore shows EV charging solution for condominiums, 18-month free charging

However, Audi Singapore has a solution for that.

2020 Audi Q7 launched in Thailand – no Virtual Cockpit but adds 2 new touchscreens

Audi’s most popular SUV in Thailand, the Audi Q7, gets a mid-life update featuring new looks and

Audi pulls out of DTM racing series, upsets BMW

DTM 19 years history, Audi has won a total of 7 DTM championship.However, the DTM series has seen a

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Audi RS6 Avant & RS7 Sportback launched in Malaysia, 600PS & 800Nm family cars

Quattro enthusiasts are in for a treat with the launch of the Audi RS6 Avant and Audi RS7 Sportback in

Audi Q4 e-tron debuts: Cheapest Audi EV from RM 207k

Audi has unveiled two new EVs to the world, the Audi Q4 e-tron and the Audi Q4 e-tron Sportback.

Volkswagen Arteon is RM 130k cheaper than the Audi A5 Sportback, but better?

Recently, I’ve had the privilege of experiencing the 2020 Audi A5 Sportback.

Audi A4 Schedule To Be Renovated In 2020

Audi has announced a substantial renovation of its entire A4 Range by 2020.

Tesla now outsells Audi in USA, what happened to Audi?

US electric car company, Tesla, has surpassed Audi in terms of sales in 2020.

Audi Q4 Sportback e-tron concept debuts, over 500 km of electric range

Audi has presented its electric coupe SUV, the Audi Q4 Sportback e-tron concept.

Review: Audi A5 Sportback - When you find the BMW 4 Series too boring

Lovely rear end, thisFrom a distance, its unmistakably Audi.

All-new 2020 Audi Q5 facelift - Looking sharper than ever

Audi has just launched an all-new facelift for the 2020 Audi Q5.

Summer Regret: Audi A3 Cabriolet Will Roll Off Production Line

convertible is still biased towards the niche position, which is rarely seen on the road.Recently, Audi

Built on evolved Taycan platform, Audi A6 e-tron concept debuts at 2021 Shanghai Auto Show

The Audi A6 e-tron concept has debuted at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show.

Audi Centre Setia Alam officially opens

Audi Centre Setia Alam is officially open.

China-only LWB 2021 Audi A7L unveiled in Auto Shanghai, longer wheelbase than A8

The long-wheelbase 2021 Audi A7L has made its global debut in Auto Shanghai 2021.

2020 Audi Q3 Sportback launched in Malaysia - 180 PS, 320 Nm, RM 300k

Arteon’s unveiling yesterday, we also came across the rather quiet launch of the swoopy 2020 Audi

2019 Audi Q3 enters Malaysia in Q4 2019

After launching four Q models earlier this year, Audi is introducing the all-new Audi Q3 to complete

Frankfurt 2019: Audi to debut all-new RS7 Sportback

The sole transmission offered is an 8-speed Tiptronic automatic mated to Audi’s quattro all-wheel

Is the Audi e-tron GT just a Porsche Taycan with a different body?

in the Audi e-tron GT concept which you probably saw Tony Stark driving in Avengers: Endgame.

Show off your Audi on Zoom meetings with these Audi virtual backgrounds

Audi has caught on this and released a series of Audi virtual backgrounds that allow you to bring an

Comparison: BMW X1 sDrive18i vs Audi Q2 1.4 TFSI

our shores, we set out to pit it against another small premium SUV, which is CBU from Germany, the Audi

Audi’s digitalised OLED taillights in the 2020 Audi Q5 are basically TV screens

Lighting technology has always been Audi’s field of expertise.

