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80 Malaysians bought a BMW M last year, BMW Group Malaysia sold 9,890 cars in 2020

BMW Group Malaysia ended 2020 with a total of 9,890 BMW and MINI cars delivered, down 5 percent from

BMW Malaysia introduces CKD 2019 BMW X3 M Sport

It’s a very sporty month for BMW Malaysia as they launch yet another M Sport equipped car - the

BMW Malaysia drops 2021 BMW i4 teaser, 530 PS sedan launching in Q4

Well, it seems like BMW Malaysia is charging up its EV game, as they have begun teasing the 2021 BMW

BMW Malaysia introduces new Door-to-Door service

BMW Group Malaysia has a new service for all BMW and MINI car owners!

BMW and MINI owners can now renew their insurance with BMW Malaysia online

BMW Group Financial Services Malaysia introduces the i-Renewal digital service for the BMW MINI Comprehensive

BMW Malaysia launches AR feature for 2020 BMW X5

Last month, BMW Malaysia launched the 2020 BMW X5 plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV) in Malaysia and it costs

BMW Malaysia updates price list for 2021, BMW 320i cheaper by RM 1,911

BMW Malaysia has released the updated price list for 2021 with a few notable changes.

Next-gen BMW M3 and M4 discussed by BMW M Head of Development

With the upcoming 2020 BMW M3 and M4 set to launch in Sept, BMW is slowly trickling info to set tongues

BMW commemorates the discontinuation of the BMW i8 with 18 custom-built units

As you know, BMW has officially discontinued the BMW i8.

All-new BMW M3 caught undisguised

Instagram photo by Imran A.Here’s the upcoming BMW M3 codenamed G80.

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BMW Z4, prices confirmed for Malaysia, RM 479,800

; from the BMW 315/1 up to the second-generation BMW Z4 Roadster.

BMW M4 Gran Coupe might be happening but the BMW i4 has more power – 530 PS/813 Nm

Rendering by zer.o.wtThe BMW i4 has been confirmed a while ago and recently, Autocar reported that the

BMW 320e and BMW 520e make global debut, new entry-variant PHEVs with 204 PS/350 Nm

slim-to-none chance of being launched in Malaysia.BMW Group has announced new plug-in hybrid variants for the BMW

This is the new, transparent BMW logo

BMW is rolling not just a new design for its signature kidney grille, but also a new logo.The current

BMW M8 and BMW M8 Competition revealed

Another week, another new BMW M car.

You can now buy a BMW without visiting a showroom, just go to BMW Shop Online

Group Malaysia, which just launched its BMW Shop Online - a digital showroom to view and place a booking

The one problem with the G20 BMW 3 Series that BMW needs to fix

There is no doubt that about the BMW’s superior dynamics, which is far ahead of the Mercedes-Benz

Ex-BMW Chief Designer grills the BMW 4 Series grille. But should you care?

some of his most seminal work and comments on the work of others.His latest video takes a swing at BMW

BMW X8 M to be the most powerful BMW yet; plug-in hybrid, over 700 PS

Rendering by X-Tomi DesignYes, the BMW X8 is happening.

The South African E23 BMW 745i was the BMW M7 most didn’t know existed

BMW 1M, M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, and M8. See what number is missing there?

Malaysia-bound BMW i4 debuts with first all-electric BMW M performance model

the final specifications (international markets model, local specifications to be confirmed) of the BMW

All-new BMW X6 M and BMW X6 M Competition unveiled

In an era when SUVs are booming and cars’ performances are continuously rising, BMW M GmbH has

Behold the BMW M8 Gran Coupe, BMW M is on the roll

Now the BMW 8 Series is even more powerful!

2020 BMW X3 M Competition and BMW X4 M Competition launched in Indonesia, only 12 units!

BMW SUV customers in Indonesia have racier options to look forward to as BMW Group Indonesia officially

BMW M unveils the all-new BMW X5 M and X5 M Competition

BMW M has introduced the third generation all-new 2019 BMW X5 M.

