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inch touchscreen display with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay takes care of infotainment duties, piping audio

Porsche Taycan launched in Thailand - costs over RM 1.5 million

performance, dramatically reduces charging time at highly powered charging points, and decreases the wiring cable

Top 5 best-sounding in-car audio system we’ve tested

us will be listening to our favourite tunes on the go.Some of us are a little more particular about audio

Why your next car should come with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay

rsquo;s integration with the car, as it is possible to control music playback via the steering wheel audio

Deal breakers: No Bluetooth connectivity for Perodua Axia Style

possible.As for the former option, Bluetooth FM transmitters are typically compromised when it comes to audio

Can't resist Lambang H! This guy stole a Honda Civic police car to impress his girlfriend

The elder brother was previously detained by the police only earlier this month for electric cable theft

GVE Asia takes over Wearnes’ VW dealership in Sg Besi

Customers can enjoy a modern waiting lounge complete with cable TV, Wi-Fi and cafe.Volkswagen Sg Besi

Vincenzo will be receiving his all-new Cadillac Escalade soon!

for a sportier look.Inside, upgrades include a new 38-inch curved OLED display wired up to a new AKG audio

How to get Android Auto on any car for just RM 20!

TroubleshootingYes, Spotify works as it should too.If Android Auto doesnt work, start by checking your cable

Not just Malaysia, even Singapore’s Toyota Harrier uses a cheaper infotainment, here’s why

USA is a very large country and users there require satellite radio and digital audio broadcasting (DAB

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Wapcar Weekly News Round-up

an all-electric range of 28.6 miles.All XC40 T5s come with a 4.5-metre three-pin domestic charging cable

2020 Volkswagen Arteon, what does RM 20k get you over the Passat?

standard 8-speaker setup sounds rather decent as it is with good dynamic, so we can expect even better audio

Malaysia-assembled 2021 Volvo S90 facelift debuts in Thailand, ahead of us

taillamps and new bumpers with more pronounced chrome pieces.Inside, the upgraded Bowers and Wilkins audio

Owner Review: Stand out or Get out? - FIRST Owner Story of 2020 Proton X50 1.5T Flagship

taillightMatte black Proton emblemFull Satin Yellow wrap and chrome delete + yellow lining-Interior- Transparent Audio

All-new (W223) Mercedes-Benz S-Class unveiled - coming to Malaysia in 2021

Audio is fed through 31 speakers in the Burmester 4D surround sound system.Mercedes-Benz claims the S-Class

Mazda files patent for a capacitor-based, in-wheel motor hybrid AWD, possibly rotary

the same power output, a setup with a higher voltage requires less current, and with lower current, cable

Priced from RM 244k, new CKD 2021 MINI Countryman S and SE PHEV facelift launched in Malaysia

Countryman SE PHEVThe PHEV variant of the Countryman can be charged at home with the home charging cable

Massive sinkhole along Jalan U-Thant! Avoid Ampang Hilir at all cost!

affect the residents of the condominium though the sinkhole damaged the compound wall and road.A Telekom cable

Goodyear's Shah Alam plant is now powered by 2.5 MW solar panels

inverters, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), alternating current and direct current cable

First Polestar 2 in Malaysia, 470 km range and below RM500k price?

charging propertiesOnly Android Auto is available for now and connection can only be done through a USB C cable

Wapcar Morning Insiders (Sep. 12, 2019)

an all-electric range of 28.6 miles.All XC40 T5s come with a 4.5-metre three-pin domestic charging cable

LRT Update: Repair works to continue after system testing failed safety guidelines

already addressed the issue.APAD has also ordered Rapid Rail to replace the linear heat detector sector cable

UMWT's Toyota Corolla Cross launch will be streamed in 8D audio, but what is it?

