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2021 Mercedes-Benz CLS facelift at Shanghai Auto - this or the Audi A7?

Alongside the long-wheelbase Mercedes-Benz C-Class L, the 2021 Mercedes-Benz CLS facelift also made appearance

Owner Review: The King of S-Class by Mercedes-Benz - My W140 Mercedes-Benz S600

** This article is the personal experience of a 1995 Mercedes-Benz S600 owner and does not necessarily

With 'Mercedes me', the new 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLC is now more you

(2020 Mercedes-Benz GLC Prices & Specs | Gallery)The new 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLC has just been launched

The original Baby Benz – The history of the Mercedes-Benz W201

When the Mercedes-Benz W201 made its debut in December 1982, its looks were far from unique.

Mercedes-Benz showcases updated MBUX for 2021 W223 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

With its launch slated for September, Mercedes-Benz will be releasing more videos surrounding its all-new

Mercedes-Benz CLA handles worse than a Kia Picanto?

control.The term was coined after Swedish car magazine Teknikens Varld flipped over a first-gen Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz tweeted a tease for the all-new Mercedes-Benz GLA

Mercedes-Benz is counting down the minutes to the world premier of the all-new Mercedes-Benz GLA with

Mercedes-Benz MBUX is the best out there, but..

Mercedes-Benz User Experience, or MBUX for short, is the company’s latest and greatest infotainment

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Commemorates 15 Years Of Production At Pekan Plant

2019 Pekan plant also upgraded with advanced technology and automated production facilitiesMercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe facelift – so what has changed?

The new Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe facelift has just been launched in Malaysia alongside its regular SUV

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Mercedes-Benz C-Class and E-Class Coupe to be discontinued

The writings on the wall for Mercedes-Benz’s slow-selling models, as the company aims to axe at

Check out Mercedes-Benz Malaysia’s elaborate CNY video!

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia’s 30 second Chinese New Year video, titled World of CNY, might look like

400,000 Mercedes-Benz G-Class produced, electric G Wagon coming next

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class, or “G Wagon” has reached 400,000 units in production.

2020 Mercedes-Benz C300 AMG Line drops Airmatic suspension

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia has quietly revised the specifications of the Mercedes-Benz C300 AMG Line.

New insurance plans for your Mercedes-Benz vehicle

Mercedes-Benz Services Malaysia (MBSM) has three new protection plans for all Mercedes-Benz car owners

Operations at Mercedes-Benz Malaysia and Mercedes-Benz Services Malaysia are up and running

As the Movement Control Order (MCO) eases up, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia and Mercedes-Benz Services Malaysia

All-new 2021 (W206) Mercedes-Benz C-Class to be revealed on 23 February

The all-new 2021 Mercedes-Benz C-Class will make its global debut virtually on 23 February.

Price drop for 2020 Mercedes-Benz C300, no more Airmatic, RM 2k less

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia has dropped Airmatic Suspension from the 2020 Mercedes-Benz C300 AMG Line.

This new key fob will come with all future Mercedes-Benz models

Alongside the introduction of the all-new W223 Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the Stuttgart-based also gave its

Spyshot: All-new Mercedes-Benz B-Class caught in Malaysia, launch soon?

The all-new third-generation Mercedes-Benz B-Class is expected to be launched in Malaysia soon, as we

Indonesia launches all-new 2021 V223 Mercedes-Benz S-Class ahead of Malaysia

PT Mercedes-Benz Distribution Indonesia (MBDI) has just introduced the all-new 2021 V223 (long wheelbase

Spied: All-new W206 Mercedes-Benz C-Class spotted without camouflage!

Seen here is a spyshot of the all-new (W206) Mercedes-Benz C-Class without any camouflage.

