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What paperwork do you need before selling your car?

But if the buyer needs a loan, the process is a bit more complicatedPhoto credit: Carsome.myHowever,

PDRM was wrong! No need to scan MySejahtera app at petrol stations unless using facilities

"For individuals who make transactions via credit card or debit card at the pump and did not accept

Spied: 2020 (G20) BMW M340i spotted in Malaysia, launching alongside 330e!

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic in Malaysia has done little to slow down BMW Malaysia’s launches,

2020 BMW M340i xDrive launched in Malaysia - 387 PS/500 Nm, CKD, from RM 402k

The first locally-assembled (CKD) M-Performance model, the 2020 BMW M340i xDrive has just been launched

Spied: 2021 G28 BMW 3 Series (G20 long wheelbase) caught in Malaysia, 330Li coming soon?

Merely days after Wapcar.my reported that the 2021 G28 BMW 3 Series (essentially a G20 long wheelbase

2020 BMW iX3 debuts: 286 PS, 400 Nm, 460 km range

BMW has unveiled the 2020 BMW iX3 today and offered hints at what the future looks like for the brand

Spied: 2021 BMW 330 Li spotted on a trailer, are they Malaysia- or Thailand-bound?

Just a few days after BMW Group Thailand launched the Malaysian-assembled (CKD) long-wheelbase BMW 3

TNG rolls out PayDirect Parking feature! Swipe your TNG card and pay with eWallet

who have enabled PayDirect in their TNG eWallet app will be able to pay their parking fees with the credit

Spied: 2020 (G20) BMW 330e M Sport – CKD, Malaysia launch imminent?

A little over a month ago, the 2020 (G20) BMW 330e was spotted in Putrajaya.

Watch this 1,305 PS, 2JZ-powered BMW E30 M3 do M3 things at the Nurburgring

quot; Toyotas legendary 2JZ-GTE engineNobody in the history of mankind has ever said, "The E30 BMW

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BMW Credit Malaysia announces customized solutions for customers affected by MCO

BMW Credit Malaysia Sdn.

Used F10 BMW 5 Series, from RM 115k, what to look out for

the F10 commonly suffers from is an ECU failure on the 6-cylinder naturally aspirated engine.Image credit

BMW Malaysia introduces Elite M Card for owners of M and M Performance models

Complements existing BMW Privileges Elite Card Discounted prices for BMW M track and BMW Driver Training

F90 BMW M5 LCI Rendered: June 17 Unveiling

The 2021 F90 BMW M5 facelift, or Lifecycle Impulse (LCI) in BMW-lingo, will be revealed on June 17.

The BMW 330 Li answers a question nobody asked

If youve been living under a rock this week, BMW Malaysia just pulled the wraps off its latest product

There is nothing more personal than BMW ConnectedDrive

support the driver (and passengers) until emergency services arrive.Thanks to an embedded SIM (eSIM) card

BMW owners upset that they still need to pay for their cars, no 6-month moratorium by BMW Credit Malaysia

BMW Malaysia recently communicated its chat service as a way for customers to reach out to them during

2020 BMW X1 sDrive18i launched in Malaysia - RM 208k, 1.5L 3-cylinder turbo, 140 PS/220 Nm

this year, BMW Malaysia has expanded the BMW X1 lineup with the sDrive18i.It is locally assembled (CKD

All-new 2020 BMW X6 xDrive40i M Sport launched; 340 PS/450 Nm, CBU, RM 729k

BMW Malaysia has officially launched the all-new 2020 BMW X6 xDrive40i M Sport in conjunction with the

5 new facts about the BMW M4 crash in Singapore

Over the weekend, Malaysians and Singaporeans were shocked about the news of a BMW M4 Coupe crashing

All-new 2020 BMW 840i Gran Coupé M Sport launched; 340 PS/500 Nm, CBU, RM 968k

BMW 8 SeriesTogether with the launch of the all-new 2020 BMW X6 xDrive40i M Sport, BMW Malaysia also

Every BMW or a MINI PHEV sold will mean 5 extra trees planted in Borneo

But while other parts of the country are cutting down trees and deforestation issues come to light, BMW

You can now buy a BMW without visiting a showroom, just go to BMW Shop Online

Group Malaysia, which just launched its BMW Shop Online - a digital showroom to view and place a booking

BMW Group Financial Services Malaysia hosts appreciation Night of Joy and Unity to celebrate corporate customers

BMW Group Financial Services Malaysia hosted their Customer Appreciation Night 2019 in recognition of

BMW Credit Malaysia offers up to 3 months moratorium via application

A little over a week ago, BMW Credit Malaysia announced that customized solutions will be offered to

Rendered: 2022 BMW 7 Series - Did someone order more grille?