Toyota Corolla Cross, but this time they also teased that the event will be the first car launch in 8D audio

Second generation Nissan Leaf launched in Malaysia – RM 188,888

new Leaf already exceeds the driving needs of most Malaysians.The Leaf uses a Type 1 socket charging cable

WapCar Morning Insiders (Oct. 22, 2019)

The Penang Hill cable car project need to be studiedWe can’t determine anything without a study

Worth paying RM40k more for a Mercedes-Benz C300 when a C200 is good enough?

with the following as standard: Adaptive LED headlights LED taillights 18-inch lightweight AMG alloys Audio

Put your headphones on! UMWT teases sample of Toyota Corolla Cross launch’s 8D audio

In case you missed it, UMW Toyota (UMWT) will be launching the Toyota Corolla Cross with an 8D audio

2021 Lexus LM teased, Malaysia launch this week

as the two rear occupants can enjoy movies on-the-go, courtesy of a 26-inch full HD display, while audio

Lexus LM 350 launched in Indonesia – pimped out Alphard?

either a 4-seater or 7-seater configuration, the LM350 comes with luxury features such as: Mark Levinson audio

You can now buy a BMW without visiting a showroom, just go to BMW Shop Online

BMW ChargeNow card Complimentary BMW i Wallbox for 530e Sport Complimentary BMW i AC Fast Charging Cable

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Review Post vb audio cable

Decoding digital voice from an audio file using DSDPlus and iZotope RX. The unfiltered narrow FM at 12 KHz was recorded from SDRSharp using VB Audio Hi-Fi virtual cable into the audio editor and then played back through DSDPlus. https://t.co/rotXRtjbfa

Stream Deck + Voicemeeter Potato + VB Audio Cable = Look I got a digital hardware mixer! The design needs a touchup though. Do you like me now @elgatogaming because I luv yu ❤️ https://t.co/GBbW43a1Un

okay using that setup then go into vb audio cable's actual driver (where you install it), and set it to 2048 SMP. For me this is fast as FUCK and stable. Will need to run more tests tho https://t.co/F733Q5vXNX

HQ Audio BBC News from BBC World Service in DRM on 3955KHz 6:00z Reception in JN53, with Youloop, Airspy HF+ Discovery, SDR#, VB Audio Cable and DREAM DRM decoder. https://t.co/6qWCagicab

MFW When I finally figured out/configured Voicemeeter Banana+VB Audio Cable+OBS to record video with audio (discord/spotify/desktop) on separate tracks https://t.co/dXuXOXeWTO

Booming DRM signal from Radio Romania International, Galbeni, 7220 KHz. Received in JN53 with Airspy HF+ Discovery, SDR#, VB Audio CAble and DREAM DRM decoder. https://t.co/BCVWonCSYr

The Windows update messed up my VB Audio Cable setup again. https://t.co/9rZMNrwgCr

@streamlabs live streaming is a two day on the way home from work and I can get you a ride to the vb audio cable. https://t.co/4NPWv0gUIv

Every time I update to the latest version of #Windows10 it completely mis-identifies my sound drivers and I then have to reinstall both #Voicemeeter AND VB Audio Cable. EVERY SINGLE TIME! C'mon @Microsoft! Get it together with these updates! https://t.co/1JDLam7Tdx

I need help ASAP, if ANYONE has experience with the software "Voicemeeter" and VB Audio Cable, hit me up; having some issues that I can't figure out #Twitch #Streamers #TechSupport

Review Q&A vb audio cable

How do I download a VB audio cable?

how do you download an audio cable? how. do. you. download. an. audio. cable? you download digital bits of data, an audio cable is a physical entity which you can touch……

What is a VB-audio virtual cable?

VB-Audio CABLE is a Windows Audio Driver working as Virtual Audio Cable. Thanks to its Multi-Format Audio Engine, VB-CABLE can be used without any configuration! Ready to work with all Audio Application using MME, KS, DX, KS or WASAPI interfaces.

How can I save the audio output from my PC as an mp3?