Audi to star in animated film Spies in Disguise? Here’s how

But Audi has taken starring in movies to the next level by creating a concept car especially for a movie

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Dream car. 😍🚗 #AudiABL #Sick #LoveIt http://t.co/kkfQ9egKNE

@NewsdayLive I didnt know Audi made an ABL model. I think you meant A8 L. Check the pic. http://t.co/jPFV2aJB99

http://t.co/CJ8QLFQ4b7 #ebay JSK ABL AUDI A4 1996-2001 2WD ADJUSTABLE COILOVERS DAMPER KIT good Performance#1 http://t.co/SYIwcHTwLG

No coordination ABL and gov Necessity of capital controls implementation Cancellation of all dollars to lollars conversions at Xrates (audi 2.1x ie) Maintaining the 1507 was benefic for essential good payments and the fresh usd provided by cahs transfer companies (omt..) helped https://t.co/eGo61XJvGI

We really need to stop watching scary movie clips in cinema. Im starting to embarass myself with my flinching, jumping, and very audiabl ...

@Frannyann Fancy picking me up in your new Audi and drive over to ABL's?

my whoo was so audiabl when I got the words wrong *oops*

22x9 Black Asanti Black ABL-11 Wheels 5x112 +32 Fits Audi A5 RS7 TT S5 https://t.co/m8mS7F04tM

Audi Abl or Kia k900 choose

Audi A8 | 20x10.5 Asanti Black Label ABL-14 | Gloss Black w/Optional Crabon Fiber Inserts #audi #a8 #asanti #asantiwheels #asantiblacklabel #asantidealer #luxurywheels #luxurylifestyle #luxurycars #customwheels #customwheelspecialist #WTD #wheelandtiredist #rims

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I earn Rs. 30000 monthly in India, will I be able to get an Audi on loan?

Let's assume the cheapest Audi Audi A3 price- 35.2 lakhs ex showroom price And add 30k -40k for tax,registration etc,And other miscellaneous charges make it to go up to 40L to 45L for on road price. In 2015 my brother wanted to buy a flat in Hyderabad priced @ 30 lakhs , his salary was 50k. Went to SBI to apply for a loan. They denied because they consider his salary to be low. Even if you manage to buy it, the maintenance costs and fuel costs will burn a hole in your pockets.(doesn't apply if you're from a wealthy family), If you're granted the loan the interest may go as high as 15%, if you manage to payback the loan in 5–10 years , the interest will amount to 10–15 lakhs , total principal payable be 50–70 lakhs.(depends on the size of your installments) Rather than buying a joy ride and paying a hefty amount , invest in the securities and if luck permits you may end up buying a Rolls Royce. If you're really passionate about cars,rent them for a day or two, drive it until you derive satisfaction and return. Car is a depreciating asset, its value decreases over time. Reconsider,! Its never too late. Make yourself a good fortune. Good luck!

How is it that fresh college grads in the US are able to afford BMWs and Audis within a year of working? In India, it takes decades to be able to own one. Please stick to STEM degrees for the purpose of this answer.

Not all fresh college grads in the US can afford to buy a new BMW. Even with STEM degrees. Only students at the top of their class from good universities get hired to good tech companies and can buy great cars. And the quality of an average BS student majoring in CS from a good university is substantially higher than an average B. Tech student from a top university in India. I have taught undergrads in the US as a Teaching Assistant and I was quite impressed how prepared many of the CS grads were. In India everyone joins B.Tech irrespective of whether they understand what it is. In the US, students don’t typically major in CS or other STEM degrees unless they are up for the rigour. The courses are much tougher and it is hard to survive long in STEM majors unless you have the skills for it. In India, if you have the similar caliber you can still attain the same success as the US grads. Most of these guys go into MBAs or MS programs and thus you don’t see their success immediately. These go on to leading global businesses at some point. My classmates who went through Masters all ended up with great cars — BMWs, Acuras, Mercedes, Mustang etc. Among the small minority of top B. Tech students who don’t pursue an MS/MBA, you will find most into great jobs and many companies pay upwards of 20L/year. They can afford a good home on EMI and also a good car. At that salary you could easily afford a Honda City or XUV. Just not a BMW for the sole reason that BMWs are imported in India and thus attract a huge import duty. While you might not be able to afford a luxurious imported car right out of college in India, in other factors you can get the same quality of life if your skills are comparable with your global peers.