BMW sends off the last BMW i8 in an exclusive Portimao Blue

BMW announced last year they will be discontinuing their hybrid supercar, the BMW i8.

There is nothing more personal than BMW ConnectedDrive

car to lower the air-conditioning temperature, but have you tried ordering chicken rice using your BMW

All-electric BMW 5 Series coming soon as BMW ramps up its electrification line-up

BMW 530e PHEV shownAt BMW Group’s recent Annual General Meeting, the German carmaker announced

BMW owners upset that they still need to pay for their cars, no 6-month moratorium by BMW Credit Malaysia

BMW Malaysia recently communicated its chat service as a way for customers to reach out to them during

BMW Shorties celebrates local film makers with Tayangan BMW Shorties event!

It has been 13 years since BMW Malaysia started their annual BMW Shorties Award to support local film

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Review Post bmw nazca m12

The BMW Nazca M12 was a concept designed in 1991 by ItalDesign. Under the carbon fibre body was a mid-engine 5.0 V12 sourced from the 850i good for 300hp and 289kph. Unfortunately the M12 never reached regular production. It is regarded by many as the most beautiful BMW ever made https://t.co/E9j8f4RDxo

My favorit model #BMW #ITALDESIGN #NAZCA #M12 . https://t.co/xabWKeDEOJ

🚘1991 Only 3 Prototype. Italdesign BMW NAZCA M12 91' / C2 92' / C2 Spyder 93') ⚠️Designed by Fabrizio Giugiaro. BMW was not convinced of the possible economic performance of creating another mid-engine so they scrapped. 🐎Engine: V12 5.7L 380HP https://t.co/qQLhDfQ0Ze

1991 BMW Nazca M12, 1992 C2 Coupe, 1993 C2 Spider: Concept We Forgot https://t.co/BqUaLNoQ3j https://t.co/064gySjI9k

BMW Nazca M12 is one of Top Gear’s Best Concept Cars of the ’90s https://t.co/5WKnSsIHyx https://t.co/ZEuXCxEwZc

#SupercarSunday Bugatti ID 90 Forerunner of the BMW Nazca M12 and the Bugatti 18/3 Chiron (6300 cc, 18 cylinder, 555 hp mid rear engine) https://t.co/T4hMfoZwOj https://t.co/nDvIf9qNco https://t.co/CmvJmIPmv5

@Akirleyphotos @OtsileJT @gmancarreviews @khuleonwheels @fatimils @FAFBulldog @vividcloudofwat @Hmp944Peters @Gandalfwasme @jim_knipe ...... Have a great Day Alex and everyone BMW Nazca 1992 C2 Coupe, 1993 C2 Spider, 1991 M12, (Nazca M12 with the 300 hp V12 of the BMW 850i, Frame and body in carbon fibre kept the overall weight off the Nazca M12 to around 1100 kg) By Ital Design https://t.co/v7NQZ95mEX https://t.co/fM2GNb2maT

BMW ’91,’92 and 93. The Bugatti turned into a BMW made famous by Need for speed games. The BMW Nazca M12, C2 coupe and C2 spider. #BMWHISTORYWITHZULU https://t.co/LYGuSAH6zm

When u dream to buy a #BMW NAZCA M12 ; but u are poor af... 😂😂 https://t.co/86qSBYYnZo

@BMW The most rare BMW in world Nazca m12#BMW #NazcaM12 https://t.co/LZRvzfoPBu

Review Q&A bmw nazca m12

Why can't the Indian Army afford a BMW car?