Rendered: 2021 Mercedes-Benz C-Class W206 – Ageing Mercedes needs an urgent update

Based on photographs of a camouflaged 2021 Mercedes-Benz C-Class W206,we decided to have a go at peeling

Volvo Cars welcomes ex-Mercedes-Benz designer

Volvo Cars welcomes former Mercedes-Benz designer Claudia Braun and former Facebook web designer Thomas

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia led the premium segment in 2019

With a total of 10,020 cars sold and a 1.8 percent market share in 2019, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia (MBM)

No moratorium for Mercedes-Benz Malaysia's customers, but customers are OK with it

Mercedes-Benz Services Malaysia, the leasing and financing arm of Mercedes-Benz Malaysia, will not be

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia gets connected with Mercedes me services

Along with the launch of the Mercedes-Benz GLC and GLC Coupe, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia also launched the

2021 Mercedes-Benz GLE 350de diesel PHEV launched in Thailand

Well, since the oil-burner isn’t that popular here, we will miss out on this 2021 Mercedes-Benz

Annoyed with cheaters, Mercedes-Benz Thailand releases verified Q1 sales figures

Mercedes-Benz Thailand has overtaken BMW to become Thailand’s No.1-selling luxury automotive brand

Spied: 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLB caught, Malaysia launch next?

The 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLB has been caught undisguised in Indonesia, hinting that the model will be launched

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Chase Benz posted this pic on INSTA with the little dancing emoji. Are they all in the #PrettyGirls dance scene? http://t.co/WGRSvnxvG5

While the Mojipic device is being made! Let's see how the Mojipic looks at the Mercedes-Benz 222! Write in comments like it or not?🤔🧐🕵🏼‍♂️😎 #mojipic #iipbrothers #led_car_display #car_emoji_display #emoji #gifs #mersedes #ferrari #mersedes_benz #w222amg https://t.co/NiK476uzBu

made my main pic me wit da benz so the ladies kno i make dough (money emoji) https://t.co/D74YhAVlrC

#Benz Lovers! Where you at? How come there's no Benz emoji.🤔 https://t.co/iczvF6l4uy

i’m freaking rolling at how p’benz really placed an astronaut emoji 👩‍🚀 on top of that gif lmaooo 😭 https://t.co/0QoAb4oxF4

Some of us that snap picture with other peoples Mercedes Benz and use emoji to cover number plate, may our own Onye Eze not locate us. Amen. 😂 https://t.co/PfRyfHyQtv

yena blocking the car logo with an "😊" emoji is so funny to me hsksjsks she probably drives a benz i just know it omg what a cool kid #예나메일 https://t.co/CzAwS0JNPo

Lol. Prom (and Benz) always wondered when they were doing ig live and asked fans whether they had questions. But the comment on ig live only heart emoji. Prom be like, "Aw.. What should I talk about if only emoji?" #Flex1025xPromBenz https://t.co/fVyvYe6Mai

They said Tai Bowen put an emoji on her Benz plate to hide the fact that her husband bought it from Car Max and I.... https://t.co/ni8VWpgx0T

🚨 TRENDING ALERT 🚨 Tonight we are trending for Maca and her appearance at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week The phrases for tonight are: #MacaEnMBFW 🤩 #MacaByAlexiaUlibarri ***you must put an emoji between the hashtags so they don’t get combined https://t.co/0Y98LJrFJt

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What does it feel being in a relationship with someone attractive?

Ask the people I’ve been out with (Quora why can't I add emojis I need one right now dammit) Ok serious answer Both normal and wierd at the same time Normal cos their still a person and that wouldn't change if they were “ugly” Wierd cos how tf did I get with someone as flippin hot as ,her It doesn't feel much different to any other relationship that I've been in but then I don't really judge people on how they look as I'm autistic and don't know much about fashion beauty or any other thing that people say makes ,that girl, “peng” So to sum up its not any different to dating someone “ugly” except for the comments you get about their “stunning figure and radiating beauty” from ya mates Hope that helps

What made the Rolls Royce Merlin engine so superior to all other engines?