Will the Tesla cars be able to compete with Audi eTron in 2020?

Sorry, you have your question wrong. It should read “Will the Audi eTron be able to compete with Tesla cars”. The answer is a qualified yes. The Tesla Model 3 is a better spec’d car and starts at half the price of the eTron. However Audi have made an honest effort and they have a loyal following. While at a technical disadvantage Audi do have many decades more experience and that will show through in some of their details. My guess is in 2020 Tesla will hugely out sell Audi in BEVs but I would expect Audi to eventually become a serious competitor in future years as they gain more experience with BEVs.

How are doctors able to buy Benz and Audi?

I’ve lived in the US and Indonesia. In the United States Physicians are a controlled substance. And like all controlled substances, they are hard to find (to treat you quickly) and when you do find a physician, it is an expensive visit. The Physician Great Wall to protect the Physicians monopoly on care giving and dispense the controlled substance of physicians is called the American Medical Association. The AMA controls the US Citizens admittance to US Medical Schools. The AMA controls the licensing (and thereby Numbers) of medical professionals to practice in the US as physicians. The AMA runs the blockade of physicians licensed and practicing in other countries to immigrate to the US and obtain a US license to practice as physicians. Which is why (and I’ve tried to avoid doctors for a few years, so the cost may be higher now) Doctors charge $250 for a consultation (15 minutes, barely enough time to fill out the orders for a dozen lab tests) and tell you to then come back and pay another $250 consultation fee when the lab tests are ready so they (the lab instruments) can tell you what is wrong with you, Doctor interpreting the results of course. In 2017 I paid over $4000 to sit in an emergency room curtained cube, have rush bloodwork and a MRI to have a physician (or maybe it was just a student resident completing his “practice” doctoring) pop in with the lab results and advise my kidney stone was too small to treat with ultrasound, so they sent me home with a bottle of 800mg tylenol tabs. Not even decent painkillers for all that money paid. The Indonesia side: ,Numbers-uncontrolled-by-a-monopoly Professionally trained physicians, from both Indonesian Universities medical schools and overseas (mostly Australia medical schools), well paid, but not so much it bankrupts the patients. An Indonesian relative two weeks ago (April 2021) had surgery to repair a tear in his intestine. ,The cost of the INDONESIAN hospitalization, surgery, drugs, etc?, 25 Million! That is 25 million rupiah: ,$1,731.09 US,. Unbelievable. The Indonesian Hospital made money, the attending surgeon made money, the nurses made money, the pharmaceutical companies made money; all because the Indonesian medical system operates in a free market, NOT in the US AMA-controlled monopoly. So the patient did not have to take out a second mortgage to pay the Medical bill, it was more like the cost of a car repair, because physicians are not numerically controlled and are therefore plentiful in Indonesia. The patient lived and is back home and recovering nicely. Granted the US system worked, mostly. Enough doctors for the patients who could afford them. Easy and quick appointments to your favorite physician/specialists. But that all ended on March 23, 2010. Which is the day Obamacare was enacted. Obamacare opened the door to all Americans to obtain affordable healthcare. ,But not one sentence in the 33,000 pages of Obamacare regulations addressed INCREASING The number of practicing physicians NOW having to treat ALL 331,449, 281 million Americans!, eg, breaking the AMA glass ceiling controlling the number of physicians allowed to practice medicine in the US. Before Obamacare, those who had medical insurance found obtaining medical services quick, if not inexpensive. After Obamacare you call your favorite physician and find they can’t make an appointment to see you for weeks, or even months later. In August 2019 I visited a Cleveland Clinic Hospital Emergency room to blow the wax out of my ears. The Nurse Practitioner did a cursory scrape, but recommended that I see the Doctor who was the only person authorized to do the irrigation of the ear canal. My appointment to see the Ear Doctor (earliest available) was set for December 24, 2019, ,FOUR MONTHS LATER!, You may die of old age now before you can obtain an appointment to meet your preferred physician for a consultation. All because a monopoly still controls (limits) the number of US physicians available to treat ALL Americans who now have affordable health care insurance available to them. And yes Virginia, members of a monopoly grow fabulously wealthy. But to answer your question physicians tend not to drive ostentatious cars; instead they band together with like-specialist physicians, form for profit Professional Medical Corporations and live fabulously for the rest of their lives raking in the profits the Corporation generates. The Doctor’s spouse whose car does NOT show up in the Professional Medical Corporation’s parking lot drives the $350,000 Rolls-Royce SUV, their house servants drive the for-errands-only Mercedes and Audi; after all, those gated communities in the Palm Beaches have minimum costs for cars parked in front of the mansions. Is this a great country or what?