It's not that the Indian Army can't afford it but the Army is more concerned about our security so it just does't buy them. But as you asked why it can't afford it let me tell you the Indian Army or for that matter the combined budgetary allocation of Indian Tri-services is ,Rs 2.47 lakh crore (equivalent to USD $40 bn) ,and the best or the top priced BMW model car is ,BMW nazca m12 ,which costs ,$1.1 million, ,So il let you do the math how many BMW's the ,"Unaffordable Indian Army" ,can, ,buy? Moreover the Indian Army does't care about these trivial things as they have much bigger things to drive : see the men beaming with pride, I don't think a BMW will give you that This, the Arjun MBT's with a unit cost of (US$8.3 million), way higher than the BMW's The acceleration may be less but Yeah its enough for a 4-5 people ride. Oh I forgot this Sukhoi's , and the light weight indigenously made LCA Tejas Well I guess the people buying BMW's can't afford this, and get real men ,only real men drive real cars ,i.e The Indian Army. ,Respect for the men in uniform.

Is it possible for me to get a BMW Nazca M12?

Only one was built and is in a BMW museum. You could get Kindig It Design to build you one but it will probably cost $500,000 dollars and you woud need to get permission from BMW.

Which is the most expensive BMW car model?

The Most Expensive BMW car Model is - ‘The BMW Nazca M12’ It Cost Around - $3 Million. BMW Nazca C2 is luxurious cars, and is also referred to as the Italdesign Nazca C2. The car was a concept created in the early ’90s. Later on, this beauty was created with a frontal design of a BMW. Reaching top speeds of 185 mph, the car features a 6.0 liter V12 twin-turbocharged , but there were only three of these cars ever made.

What are the coolest things that rich people do? What are some awesome, lesser-known things that rich people do for fun?

These are some mind blowing facts about the Sultan of Brunei. Sultan of Brunei paid ,US$ 24000, ,for his hair cut,, which was most expensive haircut ever. Sultan paid ,US $243,670 to his badminton instructor The staff who cares his ,exotic birds were paid $94780 dollars. The Sultan's extravagance is legendary. While playing polo with Britain's Prince Charles, the sultan once had his polo shoes delivered by helicopter to the palace field. This is the part to get rejoice. The sultan allegedly sent emissaries to comb the globe for the ,sexiest women, they could find in order to create a harem the likes of which the world had never known. The Sultan of Brunei celebrated his 50th birthday in 1996 with a $25 million banquet for 3,000 people, including ,Michael Jackson concert, and Prince Charles in one hall of his 1,778-room palace. The biggest home for cars? It is not a coincidence that the ,The Empire Hotel, in Brunei is witness to the greatest empire of cars. A garage, the size of five aircraft hangars holds within it a collection of 7000 of the world' finest cars with a combined estimated value of $5 billion! This is not a Ferrari showroom or a manufacturing setup. You got it right. Yeah its his garage. According to the World’s Rich People website, these are the main cars in the Sultan’s garage includes: 604, ,Rolls Royces ,- Sultan has the largest collection of its kind in the world. During the 1990s, his family accounted for almost half of all Rolls-Royce purchases. 574, ,Mercedes-Benz ,(Merc-Benz created a blog for the Sultan and referred him as the Sultan of Cars) Go to the site for more info - ,The Sultan of Cars - MercedesBlog 452, ,Ferraris, - ,Six groundbreaking Ferraris were built for a prince. Only one escaped the jungle 382, ,Bentleys -, Bentley's First SUV: Built In 1994 For A Sultan 209, ,BMWs ,- Italdesign BMW Nazca M12 179, ,Jaguars, - Jaguar XJ220 designed by Pininfarina himself 160 Porsche, - Carma 134, ,Koenigseggs 21, ,Lamborghinis ,- Diablo SE30 11, ,Aston Martins ,- One-77 What more a human can do? Source : www.bornrich.com

Why do many car manufacturing companies get away with "car plagiarism'?