This is a complicated question. First, the premise is mistaken. Here’s a comparison of figures of merit for several WWII era V-12 aero-engines, taken from Raymond Young, “The Mercedes-Benz DB-601A Engine,” ,Aviation, ,October 1041, 270ff. ,Aviation Week’s ,archives are available online, but paywalled. As you can see, German and French engines have a smaller swept volume but lower engine speeds, while the Allison engineers have managed to achieve comparable engine speeds and a slightly larger swept volume. Key figures of merit flow from this. The ,Allison V-1710, is the superior engine (with some caveats) up to its limiting altitude, after which the lack of a two-speed supercharger comes into play, and at takeoff, thanks to the MS speed setting of the ,Merlin supercharger, can be optimised better. No direct comparison with the French and German engines is possible, but the decisive difference is that the Merlin is designed for higher-octane fuels, which has nothing to do with the engine itself. Now, I said, “with caveats.” Someone earlier commented that the Allison had superior metallurgy. I do not think that this is correct. Here is a comparison of the composition of the crankshafts of 6 Allied aero-engines, including two makes of the Merlin, from P. Koetzschke, “A German View on Allied Engines,” published in ,Aircraft Engineering, ,September 1941. Good luck on finding this one in your local library. The original, German version was published in ,Luftwissen,, 7 (1940): 5, 149ff. I’ve also thrown in another comparison of figures of merit, because I’m generous that way, and also because I didn’t notice when I was cropping the picture. While the strength (kg/mm) figure of merit is not impressive, Koetzschke specifically points out the highly favourable core strength figure, “probably explained by the high molybdenum content preventing brittleness, in spire of the long nitriding period.” Nitriding was a relatively new technology in 1940, and the British seem to have been unusually good at it. Here is a comparison of cylinder liner compositions. Once again, Rolls-Royce practice stands out from the competition, including the other British manufacturers, It is homogenously heated treated to a very high strength, with a “peculiar sorbitic structure “ . . . “apparently achieved by hardening in a high temperature bath.” Koetzschke calls for this feature to be “particularly noted.” Without going any further into the weeds, it seems clear that Rolls-Royce has the best metallurgical practice of any of the firms examined. That doesn’t include Allison, so I cannot make a direct comparison, but Koetzschke throws considerable shade at American engines for their lack of metallurgical sophistication in the use of alloy steel, and poor detail and finish. Remember that he is comparing them with French and British as well as German engines, so I doubt this is parochialism. Rather, it reflects the small size of the American service and airline budgets. American engines were cheap —something that also afflicted French engines to some extent. For these reasons, I doubt that Allison’s metallurgical practice is much ahead of Wright and Pratt & Whitney. None of this just happened. In a lecture given at de Havilland and summarised in an article in ,Aircraft Engineering, in July 1946, A. C. Lovesay (“Development of the Rolls-Royce Merline from 1939 to 1945,” 218ff) characterised progress at Derby as a “flow process,” with improvements incrementally introduced in such a way as not to interrupt production. The Koetzschke article captures some of these as of the summer of 1940, but they continued. Nor was it just metallurgical improvement: Not by a long shot. Here is a selection of incremental improvements in detailed Merlin component designs carried through at Derby during the war years. These improvements were necessary to sustain steady increases in boost pressure made possible by improvements in avgas octane ratings. These would not have been possible without the two-stage supercharger. Here is a widely disseminated drawing of the two-stage supercharger in the Merlin 61, which you can find online in the September 23rd, 1943 issue of ,Flight,, now ,Flight International, and ,ere is an interesting schematic drawing of some two stage superchargers from a historical article by Gordon-Jones in the same number of ,Flight,, which I’m going to use as an excuse for not digging through my photocopies and finding the precise bibliographic information. The Merlin would not have been susceptible to this scheme of continuous performance increases had it not been accompanied by steady improvements in octane ratings. Since the Germans were unable to improve their avgas similarly, Mercedes-Benz and Jumo did not try to extend the life of their early war, Merlin-sized engines, but rather built steadily larger engines. With all due respect to the excellence of German engineering, this process of constant starting and re-starting cannot have been good for detailed design work. It is also interesting that, in discussing the pressure injection carburetor introduced in 1943, Lovesay notes that the company had a design group do an entire carburetor based on a rival centrifugal pump, ,as was normal at Rolls Royce. ,Worried that the new technology won’t work out? Just put a room full of engineers on the job of designing a complete alternative system, just in case! (Where’s the bug-eye emoji when you need it?) At this point I could say something about “missed opportunities” like the Daimler Benz fuel injection and hydraulic supercharger transmission, or the inverted configuration. Or, more favourably, I could talk about the use of the engine oil cooler to reject wild heat as well as cooling the oil. This was something indulged to extremes by Rolls-Royce rivals, resulting in the loss of as much as 5% of rated power to all the cooling jets and excess oil circulation. But I won’t! No, wait, I just did. Anyway, the point is that there were many design paths and forks where one could go one way or the other, and that Rolls-Royce got some wrong, some are hard to call, and others, it got right. In conclusion, the Merlin was an older and somewhat dated design, rescued by an extravagant allocation of design resources.

