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The VW Polo started life as an Audi? Say what?

Audi did not start off as the luxury car brand that we know of today.

Frankfurt 2019: Audi to debut all-new RS7 Sportback

The sole transmission offered is an 8-speed Tiptronic automatic mated to Audi’s quattro all-wheel

Audi pulls out of DTM racing series, upsets BMW

DTM 19 years history, Audi has won a total of 7 DTM championship.However, the DTM series has seen a

Tesla now outsells Audi in USA, what happened to Audi?

US electric car company, Tesla, has surpassed Audi in terms of sales in 2020.

Comparison: BMW X1 sDrive18i vs Audi Q2 1.4 TFSI

our shores, we set out to pit it against another small premium SUV, which is CBU from Germany, the Audi

Summer Regret: Audi A3 Cabriolet Will Roll Off Production Line

convertible is still biased towards the niche position, which is rarely seen on the road.Recently, Audi

Remember when Proton paid 70 mil Euros for MV Agusta, and sold it for 1 Euro?

A year later, Proton sold that stake with nothing to show except a receipt for one measly Euro.

Get RON 95 Euro 4M petrol at ALL Petronas stations nationwide!

Petronas has announced that 24 December 2019 onwards, all Petronas stations nationwide will dispense Euro

Own a recon Audi? Here’s how you can get a warranty from Audi Malaysia

small number of consumers turn to the grey market to secure a particular model variant, for example, an Audi

Audi RS6 Avant & RS7 Sportback launched in Malaysia, 600PS & 800Nm family cars

Quattro enthusiasts are in for a treat with the launch of the Audi RS6 Avant and Audi RS7 Sportback in

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Audi A4 Schedule To Be Renovated In 2020

Audi has announced a substantial renovation of its entire A4 Range by 2020.

2020 Audi Q3 Sportback launched in Malaysia - 180 PS, 320 Nm, RM 300k

Arteon’s unveiling yesterday, we also came across the rather quiet launch of the swoopy 2020 Audi

All-new 2020 Audi Q5 facelift - Looking sharper than ever

Audi has just launched an all-new facelift for the 2020 Audi Q5.

Audi RS cars now available in Thailand - TT RS, RS4 Avant, RS Q8

Aggressive pricing for aggressive cars is the mantra for Audi in Thailand as they launched the 2020 Audi

Audi A6 falls behind Lexus ES in global sales rankings

Despite being an all-new model, the latest C8 generation Audi A6 hasn’t been as well received by

Volkswagen Arteon is RM 130k cheaper than the Audi A5 Sportback, but better?

Recently, I’ve had the privilege of experiencing the 2020 Audi A5 Sportback.

China-only LWB 2021 Audi A7L unveiled in Auto Shanghai, longer wheelbase than A8

The long-wheelbase 2021 Audi A7L has made its global debut in Auto Shanghai 2021.

2020 Audi Q7 launched in Thailand – no Virtual Cockpit but adds 2 new touchscreens

Audi’s most popular SUV in Thailand, the Audi Q7, gets a mid-life update featuring new looks and

Show off your Audi on Zoom meetings with these Audi virtual backgrounds

Audi has caught on this and released a series of Audi virtual backgrounds that allow you to bring an

Say goodbye to inferior Euro 2M diesel in Malaysia, Euro 5 is the sole grade now!

Euro 5 diesel is set to be the sole diesel grade sold in Malaysia, starting today, April 1, 2021.

Audi Centre Setia Alam officially opens

Audi Centre Setia Alam is officially open.

Is the Audi e-tron GT just a Porsche Taycan with a different body?

in the Audi e-tron GT concept which you probably saw Tony Stark driving in Avengers: Endgame.

Audi to star in animated film Spies in Disguise? Here’s how

But Audi has taken starring in movies to the next level by creating a concept car especially for a movie

Audi’s digitalised OLED taillights in the 2020 Audi Q5 are basically TV screens

Lighting technology has always been Audi’s field of expertise.