Rendering by BMW43__The next generation BMW 7 Series, codenamed G70, was spotted testing in Germany with

Leaked invitation card hints at possible all-new 2022 Lexus NX world debut date

Now, it seems that its launch date has also been leaked.Shared by Japanese mediaThe leaked card is rather

Wapcar Morning Insiders (Sep. 5, 2019)

M Performance vehicle now can have the BMW Elite M CardThe privilege programme provides an exclusive

2020 (F97) BMW X3 M Competition launched in Malaysia, 510 PS/600 Nm, RM 886k

BMW Malaysia has launched the 2020 BMW X3 M Competition, priced at RM 886,551 (OTR without insurance,

This Mercedes has a BMW heart: Sacrilege or genius?

Since time immemorial, BMW and Mercedes-Benz have been at each other’s throats, vying for supremacy

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Wtf I don't remember signing up for a BMW credit card 😒 http://t.co/r7T8BKw3SL

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sprouts: you drive a brand new Mercedes/BMW/Porsche. big fan of Pure Barre/Crossfit. daddy pays the credit card bill. when you post a picture to social media, your mom calls to recommend arm workouts. https://t.co/W8dwZPhaMW

BMW CREDIT CARD APPLY | BMW  CREDIT CARD LOGIN https://t.co/qW3GZnKyFP https://t.co/C7qLDxs3dO

A Florida man attempted to buy a BMW with food stamps and a credit card, and it went poorly https://t.co/nqTLBgCckx https://t.co/32gyDaRvc6

Guy tries to buy BMW with EBT and Credit card. #LiveOnFox26 https://t.co/fbLbhY9Xxh https://t.co/cg2AODERoP

Well, my dog stole my credit card and bought himself a BMW i8. He just wants to be like @Nadeshot https://t.co/bJZE5QSW26

Check it out! BMW now offers a "credit card key" on their flagship 7 series which you can use to unlock and start your car. (not unlike the "credit card key" that comes with the base Tesla Model 3) [review and hand model credit = @DougDeMuro] https://t.co/Wekk3kowQi

Just doing a little car shopping @BMW manufacturing plant in Spartanburg, SC. Hope the @CompeteNow credit card limit can handle it! https://t.co/eQAg4Luuiz

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Can I buy a BMW outright with a credit card?

That depends more on your type of credit card than the type of car you buy. If your credit card company lets you spend that kind of money in one go without arousing suspicion then you can buy any car you want. There was a billionaire in China who bought a 170 million dollar oil painting with his credit card to use the frequent flyer miles it came with to have first class flights for life without ever having to worry about this again. Billionaire earns first-class travel for life by putting Modigliani nude on Amex

I have a cash back credit card with a high limit and 0% APR for 18 months, will they let me use it to buy a new BMW at the car dealership?

No. Dealerships typically cap credit card transactions for vehicle purchase - down payment - to about $3000. Credit card processing costs the dealership about 2.5% - that cost is built in to service and parts, but not for vehicle purchase. On $3000, this only costs them $75, but this would be significant on the cost of a new vehicle. On a $40,000 vehicle this would be $1000, and they won’t take that hit. If you think they would, just ask them to lower the price of the vehicle by 2.5% over your best offer, then wait for the laughter to stop. That’s the same as wanting to pay by credit card.

If I had excellent credit but have to give my BMW back because I can’t afford the payments, will my credit cards be cancelled even though I always pay them off?

Your credit cards are not likely to be cancelled, no. It is possible that if your credit score drops enough, the limit will be reduced, but they won’t cancel them. Even reducing the limit doesn’t seem too likely. Keep in mind, however, that giving the car back will usually be treated as a voluntary repossession, for credit reporting cases, so it will cause significant damage to your credit score. If you can’t afford the car, there’s not much you can do other than give the vehicle back, but it will negatively impact your credit score.