What is the best Android virtual keyboard?

Best Android Keyboard Apps For 2019 1. SwiftKey SwiftKey is one of the best Android keyboard apps to replace the native keyboard app on your smartphone. In 2016, SwiftKey was acquired by Microsoft for an impressive amount. This Android keyboard app uses artificial intelligence that enables it to learn automatically and predict the next word the user intends to type. Swiftkey features autocorrect and gesture typing for faster input. It intelligently learns your typing pattern and adapts to it. This keyboard app for Android is also spectacular emoji keyboard which brings tons of emojis, GIF and more. Under the keyboard customization, one can not only choose from hundreds of themes but also, can create a personal theme. Overall, SwiftKey can make typing feel much better. Since the keyboard app for the phone comes bundled with a lot of features, you might see some lags time to time. 2. Fleksy + GIF Keyboard Fleksy Keyboard is known to be the fastest keyboard app for Android. It holds the world record for its typing speed twice. Fleksy uses next-generation autocorrect and gesture control so that you can type accurately within less time. Swiping gesture is used to control standard functions, such as quickly adding punctuations, space, delete, and word corrections. Fleksy is highly customizable. It covers over 50 different variety of colorful themes, three separate customizable keyboard sizes, over 800 Emojis, GIFs, etc. Also, you can create keyboard shortcuts, navigate apps right from your keyboard, copy/paste, and even have easy access to a number row. It also supports over 40 different languages. Moreover, this third-party Android keyboard app follows a strict privacy policy. It does not collect any personal data without your permission. In general, Fleksy is an excellent Android keyboard app.

I am severely afraid that my online crush may be taken. We are friends and he sends me heart emojis whenever I compliment him but how do I know if he's single or not?

I’d ask him about his weekend and try to get him to open up. You need to play detective. I feel like you need to get to know him better before you take it further. I hope he’s available: )

What is a major global change that you would like to see over the next five years? How will this impact your country?

Popularity of texting and driving. Like, sending 5-part emojis while you are on the freeway doing 80. See with Level 2–3 self driving capabilities, humans no longer have to glue their eyes to the road doing two things: keep the right distance in front of you, and keeping the wheels between the lane markings, both so tedious that they really suit better for machines anyway. What this means is, although you still have to spend a solid hour in your car to work, you can actually sit back and relax, and read a book or zone out with some Audible. No big deal? Let me put it this way. You no longer care how far away you live from your work, long as it’s within 1 hr of drive. This is HUGE! Residential real estate prices will have to adjust massively: areas with good parks and schools will see a price hike, while areas with mere quick access to commercial districts will see a price dip. I believe in this because we got a E-class Benz which merely does Level 2 self driving, and already we are taking about buying houses further away from the city. All thanks to machines taking our jobs. Thanks Obama ;)

Why do businesses need to have a logo?

So important that if created with proper insight, it could fancy some nerdiest of the medical nerds to name a few radiological signs after the brand! Well! ,Does anyone wants to know what happens when nitrogen gas accumulates within gall stones? You get the iconic ‘,Mercedes-Benz Sign,', right there in your gallbladder. The sign however doesn't seems to be iconic at all. Sorry dear readers! This is probably how doctors' eyes perceive a triradiate pattern. XD XD XD……..(Still wandering when would Quora bring in some laughing emojis :( ) . . . Okay now before you report my answer, how about this one??!! A case of acute complicated triple-barrelled aortic dissection: Hope, ,this one makes sense,. Yes the sign, not the case. And if it does, then welcome to club of irrational-spooky-triradiate-pattern-seekers-at-everything. Alright! I'll stop messing around otherwise you'll seriously report this thing. XD Anyways, Mercedes Benz is a phenomenal one of its kind automobile which a person aspires to own once in a lifetime. Hopefully you & I too will;) Thanks for scrolling by:) Have a wonderful day ahead!