Euro 4M RON 95 petrol now available at Shell

Shell Malaysia has announced today that low sulphur content Euro 4M specifications RON 95 grade petrol

2019 Audi Q3 enters Malaysia in Q4 2019

After launching four Q models earlier this year, Audi is introducing the all-new Audi Q3 to complete

Audi Q4 e-tron debuts: Cheapest Audi EV from RM 207k

Audi has unveiled two new EVs to the world, the Audi Q4 e-tron and the Audi Q4 e-tron Sportback.

Audi Singapore shows EV charging solution for condominiums, 18-month free charging

However, Audi Singapore has a solution for that.

Safer than a Volvo: 2020 Mazda CX-30 smashes Euro NCAP’s record for adult occupant protection

30 has just recorded an almost perfect 99 percent score for Adult Occupant Protection in the latest Euro

Live Photos: 2020 Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster, Huracan Evo, and Urus showcased in Bangkok

automatic.The Lamborghini Urus is built on Volkswagen’s MLB Evo platform that is shared with the Audi

Penawaran Audi Q7 bekas November

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audi q7 euroaudi q7 euroaudi q7 euro
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  • 2016 Audi Q7 Rear Bumper Removal UK/European

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🌟Q7 FIVE STAR SAFETY🌟 Audi is awarded top marks and delivers a solid five-star performance with the new Q7 large off-road SUV 👊🏼🥇 Check out the Euro NCAP Crash and Safety Test video, along with how the Audi Q7 got top marks, here 👇🏼 https://t.co/IBKoiVDBuI https://t.co/HdgsKxBR0O

The Audi Q7 with driver assistance systems, got a Euro NCAP rating of 5 stars! Img: https://t.co/CdKjpw0GiC http://t.co/wzP0QqzuZ0

Luxury 4 bedroom villa for sale in Mauritius, on the west coast. The villa has a Spa – hammam, sauna and whirlpool and a gazebo at one of the two swimming pools. The buyer will also dispose of an Audi Q7 and a 13m motor yacht, a beautiful tropical garden. 5,000,000 Euro https://t.co/dpW1V2VF4v

#corporate Five stars for Audi Q7 in Euro NCAP ... #audi #audiq7 #euroncap http://t.co/4FJzjZU6ny http://t.co/hx0AMSf0I7

#Dope Daily: #Millennial #Minivan 💯 🔥 (#Audi #Q7) @audi @Audi_life @StanceWhips #euro #Boston #streetphotography 📷 @redlinesproject #IG https://t.co/lBdSeGHm0I

ICYMI: Euro NCAP crashes Audi Q7, Ford Kuga, Porsche Taycan and Renault Captur... https://t.co/h6NqTqlZa6 https://t.co/QCD5XcIkQo

2016 Audi Q7 Earns Five Stars in Euro NCAP Test, Aces Active and Passive Safety – Video http://t.co/tIK4Llme68 http://t.co/SYXf0YWIxC

Five Stars For New Volvo XC90 and Audi Q7 In Euro NCAP Crash Test http://t.co/GgXtD0H9RP http://t.co/pnNOiXqCZZ

5 stars for the Audi Q7 in Euro NCAP crash test! Greatness starts when you don’t stop. Img: https://t.co/CdKjpw0GiC http://t.co/DdqT8DZ1F4

Me: chatting to the wife about what car we should buy next, while driving on the highway. Aiming for something affordable. The wife: this one seems nice *points at an Audi Q7* Me: Laughs in 90k Euro starting price while dead on the inside

Review Q&A audi q7 euro

Why doesn't Maruti Suzuki stop producing Baleno as they are less safe?