Is it a responsible decision to buy a 2013 BMW 328i with 56,000 miles on it and has a price tag of $14,475? My annual income is $37,000 and I also have $15,000 in credit card debt. My current car is 21 years old and getting expensive to fix.

You might as well pile up your money in the parking lot and burn it. Look, I don’t know what your expenses are, but presumably you’re running pretty close to redline if you’ve got fifteen grand in credit card debt. And if you read my other answers, I’m the ,last ,guy to tell you to go drive a crapbox Corolla for the next fifty years so you can be rich when you die. But buying an out-of-warranty BMW when you’re not financially stable is just a bad move. I’m not quite sure what you ,should ,do, because I don’t know how much you drive, what your needs are, and what your expenses are. But it’s time to take a hard look at your situation. If you had zero debt, you could probably pay the note on a new car for what you’re paying to service the interest on your credit card debt. Work on that. Reconsider that 3er. Future you will thank current you, and future you can buy a fun car when the time is right.

I'm selling my BMW on Craigslist for $1500. This guy wants to use the square up app to pay me with a credit card. Is that safe?

Never take anything other than cash for anything you sell on craigslist. And do it at the bank, so that they can immediately deposit the cash into your account after verifying you are not being given counterfeit currency. If you sell it via square app, you are trusting this guy that his credit card is not fake and charges will not be reverted. Card charge-backs are the most common method of fraud on anything you sell online. This is why you use places like ebay, which, if you follow their rules, protect both you, the seller and the buyer. I personally wouldn’t take a credit card payment from someone I didn’t know and probably will never see again, in return of an item worth more than a thousand dollars. If he really wnats this car, he can come up with that $1.5K cash. If not, he is really not interested in anything other than scamming you.

Why are Chinese families generally able to manage their finances better and save more than most white American families?

The answer has to do with debt/spending and rent, which I’ve outlined in 5 parts: Car Payments, Credit Card Debt, Student Loans, Rent, and Buying Too Much Shit: I. Car Payments Let’s take a look at this lovely BMW X-1: The average Chinese person (let’s just say Asian person), is going to see a car with an MSRP of $34,950. There’s also taxes, insurance, and ongoing maintenance cost. After all, German cars are not known for their reliability these days. But putting that aside, to the average Chinese person, buying the X-1 means “I need to save up more than $35,000 in the bank,” whereas many Americans will think in terms of ,monthly payments., “Yeah, I got $2500 for the down payment, and I can afford $610 a month!!” Or better yet, lease this sucker for only $382 a month and get a new car after 3 years. With the 5-year loan, the price of the car ,jumps to $39,108 with interest!, Sorry, Chinese people don't play that. II. Credit Card Debt According to this ,report, by thestreet.com, Americans carry on average over $5800 of credit card debt and that number goes UP as they get older, which is completely bananas to me. Even more amazing is that they continue to carry a balance well into their retirement years: I can only find data from 2012 on credit card debt in other countries, but according to AC Nielson, 5 out of the top 7 countries with the ,highest percentage of people paying off their credit card balance every month, are Asian: #1 Taiwan 89%, #2 Australia 88%, #3 Japan 87%, #4 South Korea 85%, #5 Hong Kong 84%, #6 Denmark 81%, #7Singapore 80%. (China has low credit card usage in general so that’s probably why it wasn’t on the list). In other words, Asians tend to be ,transactors ,who pay off their balance every month, and Americans tend to be ,revolvers ,who carry a balance. ,2018 numbers, show that 41.2% of American households carry some credit card debt, with an average balance of $9,333. III. Student Loans According to ,Tuitio.io,, the average cost of tuition a year in China is $2,200 compared to $8,240 for public and $28,500 for private schools in the U.S. Tuition cost is much higher in places like Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan, even taking household income per capita into consideration, which only highlight how cheap tuition is in China. There are 2 major mitigating factors when it comes to tuition, however. One, Asian parents are much more likely to pay their children’s tuition. I’ve always joked that Chinese people will sell their kidneys if their kid gets into Harvard (luckily that won’t apply to me). Two, and this is a big one. ,47% of Asians major in STEM,, compared to only ~22% for whites, blacks, and Hispanics. Combining those two factors, it’s very unlikely that you’ll find an Asian student going into debt for a degree in humanities, such as English, Philosophy, History, or Art. Whenever the New York Times or the Atlantic runs a sob story about some poor sap who borrowed $150k for an MFA, I just KNOW that person is not Asian. IV. Rent Asians are more likely to live with their parents and save on rent for extended periods of time, often, but not always, until they get married. I’m not sure whether this is the case for immigrant families in the United States, but I suspect the percentage of adult Asians living with the parents is still higher than their American counterpart. The mentality of “Im’ getting my own apartment as soon as I hit 18”, for better or for worse, is mostly American. V. Buying too much shit If you watch “Hoarders” or “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”, it’s plain as day that Americans buy too much shit. (Yes, I know one couple on Marie Kondo was Japanese-American, but they were 2nd generation and totally Americanized.) It boggles the mind that Americans would go into debt to buy each other Christmas gifts. And let’s not even get started on the exorbitant amount people spend on weddings, which I consider the most American thing I’ve ever done but also the ,worst financial mistake I’ve ever made. ,Do you know why Asian people (this includes Filipinos) give each other cash for weddings and Chinese New Year? We can have the choice of saving it or spending it on something we actually like! If Americans suddenly started adopting the Red-Envelope-style gifting, that would be terrible news for Amazon and shopping malls, but that would one hell of an economic stimulus.