Right now, I only stan BTS and TXT, but I'd love to get to know some other groups. Does anyone have suggestions for groups (especially girl groups)?

I have so many but right here in gonna recommend SF9. I don't know where to even start and I don't really know how to explain my thoughts as well as the person who commented on SVT but I'll try. All pics in this answer are their latest album Turn Over photoshoots in case you wanted to know. So SF9 is a 9 member boy group under FNC Entertainment, who debuted on 5th October, 2016. They were formed through a survival show called “Dance Or Band". The show was basically about who defeat the other, the dance team being SF9 and The name team being Honeyst. The name SF9 stands for Sensational Feeling Nine. SF9's fandom is called “FANTASY” or “Pantaji” as The members like to say. The 9 members are Youngbin, Inseong, Jaeyoon, Dawon, Rowoon, Zuho, Yoo Taeyang, Hwiyoung & Chani. Here are the nine members in the order of the fanchant, their official emojis, basic positions and some basic facts. Kim Youngbin: Leader, Rapper, Dancer Birthday: 23rd November,1993 Height: 5′10 Official Emoji:🍀 Nicknames: BinBin, Youngbean, Bonnie, Appa Favourite Colour: Red •His roommate is Jaeyoon. Has a vlive series every Monday called “Binus “. Loves to read and is very wise thus him being leader. Youngbin loves spicy food and his favourite drink is Pong Crush. Youngbin seems to be from a well off family.He once drowned in the sea but was saved by his dad. He adores all his members but is especially clingy to Chani. Youngbin is a fan of Epik High. Youngbin & Taeyang are mostly involved in creating group choreos. Loves skinship and laughs at any and everything. He is like a father figure to Fantasy and his members. Kim Inseong: Main Vocalist Birthday: 12th July,1993 Height:6′0 Official Emoji: 🌰 Nicknames: Desert Fox Fav Colour : Pink •His roommate is Dawon. He thinks his eyes are attractive. Has acted in several web dramas including one with his member Hwiyoung called “Dokgobin is Updating" (It's a cite and short drama you should watch it). He is the oldest member but is always mistaken by new fans to be The youngest member and Fantasy calls him “Fake Maknae of the group". He studied in London for one year so he can speak and understand English. This is all because his family is quite well off. He graduated from Kyunghee University in 2018 and majored in Communications. Inseong was once an SM trainee so he is very close with NCT's Taeil and he is also close to MONSTA X's Kihyun. He loves to eat.His best friend in the group is Jaeyoon but he loves all his members. Inseong is very awkward and clumsy, it's almost like he does anything for his members and fans to laugh. He recently started working out. Lee Jaeyoon: Lead Vocalist Birthday: 9th August,1994 Height: 6′0 Official Emoji:🐣 Nicknames: Vocal God, Busan Manly Man, Rice Soup Hyung, SF9 Benz Guy Fav Colour: Fantasy •His roommate is Youngbin. He thinks his best trait is his butt. He has a vlive series called “I can do it" , where he makes merch, plant plants, makes perfume, rings, bungeoppang etc He has a honey voice. His personality is that of a warm and bright lovable squish. Despite his reliable look he is very clumsy and needs alot of care. He recently did a show with ONE's E-Tion (they are officially besties) called “Pat and Mat.” Jaeyoon grew up in a farm so he can tell poisonous plants apart from normal plants. Jaeyoon has a cooking show in youtube with Taeyang called Jaeng & Tyang. He attended Dong -Ah Institute of Media & Arts and majored in Applied Music. Jaeyoon will be casted in his first webdrama called Love In A Black Hole. He is called the Benz guy because his chest muscle is like the Benz logo. He loves Inseong alot. Stage Name: Dawon (Vocalist Birth Name: Lee Sanghyuk Birthday: 25th July,1995 Height: 5′10.5 Official Emoji: 👅 Nicknames: Sexy Cutie, Entertainment Sprout, Vitamin •His roommate is Inseong. Dawon has a very extroverted personality, he loves to immitate his member especially Taeyang & Zuho. He is a sweetheart who loves to make fun of the people around him. Dawon is friends with Pentagon's Hongseok MONSTA X's Minhyuk and VAV's Ayno. He is known for his high pitched laughs and shy yet proud personality. Dawon studied in Spain for some time. His comes from a well off family. He works out regularly. He made his acting debut in the drama “Doom at your Service". His vocal is really sweet and beautiful but he also has the ability to rap. He cheers his members up. Dawon is a fan of BigBang. Stage Name: Rowoon (Vocalist & Visual) Birth Name: Kim Seokwoo Birthday: 7th August,1996 Height: 6′3 Official Emoji:🐭 Nicknames:Woonie, Choco Milk, Mother of the group Fav Colour: White •He has a