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BMW Malaysia has released the updated price list for 2021 with a few notable changes.

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BMW M has introduced the third generation all-new 2019 BMW X5 M.

BMW 320e and BMW 520e make global debut, new entry-variant PHEVs with 204 PS/350 Nm

slim-to-none chance of being launched in Malaysia.BMW Group has announced new plug-in hybrid variants for the BMW

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If there is one BMW model that well-represents the brand, it has to be the BMW 3 series.

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** This article is the personal experience of a 2009 BMW E93 M3 owner and does not necessarily reflect

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Ceir dwi'n garu. Cars I love .... First is mine (Rolo BMW E46 2002) GOLF MK2 + Volvo V70. ♥️ https://t.co/NYeETgTXf0

A mate is selling his rather lovely manual BMW E46 M3 - give a retweet if you know someone who might fancy it. https://t.co/oscx5xsTjl https://t.co/WbX1n4PhGr

For 01-06 BMW E46 E39 Z4 2.5L 2.8L 3.0L L6 Performance Exhaust Manifold Headers https://t.co/zk87oE7hJK eBay https://t.co/7v7WcKdVng

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Which BMW E46 was the most reliable?

We had an e46 320d that we kept for around 7 years. In that time, apart from typical maintenance and servicing, the only thing on top I can remember was that we had to replace the timing. But for its age and milage, that was expected. From what I have heard and read about. The e46 m3 tends to develop problems with the SMG gearbox. Also, the 330 and 335 are known to develop a whole list of problems. So I would suggest going for a smaller engined e46 if you are looking for reliability. And if you want some more power, use the money you saved buying the smaller engine to get simple things like an ecu remap done.

Should I buy a BMW E46 M3: 2004 or 2006?

Yes you should \U0001f604.as long as the maintenance is kept up, oil changes every 5-7.5K miles, and the owner wasn't a 17 year old. E46 has potential issue points that must be looked at: 1. Get a PPI done with a reputable shop 2. Pay attention to the condition of the VANOS components, subframe, valve cover gasket, CPV leak, RTABs, FCABs 3. Budget roughly 2K a year for maintenance, if you DIY less, if not more. Its a fun car, enjoy if you get one.

What engine does my BMW E46 have?

The E46 is fitted with a number of engines, petrol and diesel. ,BMW 3 Series (E46) - Wikipedia

Is it still worth buying a BMW E46 for daily commuting?

“worth” is such a personal choice and Q, so it depends a lot on that… As a BMW 3 series or M car though, it is an excellent choice… If you can find one with a good history and maintenance records, it is sure worth buying… I had an E46 2002 M3 convertible for a few years. It was a great daily driver, but needed quite some TLC and maintenance - you need to keep aside approximately US$ 2k/year for maintenance on average, using a good non-dealer mechanic. Dealer maintenance would cost easily double or more. Someone said it very well (here in another thread) - a car older than 10 years old is best not taken to a dealer for maintenance. I did one inspection at the dealer and they recommended nearly 4k worth of repairs (to make it perfect per their standards and prices). Of course, you also need to know how to drive such cars in winter - otherwise you can easily get into a crash. Also be prepared to spend heavily on tires, particularly for M3s and/or if you plan to drive them hard. My M3 used to go through tires about every year and 15k miles was probably the most I got out of any pair. Another big advantage about E46 is the body style - it looks modern-enough, and quite aggressive but still graceful… Unlike E36 which has looks more closer to classic BMWs. This is of course just in my opinion, beauty is very muc in the eye of the beholder - so this can flare passions among other BMW fans. Anything after E46 has a little too much technology in it - much harder to maintain outside of dealer, if you really care about the small things that would start dying. It also provides you some exclusivity - there are not a whole lot of those on the road, so occasionally you will run into fans that will come talk to you about it. Hope this helps - do share if you get one with details and pics in the comments please...

Should I buy a BMW E46 from a college town?

I was driving around with my parents in the most popular college in Missouri Mizzou. And about 4 miles from the campus was a BMW E46 sedan, the person was asking $2,800 for it. It was in good condition for its age. I called the place where it was at and asked what year, they said it was an 03 and it had 118,000 miles it was a 325i. I was just wondering if it would be a good buy or should I stay away from college cars?

BMW E46 M3 or E39 M5?