I’m going to make the jump and assume you’re running Windows. If you have a recording device called Stereo Mix, this does what you seek, so you can skip VB-Audio. If not, it’s a little more complex. Disclaimer: This answer is based on my personal experience and is completely free to the user, without advertisements or interruptions. If you have alternate suggestions, I am just as interested in hearing them as the OP! My personal preferred method to doing this is using VoiceMeeter. It installs a couple of virtual audio drivers which can be used for all kinds of powerful routing. That said, if you don’t need all that power, I would recommend the simpler solution of a VB-Cable (from the same developer), combined with Audacity (free and open source audio editor/recorder), or any other Windows audio recording software. The first step will be to install VB-Cable. If you want absolutely perfect quality, use the Hi-Fi cable - if not, use the regular VB-Audio cable - the difference is hardly noticeable, mainly just for audiophiles. Next, install Audacity. Note that while these application installers may ask you to reboot, I’ve never had to reboot to get these things working correctly. Now, right-click the volume icon on your taskbar near your clock, and set your default output device to the “VB-Audio cable” device that was created in Playback Devices, then go to the Recording Devices tab. Right-click the same VB-Audio cable device, then select Properties. On the Listen tab, check the box to listen to this recording device, and choose your main output. Now you can record any time you like by recording from the VB-Audio cable device. To undo, simply set your main output as default again, and uninstall the VB-Audio drivers. This method includes a few pros: 1) Again, it costs nothing, is advertisement and interruption free, and mostly open source. 2) Once installed and set up, it can be left alone without any trouble. 3) If you’re an audio engineer like me, it can give you all the power of a full hardware mixer, but without the thousands of dollars of cost associated with all the hardware! 4) If you like the software, you can donate and get additional cables, or you can donate and get VoiceMeeter Banana (the pro version), for life! The additional cables are donationware, so you can set the price. HOWEVER, this method does include a couple of cons: 1) On older PCs with slower processors, this will put some overhead on the processor, reducing the available overall power for some applications. This is even more so for VoiceMeeter. 2) If you have volume buttons on your keyboard, they may no longer control your volume. 3) It can make things a little funky if you add or remove audio devices, especially Razer gear. VB-Audio Virtual Apps, - VB-Cable ,Windows | Audacity®, - Grab Audacity and the LAME MP3 encoder on this page.

Where do I get a software to bridge audio nodes from one app to another on Windows?

The donationware ,vb-audio cable, might be adequate. The open source ,jackaudio, is more complicated, but also runs on Windows. The commercial ,r3lay-vpb, looks very flexible.

How can I send my voice and an mp3 file as an audio input to my mic at the same time on Windows during a call?

On a PC, something like virtual audio cable: VB-Audio Virtual Apps Whereas on a mac, best is soundflower: RogueAmoeba/Soundflower-Original

Can you play background music on Zoom?

yes .. using OBS Software. first download and install ,OBS,, also install ,VB audio software in ,zoom ,select audio source from vb cable. Make settings in OBS: add your mic and background music play together get signal via VB audio software to the zoom. (It need some homework to get the result., Surely you will get the result) 👍

How do I play music through a microphone in Zoom?

