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Used vs New: Should you be brave to buy a used BMW 3 Series over a new Honda City?

Naturally, you’d look towards B-segment sedans in the new car market, perhaps the Honda City.

The BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe is the long overdue alternative to the Merc CLA

It is BMW’s answer to the Mercedes-Benz CLA, both being a four-door coupe that shares the same

Housing 9 different brands, Sime Darby Motors City is ASEAN's biggest auto complex

Ever imagined cross-shopping between a BMW X3, a Hyundai Santa Fe, a Volvo XC60, and a Ford Everest all

2020 Honda new models – Accord, City, and more for Malaysia!

by the government, which not only delayed products from Honda, but other manufacturers as well.Pay BMW

Locally-assembled 2020 BMW (F44) 218i Gran Coupe M Sport launched in Malaysia, from RM 211k

After making its rounds around the city, BMW Group Malaysia has launched the 2020 BMW (F44) 2 Series

The South African E23 BMW 745i was the BMW M7 most didn’t know existed

BMW 1M, M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, and M8. See what number is missing there?

Rendered: 2021 Honda City Hatchback with Spoon livery- Cute or fierce?

Upon the debut of the 2021 Honda City Hatchback, some have said it looks like the Mercedes A-Class, while

Review: 2020 (G20) BMW 320i Sport – Drives superbly, but at what cost?

It is quintessentially BMW.

BMW Shorties celebrates local film makers with Tayangan BMW Shorties event!

It has been 13 years since BMW Malaysia started their annual BMW Shorties Award to support local film

BMW Malaysia introduces CKD 2019 BMW X3 M Sport

It’s a very sporty month for BMW Malaysia as they launch yet another M Sport equipped car - the

Lihat Lebih

All-new BMW X6 M and BMW X6 M Competition unveiled

In an era when SUVs are booming and cars’ performances are continuously rising, BMW M GmbH has

You can now buy a BMW without visiting a showroom, just go to BMW Shop Online

Group Malaysia, which just launched its BMW Shop Online - a digital showroom to view and place a booking

Behold the BMW M8 Gran Coupe, BMW M is on the roll

Now the BMW 8 Series is even more powerful!

Review: Driving the world's first 2020 Honda City RS with i-MMD in Malaysia

First, the all-new fifth generation 2020 Honda City Hybrid Malaysia (GN series) is yet to be launched

2021 Honda City Hatchback and Honda City e:HEV to launch in Thailand tomorrow!

Tomorrow we will see the launch of the Honda City Hatchback and Honda City e:HEV in Thailand.

Malaysia-bound BMW i4 debuts with first all-electric BMW M performance model

the final specifications (international markets model, local specifications to be confirmed) of the BMW

BMW and MINI owners can now renew their insurance with BMW Malaysia online

BMW Group Financial Services Malaysia introduces the i-Renewal digital service for the BMW MINI Comprehensive

BMW M8 and BMW M8 Competition revealed

Another week, another new BMW M car.

BMW Malaysia drops 2021 BMW i4 teaser, 530 PS sedan launching in Q4

Well, it seems like BMW Malaysia is charging up its EV game, as they have begun teasing the 2021 BMW

In Brief: 2020 BMW X1 (F48 LCI) – A more practical, more comfortable MINI Countryman

First introduced back in 2009, the BMW X1 is the first-ever luxury crossover from the Bavarian manufacturer.It

BMW Malaysia launches AR feature for 2020 BMW X5

Last month, BMW Malaysia launched the 2020 BMW X5 plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV) in Malaysia and it costs

Ratings: 2020 (G20) BMW 320i Sport - Excellent driving performance, 181 pts overall

Moving on from the Honda Accord last week, were analysing the 2020 G20 BMW 320i Sport in the WapCar Ratings

All-electric BMW 5 Series coming soon as BMW ramps up its electrification line-up

BMW 530e PHEV shownAt BMW Group’s recent Annual General Meeting, the German carmaker announced

BMW commemorates the discontinuation of the BMW i8 with 18 custom-built units

As you know, BMW has officially discontinued the BMW i8.

All-new 2020 BMW 840i Gran Coupé M Sport launched; 340 PS/500 Nm, CBU, RM 968k

BMW 8 SeriesTogether with the launch of the all-new 2020 BMW X6 xDrive40i M Sport, BMW Malaysia also

BMW M unveils the all-new BMW X5 M and X5 M Competition

BMW M has introduced the third generation all-new 2019 BMW X5 M.

BMW Malaysia updates price list for 2021, BMW 320i cheaper by RM 1,911

BMW Malaysia has released the updated price list for 2021 with a few notable changes.

Nissan Almera bags WapCar’s 2020 Car of the Year, Honda City wins Editors’ Pick

award, having secured the most votes (13,475 votes), ahead of the Proton X50 (11,1100 votes) and Honda City

New G32 BMW 6 Series GT facelift; 48V mild hybrid, Android Auto

Along with the global debut of the G30 BMW 5 Series facelift, BMW has also unveiled the 2020 BMW 6 Series

The one problem with the G20 BMW 3 Series that BMW needs to fix

There is no doubt that about the BMW’s superior dynamics, which is far ahead of the Mercedes-Benz

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I uploaded a YouTube video -- 2005 BMW X5 Traverse City Gaylord Charlevoix MI http://youtu.be/dAqvV82X0mg?a

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Why are there different kinds of Uber? What is different about them?