It’s less safe: Compared to what exactly? Baleno got a 3 star NCAP rating for the euro variant which gets just a couple extra airbags. The structural integrity was decent, though not great. All this negative hype about Baleno was started by people just spamming all social media with photos of Balenos that met with accidents. But matter of the fact is that you can find such photos of LITERALLY any car if you search for it on Google. Those images are highly misleading. You do realise that Baleno sells like hot cakes, and the Govt of India has approved this vehicle for street use! The Mahindra scorpio is just as unsafe, but Mahindra hasn’t banned it. Mind you, the ,Ford Mustang ,got just a 2 star rating in Euro NCAP testing. Is Ford going to discontinue it? Hell no. Bottom line: Stop trusting whatsapp and facebook forwards showing photos of crashed balenos. I’ll show you some photos of crashed exotic cars: Porsche Carrera GT: Volvo XC 90: Mercedes Benz CLA: Audi Q7 (Yes, that mammoth of a vehicle): And people’s favourite “example” to demonstrate safety, the Tata Nexon:

Is it worth buying an Audi Q7 used car?

Depending on your financial situation it may be a good idea to buy one but there are a few small issues (unless your rich). The engine size starts from 3L to 4.2L so it is a gas guzzling monster I used to have one and every week I had to pay at least 155 euro. In terms of luxury and comfort it is pretty good but I'd recommend getting the BMW X5 which is a direct and better competitor

Is Buying an 2018 Audi Q7 an good investment or a bad liability?

Now this might sound a bit left field to some. The leading independent European car specialist in this city (gets a lot of referral warranty workroom the dealers) was asked by a close friend for advice on buying a Mercedes. The answer was he should not consider any European SUV at all, as they all had “issues”. Asked on an alternative, he recommended a Toyota Prado. Personally I would not have considered this as a luxury SUV, but he said they were beautifully made, and reliable and durable to an extent way beyond the class of any Euro vehicle. Aside from this, financially any new vehicle is a frightfully poor investment.

Do any other cars have something similar to Porsche’s active rear wheel steering (which changes the direction of the rear axle by a few millimetres to allow corners to be taken more directly and at greater speed)?