Why is the Audi e-tron able to charge much faster than a Tesla?

Part of the e-tron’s charging speed is an illusion. Let me give an example. Let’s say that I fill a glass of water at my sink and it takes 8 seconds. Now let’s fill a 1000 gallon tank with a fire hose and it takes 2 minutes. So which is faster, 0–100% in 8 seconds or 1–100% in two minutes? Would you say that my kitchen faucet fills faster than a 500-gallon-per-minute firehose? You wouldn’t say that. That’s not as extreme as comparing a Tesla Model 3 with an Audi e-tron, but there are similarities. Usually when Audi publishes charging comparisons, they compare going from 0 to 100% in their car and in the Tesla car. What is not apparent is that the Audi only has 204 miles of range, compared to the Tesla which, depending on model, might have 370 miles of range. The other trick that blurs the comparison is the display of a charging curve. Audi does two things with the curve. First they show the Tesla along its entire charge cycle, and stretch the Audi curve to match it, when in fact the Tesla had already added as much range as the Audi much earlier in the curve. You can see in this charging curve illustration from Audi that the Tesla Model 3 (the dark gray curve that starts out on top) only goes to about 88%. I’m assuming that Audi is using the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus in the test because of they way they cut it off. If they had used the Long Range model, Tesla would have done better, and if Audi had used their Quattro 50, they would have done worse. The other thing has to do with how lithium-ion batteries charge—faster at first and then a lot slower at the very end. Tesla cars charge much closer to the top than an Audi does, so the charge curve shows the Tesla charging very slowly at the end. Audi doesn’t charge to the full capacity of the battery, so that slow charging region is hidden. They top off at 96% (which they call 100%). If I recall correctly, if you take a Model 3 Long Range Tesla at a V3 Supercharger (250 kW) and compare charging it from 0–204 miles (the max on the Audi) at an Ionity 340 kW DC fast charger, the Tesla finishes first. To be fair, I’ve been talking about the size of the tank in terms of range, rather than energy. The Tesla looks much better because it’s more energy efficient. If we talked about how much energy the battery can hold, then the e-tron does charge faster (although they still don’t charge their battery all the way). That difference probably comes from a more efficient cooling system. Tesla Model 3 charges faster than Model S for just that reason, a more efficient cooling design. To me, the important question is which car gets from Point A to Point B the fastest, and which car spends more time charging to get there. YouTuber Bjørn Nyland runs what he calls the 1000 km challenge with various cars. The Audi e-tron Quattro 55 completed 1000 km in 10 hours 15 minutes. The e-tron 50 took an hour longer. His Model 3 took 10 hours even. Here is his spreadsheet: Nyland notes that the e-tron 50 was tested in wet cool weather, and he estimates between 11:15 and 11:30 for dry roads in summer. The data doesn’t cover what would happen with Tesla V3 Superchargers. Here is the complete list of ,Nyhand 1000 km challenge videos,. The point is that any advantage e-tron has in charging speed is lost due to its lower energy efficiency. In the real world, the Tesla spends less charging time and gets you there faster.

I've done mechanical engineering from tier 3 college. Will I ever be able to buy Audi /BMW?