room by himself. Rowoon is The tallest kpop idol and is well know for his striking visuals. He is a very good cook and is often the one who is keeping the form together. He has back pain that comes and goes. Rowoon is often missing from the group schedules either because of his injury or because of his own schedule. He is a very playful character and he loves to tease his members. He is a sports person. He loves to dote on Chani alot. Rowoon & Zuho were friends for 6 years before they debuted. Rowoon used to cooks for the younger members when they were in school. He is very talkative. Rowoon has acted in many dramas such as School 2017, Click Your Heart, Where Stars Land, Extraordinary You and She Would Never Know. He is a fan of FTIsland. Baek Zuho or Juho: Rapper, Composer Birthday: 4th July,1996 Height: 6′1 Official Emoji:🦁 Nicknames: Anime Boy (Because he looks like the Anime Prince from a Fairy tail) Fav Colour: Black •Zuho sleeps with the manager due to his loud snoring habit. Zuho is a very calm and composed person who expresses himself through music, however he has high pitched screams and laughs. He is a very paranoid person. He has written and it composed many SF9 songs and even his solo songs. He is friends with BTS's Suga and is a fan of BTS. He is besties with EXO's Chanyeol & RED VELVET ‘s Wendy. He did water skiing for 5–6 years. Zuho ‘s father is a Ceo of a clothing brand named. Zuho named the brand after his cats “Celui Huru". He once died while eating corn so he hates it. He is currently attending Soongsil Cyber University. He is very confidential his sexy dance and can rap while inserting counts into his nose. Yoo Taeyang: Main Dancer & Sub Vocalist Birthday: 28th February,1997 Height: 5:11 Official Emoji:🌞 Nicknames: Taeyangie, Sun, Hair Dryer Fav Colour: Black •He is roommates with Hwiyoung. He is well known to many for his delicate and detailed dancing style. Taeyang is very shy and quiet and expresses his hidden passion in dancing. He is seen spacing out quite often when his members are talking. He has a cooking show with Jaeyoon called Jaeng & Tyang. He and Youngbin are the ones who are heavily involved in creating the groups choreos. Taeyang is well known with the international fans because of his Hair dryer dance and his sexy charisma. He loves fashion. Taeyang can dance to any song and is known for his ability to sing any song in a sorrowful way. His role models are EXO's D.O & Kai. Taeyang eats a lot and keeps his side of the room dirty. He would be a florist of not an idol. Stage Name: Hwiyoung (sub rapper) Birth Name: Kim Youngkyun Birthday: 11th May,1999 Height: 5′10.5 Official Emoji:🔝 Nicknames:Cold City Guy, CryBaby, Dolphin Fav Colour: Blue •His roommate is Taeyang. Hwiyoung May seem like a very chic or uninterested person but he is always listening to his members and fans. He is a very shy boi who is a rapper but aspires to be a good singer like Inseong or Jaeyoon. Hwiyoung loves working out, because it made him love himself. He has also written some SF9 songs and loves composing songs in general. He helped choreograph SF9 Good Guy ( which is the ing that gave them their very first music win). He has acted in many web dramas as well but officially made his acting debut in the drama “Imitation.” Hwiyoung can do pitches as high as dolphin pitches. He is emotionally sensitive. He is a gentleman and has very board shoulders. His charm is his adam apple and gummy smile. Stage Name: Chani (Rapper & Dancer) Birth Name: Kang Chanhee Height: 5′10 Official Emoji:😇 Nicknames:Chicken Chani, Real Maknae Fav Colour: Red •Chani has a room by himself. He is a very easy going person who doesn't like to do anything realky. He prefers to sleep more than anything. He is the evil Malabar who loves to tease his hyungs. Chani and Hwiyoung knew each other from school. Chani is a well know actor in Korea despite his young age. He has acted in several dramas such as Signal, Sky Castle, True Beauty etc and also movies such as White Day and The Gossip. He began acting as a child and also appeared in TVXQ's Balloons mv. He is childhood friends with CASTRo's Moonbin & iKON ‘s Chanwoo. He is close with Rowoon & Youngbin. SF9 are having a comeback in 5th July, 2021 so whoever is reading this please do check out the album and mv. And here's a reminder: I wrote this because 1.I have time 2. I am just letting out everything I couldn't tell people because they didn't care So you really don't have to know all this or study them. As the great Jaeyoon once said “You don't have to study is in order to like us, just look at our content and if you want to find out more you can check us up on the internet. Please don't burden yourself.” Subscribe to their YouTube channel: SF9.