There’s a rather long list of vehicles with 4WS: ,Steering - Wikipedia Production cars with active four wheel steering Audi A8, (,all-wheel steering,) ,[21] Audi Q7, (,all-wheel steering,, on second generation from 2015) ,[22] Acura RLX, (P-AWS) Acura TLX, (P-AWS), front drive models BMW 8 Series (E31) 850CSi, (only Euro spec models) BMW 7 Series, (2009–Present onwards, part of sport package) ,[23] BMW 6 Series, (2011–Present onwards, Integral Active Steering option) BMW 5 Series, (2010–Present onwards, Integral Active Steering option) Cadillac CT6, (2016 onwards) (Active Rear Steering as option in Active Chassis Package) Chevrolet Silverado, (2002–2005) (high and low speed) Efini MS-9, (high and low speed) Ferrari GTC4Lusso Ferrari F12tdf GMC Sierra, (2002–2005) (high and low speed) GMC Sierra Denali, (2002–2004) (high and low speed) Honda Prelude, (high and low speed, mechanical from 1987 to 1991, computerized from 1992–2001) Honda Accord, (1991) (high and low speed, mechanical) Honda Ascot Innova, (1992) (high and low speed, computerized from 1992–1996) Infiniti FX50 AWD, (option on Sports package) (2008–Present) (high and low speed, fully electronic) Infiniti G35 Sedan, (option on Sport models) (2007–Present) (high speed only?) Infiniti G35 Coupe, (option on Sport models) (2006–Present) (high speed only),[24] Infiniti J30t, (touring package) (1993–1994) Infiniti M35, (option on Sport models) (2006–Present) (high speed only?) Infiniti M45, (option on Sport models) (2006–Present) (high speed only?) Infiniti Q45t, (1989–1994) (high speed only?) Lamborghini Aventador S, (2017) Lamborghini Centenario Lamborghini Urus, (2018) Lexus GS, (2013 onwards, if equipped with optional Lexus Dynamic Handling) Lexus LC 500 Mazda 929, (1992–1995)(computerised, high and low speed)(all models) Mazda 626, (1988) (high and low speed) Mazda MX-6, (1989–1997) (high and low speed) Mazda RX-7, (optional, computerized, high and low speed) Mazda Xedos 9,/,Mazda Eunos 800, (1996–2003) (Optional, computerized, high and low speed) Mercedes-AMG GT, R Mercedes-Benz Type G 5, (1937) Mercedes-Benz Vito, (London Taxi variant) Mitsubishi Galant, (high speed only) Mitsubishi GTO, (also sold as the Mitsubishi 3000GT and the Dodge Stealth) (Mechanical) (high speed only) Nissan Cefiro, (A31) (high speed only) Nissan 180SX, (HICAS option) Nissan 240SX,/Silvia (option on SE models) (high speed only) Nissan 300ZX, (all Twin-Turbo Z32 models) (high speed only) Nissan Laurel, (later versions) (high speed only) Nissan Fuga,/,Infiniti M, (high speed only) Nissan Silvia, (option on all S13 models) (high speed only) Nissan Skyline, GTS, GTS-R, GTS-X (1986) (high speed only) Nissan Skyline GT-R, (high and low speed) Porsche 911 GT3 (Model 991), (high and low speed) Porsche 911 GT3 RS (Model 991), (high and low speed) Porsche 911 Turbo (Model 991/991.2), (high and low speed) ,[25] Porsche 911 Turbo S (Model 991/991.2), (high and low speed) ,[26] Porsche 918 Spyder, (high and low speed) Porsche Cayenne, (2018 onwards) (high and low speed, option) Porsche Panamera, (2016 onwards) (high and low speed, option) Renault Espace, (part of "Multi-sense" system, optional from 5th generation) ,[27] Renault Laguna, (only in GT version of 3rd generation which was launched October 2007, GT launched on April 2008) Renault Mégane, (GT versions of 4th generation, RS version 2017+) ,[28],[29] Renault Talisman, ,[30] Subaru Alcyone SVX, JDM (1991–1996) (Japanese version: "L-CDX" only) (high speed only) Toyota Aristo, (1997) (high and low speed?) Toyota Camry, / ,Vista, JDM 1988–1999 (Optional) ,[31] Toyota Carina ED, / ,Toyota Corona EXiV, (world's first dual-mode switchable 2WS to 4WS) Toyota Celica, (option on 5th and 6th generation, 1990–1993 ST183 and 1994–1997 ST203) (Dual-mode, high and low speed) Toyota Soarer, (UZZ32) Volkswagen Touareg

According to the French NGO “Observatoire des Inégalités”, the number of persons whose income is under 60 % of the median income lowered between 2013 and 2016 (-200 000). So nobody can speak about “more poverty in France” Do Yellow Vests lie?

I am French and will tell you about the yellow vests. We live in one of the best country in the world. France is actually the country that gives the highest rate of its GDP with an amazing 39% ( 700 billion euros) in social care. Knowing this you would all probably wonder why are all those people rioting about. Well most of those people are supporting a very small amount of people that have made some wrong turn in life and are struggling with the administrative nightmares of course they are in real trouble financially but it ahs nothing to do with the president. I have witness a mot of my neighbors at school holding that yellow hiviz jacket and swearing against the corrupted system of Macron they all had the latest iphone and 2 of them had a lovely Audi Q7 year 2018 they had nice hair color and branded clothing. i know some of their kids for they play with mine and they have PS4 and lot of games to share. So i have asked them why they supported this nation destructive cause. They all told me the same thing. that their end of month are impossible and it's all because of Macron. I didn't talk anymore about it. The only problem is that French people like many others lives grandiose lives but don't have the salaries that goes with their desires. I have nothing to say against our president he did a good job so far our financial situation is way better now. Just so you know i have the only salary of my family and 3 kids at charge and i don't complain. But my car isn't a 70k€ car though

What is your favorite car and why?

sorry I can't tell why because it will be long and boring . short answer I like the cars because of ( functionality , technology and design) For Work / Daily driver Mercedes GLC AMG 63 Family / friends Audi Q7 S line 7 seats For camping , Traveling Mercedes G Klasse or defender 90 or 110 For heavy duty and mud fun or off-roading Toyota Tacoma TRD pro For events / weekends and some times racing Königsegg Regera Total of 2 million & 400 thousand Euro Wich is about 2,5 million dollars BTW the 2 million is only for the last one Have a good one

Do Germans have something against hitchhikers?