What are some fads among Indian IT employees?

Dream for Onsite. Plan for Ladakh and eneded up with Digha. Minimum 3 credit cards with each around 1 lakh limit. Dream for BMW and drive Alto800(That too two days in a week.). Famous line - Weekend ka kya plan hai….(Eng- Whats your plan for this weekend). Spends more time in ,Jobs - Recruitment - Job Search - Employment - Job Vacancies - Naukri.com, than facebook. 70% work in excel and still call themself a coder. And Google is the life saviour.

What screams "I'm pretending to be upper class"?

I had a classmate who must have married a rich guy. I didn’t even try to keep in touch with her after high school. But we ended up friends on Facebook. That was the time I just accepted every friend request from everybody I’d ever met in life. After a while, she started to get on my nerves. She constantly complained about her upper class problems. I don’t think I have time to get the cabin ready for summer. All the linens I ordered haven’t come in yet. I want to kids to sleep on new sheets, not last year’s garbage. Paris was great, but now we don’t have enough time to get the boat ready for the lake. I just hope the new furniture arrives at the cabin on time. The painters came on the wrong day. They were supposed to come before the new carpet, and before the furniture arrived. So we had to put our new living room furniture in the theater room. It’s so inconvenient. Can somebody teach me how to use the navigation system in my new Mercedes S Class? I miss my BMW 740i. I just can’t learn a new navigation system every year like this. Just got back from Hawaii for Christmas. Now I have to supervise these caterers for the New Year party. I later found out that they had a second mortgage on the house, credit card debt, and they were a month away from foreclosure. That didn’t make me happy, but it explained why she was always complaining about her problems. She was trying to make people that she hadn’t seen in a decade think that she was doing fine.

Has being wealthy made your life truly better?

When I was 20 years old and dropped out of college I worked many various jobs to get by. My main worry in those days had nothing to do with the rent, bills, clothing or insurance, no I worked double jobs because I loved going out drinking with buddies, which in any country costs money. By my end twenties I had gone on a career path, was making about $50K gross a year (in Europe that is), despite living in a nice apartment, going on holidays twice a year, driving a car, buying nice clothes, having a wife, it still wasn’t enough. I had owned credit card By my mid-thirties I suddenly found myself above the magical $100.000 p/a. Different wife, bigger house, big BMW company car, stock options, three holidays a year, four city trips a year, nice clothes, good food and a kid. Life was good, but still it could be better. I had 3 credit cards, personal loan, overdraft, mortgage etc. By March 2015 I lost my job, benefits, wife (we divorced), savings, house, cars. By January 2016 I was one letter away from being homeless and having rental debt on top of it all. Lesson: Wealth comes and goes. Debt stays! Real wealth is not having any debts whatsoever.