Why do people buy things they can't afford?

Today, most of society is a wealth-driven society. This means if you have the things that provide visual attraction such as swanky cars such as a Bimmer or Benz or whatever any top of the range Apple or Samsung phone (or any such similar brand) any latest gadget from any popular brand, brand clothing and shoes a big new home (bought on a huge amount of loan when the buyer’s annual salary ain’t that much and he can face probable financial struggle trying to manage EMI of house and other financial responsibilities) If you fulfill the above criteria then you are considered a successful person by the majority of society even though you stand at risk to face financial problems in your life. This is not an unwritten rule but over time people are have started sticking to these parameters. Truly speaking, society doesn’t give a damn about you. Today’s it’s you. They will praise, press a like, put a heart emoji reaction, and what not when you post about or tell about your new car, bike, or any pricey gadget. Tomorrow it will be someone else. In the process, everyone thinks that he/she is getting all the attention, love, and respect for their material possession they are showing off in the regular life as well as on social media. For this sole factor I have seen people buy things beyond their means and ask for financial problems. Now, being able to buy high-end items is not a crime. Of course, who doesn’t wish to have nice things with them. There are a few deciding factors though. Now, there are two types of people. FIrst, who have a thorough financial freedom Second, who want all the cool things but are not able to afford them with limited financial sources The first category of people can buy anything they want but usually, these people have enough knowledge of financials and they mostly spend on things they actually need or are passionate about. The second category of people buy things they may not need. They buy just to go in flow with the social media trends and to compete with their peers. Let’s take an example now. The second category of people have the budget of iPhone 11 but just for the social approval and to show their material achievement of buying the latest gadget, they buy the top model Ultra Pro Max of the latest iPhone by taking a loan and by paying a meager amount of downpayment upfront. Now, read carefully from here. Taking a loan is here is not important (at least if you are earning). What’s important is do they have the necessary stable financial sources of income to sustain the EMI and interest in the long run while managing their other day-to-day or monthly expenses.?? If that second category person can easily manage his work with iPhone 11 he/she can happily buy that with no financial strain on him. But most won’t do that on today’s date. Here is where things start to go bad in terms of finance. Hence, we have people buying things that are beyond their means and they fall into a debt trap or other financial problems in their life. Recently, I was listening to a podcast of an experienced billionaire entrepreneur and he said if you’re earning let’s say INR 20,000 per month. Then it is not wise to spend on a phone that costs INR 1,15,000 and take a loan and pay interest over it. In the process, you will end up paying more than the actual cost of the device. Also, what if some economic downplay takes place and you have a single source of income and that gets hit..???!? How do you pay the EMI’s..? Here the first category of financially free people has the upper hand. They have 4 or 5 sources of income. Even if one source gets hit they can happily manage their expenses with the other sources. Some would even create some earning opportunity from any ongoing economical situation and find another mode of income. But in most cases, the second category of financially unaware and wealth-driven mentality people will fret and lose their mind as all the while their mind was on buying materials for social approval or to show off among their peers. I’m not generalizing but if we move our eyes around our society, I’m sure you would agree it happens in most parts of our society. Again, let us take a second example. Have you ever seen the comment section of tech-YouTubers trying to do unboxing and giveaways.?? You will see mostly young folks commenting and requesting the YouTuber to give him that swanky new smartphone for free because he cannot afford it otherwise. See,? they themselves claim that they can't afford the material but still they want to possess it. I can bet that most of them don’t even need that high-end phone or are going to utilize all the pro features of these kinds of phones for their daily smartphone requirements. This happens because these folks don’t know how to differentiate between what they want and what they actually require to get their work done. If you’re someone that require a phone for calls, messaging, internet and music, etc, you can even have all that with the mid-range or starting variants of iPhones, Samsung, and OnePlus, or