I was hitchhiking several time in Germany 10 years ago, allways to cross the country from France/ Belgium to Poland, great place to hitchhike, allways stayed on autobahn, allways very fast, people were not much talking or over friendly but enough nice to give me a ride. Once I beated my own speed record : I start in south of France in Montpellier at 10 am, got a lift to Lyon after 5 minutes waiting, from Lyon after 2 minutes waiting I got a lift from a german guy who worked as a fast delivery guy for expensive goods, like in the movie The transporter, he was transporting a suitcase in his trunk from Barcelona to Germany (nothing illegal like in the movie, it was a prototype of mobile phone from the Barcelona Mobile phone congress…), the guy was driving at 170 km/h all the way to the Stugart, got pulled over by french police near Strasbourg, paid the fine in cash and continued his way….Once in Germany an Ukrainian trucker gave me a lift for 2 or 4 hours i don’t remember, I don’t remember the city too but it was 1am in the night when I got there, it was a gas station. I waited a bit long because at 1am it’s never easy to hitchhike, the girl working at the cafeteria came outside in the parking and she offered me a cup of coffee without saying a word, just a shy smile, in such moment this little gesture make you heart full of happiness and love for all the humanity :) After that great coffee I got a lift from a German business man on his way home, i think he had a Audi Q7 or something similar, he was driving at 240 / 250 km/h all the way to Leipzig ! Such great feeling to be on the empty autobahn and be enjoying the hight speed ! At 4 am I was 80 km in the north of Leipzig thanks to this fast ride, I slept 3 hours in a children playground of a cafeteria on some big gas station parking. As I walked to the bathroom to wash myself in the morning, a Polish guy who saw my big bagpack assumed I was hitchhiking, he asked if i need a ride, he was going to Poznan, I don’t remember at what time I got to the Polish border but from there i I hitchhiked a truck, after 4 hours driving, just before he had to take a break my driver called with the CB radio transmiter the trucker driving in front of him to ask him if he want to give a lift to a French hitchhiker, he said yes, both trucks stoped on the emergency line of the highway, I jumped in the front truck and few hours, at 10pm I was in Warsaw where I took a night bus to Riga. In 36 hours I crossed a big part of European continent by hitchhiking, partly thanks to German drivers ! 2000 km for zero euro, best way to travel when you are young and broke. I crossed other time this country with my thumb and allways had good experience, only once I had to wait 4 hours in Hannover but I was in a bad place. For me all European countries are good for hitchhiking, the most important is to look like a traveler not like a junky or like someone who missed his bus, people like to chat with travelers. Maybe only Slovakia is not so great, France is realy the best place. One more advice, never hitchhike on sunday, people are with their wife in the car who tell them not to stop :)

What are the mechanisms used in steering system and describe them?

​ ​ ​ Part of car steering mechanism: tie rod, steering arm, king pin axis (using ball joints). Steering is the collection of components, linkages, etc. which allow a vessel (ship, boat) or vehicle (car, motorcycle, bicycle) to follow the desired course. An exception is the case of rail transport by which rail tracks combined together with railroad switches (and also known as 'points') provide the steering function. The most conventional steering arrangement is to turn the front wheels using...

  • How many length(mm) does Audi Q7 has?

    The length(mm) of Audi Q7 are 5052.

  • What is the Paddle Shift of Audi Q7?

    Here are the Paddle Shift and variants of Audi Q7:

    Variants2019 Audi Q7 3.0 TFSI quattro
    Paddle ShiftY
  • Is Audi Q7 available in Paddle Shift?

    Yes, Audi Q7 is available in Paddle Shift. The available Paddle Shift variants are: 2019 Audi Q7 3.0 TFSI quattro.