Your question shows your feelings towards something. You are dreaming of Audi/BMW, you haven't seen world yet. you have done mechanical eng. as indian scenario I am damn sure you'll get job around 10–15k starting with work of 7–12 hours daily. now come to luxury car. Audi/BMW are not. ordinary cars,. owning then not just fullfill your budget. regular cars if you buy you are done whether you service or not. In case of Audi, bmw this cars costs a lot, needs regular maintaiance, every service maintaiance costs 15–25k. every service needs some part replacements. so you can imagine how costy is it. so if you dreaming to make 50lakh and you done? you are not, you need 50lakh+20% extra to maintain it. That was very discouragement. Don't be sad, You are mechanical engineer, you need to expand your knowledge, work hard, even you can do post graduation with good university. get internships in big companies, grow your contact with big peoples. be positive there are many many positive things you can do, that can fullfill your dream of Audi/BMW/Mercedes. you need to explore world around you. Hard work is the way, do not find shortcuts, stay positive. GOOD LUCK.

How are politician's able to afford cars like Volvo, Audi, BMW, etcs when their salary is less than 1 lakh per month?

There are other avenues of revenues for politicians. Salary is not even enough for their evening coffee and snack chats.

How do low to mid-class people afford cars like GT-Rs, Audi R8s, BMWs i8, etc. when they are very expensive? How are they able to afford car like that with decent/average paying jobs?

It’s easy enough to do, but not smart. First get the lowest monthly payment you can. Either lease or get the very longest term possible. You need to have a good credit rating but that doesn’t necessarily mean having income. Second, roll debt over. Get inexpensive credit cards. Pay your car payments off the credit cards. Pay the cards off from income if you can, but otherwise just let the balance accumulate. Keep applying for more cards and transferring balances to keep total utilization down and take advantage of deals. If anything unfortunate happens to you you’ll lose the car and your credit will be hammered, but I think the questioner would be surprised at the number of fancy cars paid for this way

How is the reliability of a 2016 Audi A3 with a 2.0 TFSI engine? I have exactly 1 year left on a lease and really like the car but I've had some problems with a noise coming from the front suspension and Audi has never been able to fix it.

Go back to the Audi dealership and open a service call to have it serviced, again, for the same problem. Then tell them you want them to call Audi head office and open a service complaint ticket for an ongoing unresolved problem. If they refuse to do so, do it yourself from their customer service area. Then give Audi head office your new service ticket number from the dealership and the dealership contact details. It’s not uncommon for some dealerships not to fix problems properly or permanent...

Are there any young Audi R8 owners that could pass advice on how they were able to afford the car?

I'm not that young (40’s). However, I took advantage of a carry trade on an Audi R8 V10 in the secondary market that made it essentially free (not including taxes, fees, insurance and other operating costs) over 2 years. True story. Here is how it worked: One day, I was browsing the ,Leasebusters, website, and found what seemed to be an extraordinary deal to assume the last 2 years of a 3 year lease on an Audi R8 V10 for $2050.91 per month (all figures in CAD). The incumbent lessor had put down $70k upfront in order to reduce the payment to that amount, and was looking to recoup $25k from the person taking over the lease. Therefore, my total cash outlay over 2 years was $2050.91/month x 24 months = $49k (monthly lease) + $25k (upfront) = $74k paid. However, the vehicle purchase option at the end of the lease term was $86,532.75. And the market value of a 3-year-old R8 V10 at that point was more like $160k (the original purchase price was $192,295). Therefore, I could buy the car out and flip it at the end of the lease term and net $160k - $86k = $74k received. This really was the deal of a lifetime. And everything worked exactly as planned, except for one thing. At the end of the lease, after I exercised the purchase option and bought out the lease, ,I couldn’t bring myself to sell the car ,and realize the gain! So, I have paid out $160k ($74k + $86k buyout) for the car, and it is currently sitting in my garage depreciating… That said, ,it is totally worth it,., This is a truly enchanting vehicle. Buyers beware: the Audi R8 V10 is extremely difficult to part with!