whatever brand that you prefer. Are you going to utilize the top-end camera for video making every single day unless you’re someone that creates or edits video for a living ?!? Or Are you going to click Astrophotography every single day unless you click such photos for a living on behalf of some magazine or website?!? Then why on earth you are going to pay a fortune for that extra couple of cameras..?!!? No, I am not going to give you a lecture on investing money. The point here is to understand the purpose of your purchase. I often get coaxed by my siblings to buy a four-wheeler for I can afford one now. However, I don’t need a car and I can easily find my ride on a UBER. In fact, we have a neighbor that has travel agencies and at certain times they provide their cars on hire to us when we need it. Maybe someday soon when I actually need to have a car I will buy it. I don’t see the need now to spend on a car and pay a loan for that. I would rather spend that money on buying some other asset or spend a part of it on traveling as it is my passion to travel. Or maybe if my laptop which is a few years old gives up I can get myself a powerful laptop which I require for my work. That doesn’t mean I live ultra below my means. The point again comes down to understanding your requirements. The people or the end-user needs to have a perspective for what they are buying to avoid financial issues later in their life. Since most people do not think properly and go with the wealth-driven mindset of the average society they often end up buying things that they cannot afford. I just gave an example of phones. There can be similar incidents with people buying cars, homes that are beyond their means. I often see on Quora young adults with new jobs talking about eagerly buying new 3-BHKS residential and then facing problems in balancing their salaries in paying of EMIs as well as managing other monthly or emergency financial expenses. See the problem now..? The Social Media Factor Adding to the above, the sheer urge of making a presence on social media for validation of your material achievements have further led most people to go beyond their means and buy stuff they don’t actually require in their day-to-day life or See, I have no issues with people buying anything but when you spend lavishly on things whose material value(depreciation.?) or functional value is going to reduce with respect to time then you should watch what you’re buying unless you have multiple sources of income to sustain that existing product to replace it with a similar product later. You can buy similar products that provide the same quality of service and offer a similar value but at a moderate or fair price. It’s a feasible option. I’m not staying to buy extremely cheap products or rip-offs. That’s never recommended at least by me. Quality always matters. That way you won’t feel that you’ve spent a fortune and how you have to adjust your other expenses for that month or the coming months. I bet most people who buy things beyond their means do realize this at some point in time. Let me give you my own example. I can easily afford a Nike Jordan that costs INR 15,000. However, I am happily using a Reebok which is INR 3000 something. A few years back I was using Sparx sneakers that costed me INR 1500/- See, the point here is I bought them as per my affordability and sensing the requirement. The first category of financially free people thinks about the value the product they buy is going to provide, and up to what time the product will be beneficial to their need. They spend wisely and they have multiple sources of income too. Most people who buy things they cannot afford may not have multiple sources of income with steady in-flow in a regular period of time. There is another group of people that consist of teens and pre-teens. who are yet to understand the value of money, driven by social media followers, likes and show off don’t understand the concept of wealth and the true meaning of financial freedom ask their parent to buy them the expensive stuff like a sports bike or latest iPhone The result is parents going beyond their means to buy expensive stuff for their kids. I have seen parents doing that. It affects the parents who may have limited sources of income and in the long term that also affects the financial decision-making power of that kid when he grows up unless he/she manages to create successful and stable sources of multiple incomes. If these people think they will show off their INR 10,000/- shoes on social media then there will also be folks who will spend INR 40,000/- on a pair of shoes and there is no end to the chase of social media approval, the chase for likes and comments. Once you understand what exact things you actually need for use and what is absolutely unnecessary to spend on then you will never end up buying things whose cost is way above your monthly or annual income and buying which will affect other financial responsibilities that you may have. This was my perspective on the question. Thanks and stay safe.