. Considering that most car companies hire [ ,Giorgetto Giugiaro's Ital Design ], in some capacity, all of them are going to the same source: … from [ ,Giorgetto Giugiaro History - Automobile Magazine, ]. VW Porsche Audi Bentley Bugatti SEAT Lamborghini Skoda ( ,VW et alia is the current majority owner of IDG Ital Design Giugiaro, so they don’t have to wait in line for new designs ,) BMW Mini Rover Rolls-Royce Toyota Lexus Hyundai KIA Daewoo Mazda Ford GM FIAT Chrysler Alpha Influential supercars from Maserati, Ferrari, Delorean … we see these designs and influences everywhere. SOME notables: Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint (1959) Giulia Sprint GT/GTV (1963)[6] Canguro concept car (1964) Iguana concept car (1968) Caimano concept car (1971) Alfasud (1972) Alfetta GT/GTV (1974) Sprint (1976) Brera concept car (2002) 156 facelift second series (2003) Visconti concept car (2004) 159/159 SW (2005) Brera (2005) American Motors Eagle Premier (1987)[7] ASA 1000 GT (1962) Aston Martin DB4 GT Bertone 'Jet' (1961) Audi 80 (1978) BMW 3200 CS (1961) BMW Spicup concept car (1969) [8] M1 (1977) Nazca M12 concept car (1991) Nazca C2 concept car (1992) Nazca C2 Spider concept car (1993) M1 Homage Concept (2008) Bugatti EB 118 (1998) EB 218 (1999) Buick Park Avenue Ultra (1989-1990 interior seating) Cadillac Sixty Special (1989-1993 interior seating) Daewoo Lanos (1996) Matiz (1997) (former Fiat Cinquecento Lucciola design study) Leganza (1997) Magnus (2000 and 2003) Kalos hatchback (2002) Lacetti hatchback (2004) De Tomaso Mangusta (1966) DeLorean Motor Company DMC-12 (1981) Ferrari 250 GT SWB Bertone (1960)[6] Ferrari GG50 (2005) Fiat 850 Spider (1965) Dino Coupé (1967) Panda (1980)[5] Uno (1983) Croma (1985) Punto (1993)[5] Palio/Siena (2001) Croma (2005) Grande Punto (2005) Sedici (2005) Ford Ford Mustang concept car (1966, 2006) GreenTech Automotive GreenTech MyCar (2003) GreenTech Automotive (2008) MyCar NEV FSO Polonez (1978) Gordon-Keeble GT (1960) Hyundai Pony (1974) Excel (1985) Sonata (1988) Stellar (1982) Innocenti Innocenti 186 GT Iso Rivolta Rivolta IR 300 (1961) Grifo (1963) Fidia (1967) Isuzu 117 Coupe (1968) Piazza/Impulse (1981) Italdesign Aztec concept car (1988) Quaranta concept car (2008) Lamborghini Marco Polo concept car (1982) Calà concept car (1995) Lancia Megagamma concept car (1978) Delta (1979) Prisma (1982) Thema (1984) Lexus GS (1993) Lotus Esprit (1972) Etna concept car (1984) Maserati 5000 GT (1961) Ghibli (1966) Simun (1968) Bora (1971) Boomerang (1972) Merak (1972) Tipo 124 (1974) Medici (1974) Medici II (1976) Quattroporte (1976) 3200 GT (1998) Coupé (2002) Spyder (2002) Mazda Mazda Familia (1963) Mazda Luce (1965) Porsche Tapiro concept car (1970) PROTON Holdings Emas concept car (2010) Renault 21 (1986) 19 (1988) Saab 600 (1980) 9000 (1984) SEAT Ibiza (1984) Málaga (1985) Proto T & TL concept car (1989-1990) Proto C concept car (1990) Toledo (1991) Córdoba (1993) Ibiza (1993) Toledo (1998) Simca Simca 1000 Coupé (1962) Simca 1200S (1967) Skoda 720 concept car (1972) SsangYong Korando (2010) Subaru Alcyone SVX (1991) Suzuki Cervo (1977–1982) Carry (1969) SX4 (2006) Techrules Ren (2018) Toyota Aristo (1991) Alessandro Volta concept car (2004) Volkswagen Passat (1973) Golf (1974 Scirocco (1974) Jetta (1979) W12 Coupe & Roadster concept cars (1997) Zastava Yugo Florida (1988) More? Look around. .