*A2A* I'm going to assume you're the same person who asked me to answer ,BMW E30 M3 or E39 M5?, If you are, then you already know my thoughts of the M5; if not, then click through and give it a read. As before, let's start with some objective facts: The E46 is motivated by an inline-6 motor producing 333 bhp at around 8,000 RPM. It's not particularly fond of torque like the larger V8 in the M5 of course, but it is spectacularly rev-happy, and will bounce off the rev limiter all day, buzzing its unique and raspy -- if not intoxicating -- banshee wail through its four polished chrome exhaust ports. Transmission duties are handled by either a proper 6-speed manual with a third pedal, or a positively awful early-generation sequential manual in the form of the SMG II flappy paddle gearbox. Essentially an automatically clutched manual gear box, it made the driving experience only slightly more pleasurable than sitting on a bed of nails, with gear changes aggressive enough to give you a sore neck if used at the highest "aggression" setting. Then there was the peculiarity of the clutching: you'd think that, being an automated system, it would do certain things very well, like for instance, rev-matching when braking while changing down a gear, since, you know, that would seem rather the point with an "automated" manual; or that it would be smoother, perhaps, than a mere human could manage with three pedals fussed about by two feet. And you'd be wrong. See, the problem is, with a three-pedal set-up, you effectively have two variables to modulate when negotiating gear changes: throttle position and clutch position, not to mention the gear lever itself. With the SMG setup, however, you're reduced to a singular variable over which you have complete control, ,i.e.,, the throttle. To compensate, then, the car itself tries to work with you, to guess the sort of gear engagement you had in mind, by adjusting the clutch uptake and grab accordingly. In theory, this sounds like all sorts of fantastic silicon-based wizardry and magic. In practice, it's a complete disaster, as you're left trying to second-guess the car, and trying to match your throttle inputs to that of what you ,think ,the car is going to do with the clutch. But then there's the truly peculiar bit when, from time to time, the car actually seems to evolve, to actually become smarter, and do things like rev-matching on downshifts, without any input from you at all. And of course there's the genuinely thrilling schoolboy fantasy of flicking through the upshift paddle, throttle floored to the mat, never lifting, while enjoying a neck-snapping run into triple digit territory, the bee swarm exhaust buzzing behind you. But usually, what the SMG excels most at is giving you reason to form a fist and smash it down somewhere inside the car and scream in frustration, begging an explanation from the car as to why it insists on being so absolutely maddening, and whether it would please be a nice car, and a good car, and generally obey and do as you ask, and whether the transmission would, at least for more than several seconds at a time every few weeks, actually behave and function as a proper automated manual should do. And then of course you'll realize you should have just got the proper 6-speed manual and be done with it. Because that's when you realize what an amazing, genuinely spectacular car the E46 M3 really is. A bit heavy as far as a 3er was meant to be back in the day, but obviously significantly lighter still than the M5 you're pitting it against, and certainly more chuckable and track worthy. Comfortable for a daily driver? Absolutely. Not as coddling and sumptuous certainly, but more than adequate, and definitely quicker round a track if you know what you're doing. The question really becomes then, do you want a 2-door 6-cylinder with the inherently less torquey driving characteristics, but more tossable dynamics implicit in a lighter weight vehicle, or the brutish punch of the V8, and the commanding, awesome presence of a large, 4-door sedan able to keep up -- if not triumph over -- its small, nimbler cousin? As before, I refuse to answer the question directly, as it's so sensitive and personal a matter of course, but the tie-breaker may indeed come down to something as mundane as how and where you intend to drive the car: city streets, bumper-to-bumper traffic, while carrying the family? You'd be foolish not to go with the M5. Weekend get aways, mountain roads, and occasional track days with your local sports car group? Both will certainly plaster a grin to your face and make you giggle like a school girl, but they'll just go about it in totally different ways. It's a bit like asking whether you want the filet mignon or the New York steak: they both accomplish the same task remarkably similarly, but with the filet you feel like you're indulging in something truly special, something worthy of a fancy French name, while the New York steak is just a very good example of something else. And that's what makes the E39 just that much more special than the E46 M3: it's the filet mignon. And as spectacular as the E46 M3 is, it will always seem somewhat pedestrian when compared against the M5. A piece of automotive excellence, to be sure, but not quite as special somehow. And this is why whenever I see an E46 M3 to this day, I smile and acknowledge it dearly; but when I see an E39 M5, I stop in my tracks. I stare. I comment. And I lust over it.

Are BMW E46 M3’s expensive to maintain?

yes absolutely. They are very reliable if treated well but these cars are high performance and luxury vehicles. A few examples. -You have a powerful engine which needs to be lubricated so you need something that is potent enough to prevent wear and tear from usage. You require fully synthetic oil. (change it often and you will drastically reduce the chance of dozens of engine problems) -Your brakes need to be very powerful to stop these types of vehicles. Your brake pads and rotors are obviously not going to be cheap. The brake fluid despite only needing to be changed every 2 years will also cost a premium. same gies for tires. -Suspension parts are created to support this vehicle for track usage. expect these parts to have an equivalent price tag. -The interior filters are amazing and carbon activated and will result in a clean breathing environment in the cabin. even in busy traffic. But these costs still arent huge. Your registration and insurance however… Well buy condoms and lupe before asking how much it costs to insure the car.

What is the most suitable motor oil for a BMW E46?

As a huge Liqui Moly fan and user of its products for my personal e46, and my family’s BMW’s, I’d say Liqui Moly Leichtlauf (long life) 5w-40. Current mileage on my 2003 325i is 245k miles, my brother’s 330i ZHP is at 220k, our 2005 X3 (same M54 engine as e46) we sold with 280k. All 3 ran this oil. This is my Liqui Moly wall at our shop, we run LM oil in all our euro cars in inventory. And yes that is an e46 hardtop as our temporary coffee table!