This would be somehow tricky, but it worth trying because after this, you can play your song on your PC, then we will route it through a Virtual Microphone and everybody will hear the music that is you are playing. Here are the steps: (1) Download and install VB-Audio Virtual Audio Cable Go to VB-Audio software website and download the VB-CABLE Driver You would receive a zip file, unzip it and run setup file: VBCABLE_Setup_x64.exe (if you are using a 64bit system) VBCABLE_Setup.exe (if you are using a 32bit system) ,Note:, Right-Click on program name and choose “Run as Administrator” Follow steps and when it is done, restart your system. This is actually a device driver that will add two virtual audio devices to your windows: CABLE Input: this is a virtual playback device that will act as one end of a virtual audio cable CABLE Output: this is a virtual Recording device that will act as other end of the virtual cable (2) Setup your Sound Devices Press WIN-R to open a new Run window Enter: “control mmsys.cpl sounds” on the command line (enter only what is within “”); this will open your Sound Settings window Choose ,CABLE Input, and then click on “Set Default” button to make it your default playback device. Now switch to Recording tab, and do the same for CABLE Output and make it your default recording device. While you are there, choose CABLE Output, click on Properties to open its properties page then switch to Listen tab: Make sure that the “Listen to this device” is checked and the “Playback through this device” is set to “Default Playback Device” as shown: What you have done is that you have connected your Playback device to a virtual microphone called “CABLE Output”, from now on, everything you play on your computer will be directed to this virtual microphone! Then don’t surprise if you playing something and not hearing anything from your speakers… but wait… (3) Setup your Zoom Audio devices We need to make sure that your Zoom audio devices are set correctly so that it is listening to our virtual mic (CABLE Output) instead of normal mic. Play some music in your computer and while it is still playing, Log in to the Zoom client and click your profile picture then click Settings Click the Audio tab In the Microphone section, make sure that the CABLE Output is selected as microphone You should see the mic is picking some input. This is actually your song that is playing on background, you can pause it and replay it to see it is true. (4) Test it Call one of your friends to Zoom to test if it is working (5) Switch to normal mode You can always change these settings to normal by simply opening your Sound Settings page again and setting back the Playback device to Speakers and Recording device to Internal/External Mic. This procedure should work for any other kind of video or call conference or web streaming services. You can use this during a virtual party or actual parties that people wearing headphones. If you found this answer helpful, please spread word about our app ,NikooPlayer ,by simply sharing this post on your social media. Thanks for your support.

How can I use 2 audio outputs at the same time in Windows 10?

In Windows there is a “recording device” known as Stereo Mix which can be used to achieve your goal. By default, this device is disabled, so you will have to enable it, first. As a caveat, using it blocks you from using your microphone normally, though there are ways to still use it. Look by your clock for the speaker icon. Right click on it and select ,Sounds,. This will bring up the Sounds dialog window. Click on the Playback tab and then right click on the first audio device you want to output audio to and select ,Set as Default Device,. Now click on the Recording tab, which will show you a list of all the recording devices currently enabled and with a device plugged in. Right click in the area where the devices are listed and select ,Show Disabled Devices,. You will see Stereo Mix appear in the List, though it is greyed out since it is disabled. Right click on ,Stereo Mix, and select ,Enable,. You have now enabled the device for use and will never have to do so again. Right click on ,Stereo Mix, again and select ,Set as Default Device,. This switches it on and removes your microphone from normal use. However, you can right click on any other microphone and select ,Use as Default Communication Device ,so that apps like Skype or other messenger clients will use a different microphone. (alternatively, in most programs you can explicitly select which microphone device you want to use.) You will only need to do this again if you change the default recording device in the future. Right click on ,Stereo Mix, a third time and select ,Properties ,to open the Stereo Mix Properties dialog. Click on the ,Listen ,tab, check the box for ,Listen to this device, and then use the dropdown box to select the second audio device you want to output your audio to. If you ever want to change those devices in the future, just follow the first, second, and last paragraphs of my instructions. Incidentally, there is a program which is available called VB Audio Cable which is available both as a free and a paid program that can be used in a similar manner to connect different programs together, so the audio output of one program can be routed to the audio input of another program. In a nutshell, it works by creating a playback device and a recording device which are paired. Any program can be specified to use the playback device to output its audio which is then sent to the recording device and any program you choose can be specified to get its input from the recording device. Just as with the Stereo Mix, the Virtual Audio Cable device allows you to monitor the sound of the “recording device” by choosing what device to send the audio to. This is useful if you need to hear something yourself, but wish to insure that other items you are listening to at the same time are not being transmitted when streaming or using your cam, for example. It’s link is below. NOTE: VB Audio cable is ,not ,needed for what you said you want to do. It is provided only for those who want to try some more advanced audio configuration capabilities.