I am assuming you are referring to ride types - the options available on your app when you open it to request a ride. UberPOOL: This is the cheapest option. It’s not available everywhere, but say you’re going 10 miles from the Suburbs to the city. You get in, and along the way, a couple going to dinner downtown also requests a pool ride. The driver detours, picks them up with you still in the car, and continues downtown. Their restaurant is a few blocks before your destination, so the driver stops at the restaurant, they get out, then he/she drops you off. Thing is, the cost of the ride is shared between you and the couple, so you each pay about half of what a traditional UberX ride would have cost. You can ride by yourself or with one other person. UberX: This is the most popular option, and it’s in every city. You push the request button, and a stranger is summoned from the internet to pick you up in their car and take you where you need to go. Ride all by yourself with no detours, or bring up to 3 friends along. UberSELECT: When you’re tired of riding around in smelly Nissan Versas or a beat up old Prius driven by a guy who doesn’t know a word of English, request a select. You’ll get a late model (under 5 years old) luxury brand car, e.g. Mercedes, Lincoln, BMW, Lexus, Cadillac, etc. driven by someone who’s given over 200 total rides, and maintains high ratings. Not available everywhere though. UberXL: When you and your crew are going out together, request an XL. Up to 6 people can ride, and you’ll get something like a minivan, Explorer, Highlander, Traverse, and the like. UberBLACK: This is a step above Select. Also not available everywhere. These drivers must maintain commercial registration, insurance, and have a for hire endorsement on their license. Vehicles are nearly new (under 3 years old I think) and must be black with black leather interior. UberBLACKSUV: Seriously? Just schedule a limo, it’s probably cheaper. As a matter of fact, most of these guys are actually contracted limo operators, since the regulations are the same. Same criterion as UberBLACK but these just seat 2 extra people.

Why are 'Made in China' products often associated with being poor in quality?

(Answer based on observations in Pakistan) This is interesting to me because I've noticed a generational shift in how Chinese products are viewed over time in Pakistan. It’s true that during the 90s, Chinese products were viewed as low quality . They were purchased by the poorest of the poor and not expected to last long. I remember them being cheap toys that laborers bought for their children and other trinkets. It was during the 2000s, Chinese products acquired two reputations: a) A niche market supplier for areas not covered by Western firms b) Making consumerism affordable in developing countries a) ,A niche market supplier for areas not covered by Western firms This is best demonstrated by 2 different examples to give you a feel of what this point means. During the Eid ul Azha annual festival, i was at the cattle market to purchase a goat for the annual animal sacrifice associated with the festival. While chatting with the goat herder, i noticed a gadget he had slung around his neck. It looked like a radio and i asked him what it was. He showed me the device and on observation i was surprised to see that it was a solar powered radio with an added cassette player and even a USB port on the side. There was also a cell battery casing on the back. I asked him where he got this and why. A summary of his reply was: “I get bored when i take my cattle out to the mountains for feeding. There are barely any cell phone signals there and i don’t want to waste too much cell credit chatting for hours anyway. So i got this device from the local bazaar that sells Chinese products. I can keep it charged using the sun only and have a few cheap cells to keep it going if need be. I can listen to the radio, some songs on cassette. This helps pass the time in the remote areas where i have to feed my goats as the radio and cassettes keep me entertained while the solar charger keeps the device running.” But why this particular device? Why not some other? “It’s made in China and cheap enough for me to afford it. But also because i couldn’t find any other device that met my needs like this one”. He had bought the device from one of the bazaars that specialize in selling Chinese electronics. The second example is based off of my travel on the Daewoo bus routes that traverse our cities. Travelling by bus between Pakistani cities can stretch on for hours. The in bus entertainment is shoddy at best, playing old films on repeat with bad headsets. The only real way to kill the time is to bring your own entertainment in the form of movies/TV shows on cellphones etc. This requires the compromise of turning down your brightness, power saving mode and so on to save your battery and make sure you can stay entertained the whole trip. Well, once i was travelling next to a Punjabi gentleman in the last row of the bus which is usually empty and allows us to sprawl out across the seats. While i struggled to watch my movie on dim settings, he had his screen set to 100% brightness the entire time and seemed to be having an ok time managing his battery. I asked him if he kept a spare battery in his wallet. He said no, i have this power bank. He had also bought his from a bazaar which also sold Chinese electronics. The power bank was cheap, did it’s job of keeping his phone charged on long routes as he traveled between his small town and his city job. I suspect the power bank manufacturers may be a western firm who had outsourced production to China or a western company that had failed to find a market in their home country and sold the business to China. The Power bank he used was something like this but off white only: 2018 Zzyd Portable Ultra Thin Slim Powerbank 4000mah Charger Power Bank For S8 Mobile Phone Tablet Pc External Battery From Smartmaster, $3.72 | Dhgate.Com The Chinese, understanding that customer behaviors in Central and south Asia are vastly different from customer behaviors in Europe and North America, decide to export the power banks to our country where they are an instant hit with the local populace. Consider this: How many times have we read articles in Western tech magazines gushing over the battery life of a certain device? But when you gauge the interests of say a lower-middle income, working professional in Pakistan, you find that he has a a completely different attitude towards the product. For e.g. he has no issues pairing his device with a separate power bank which might not be the case for someone in Europe who could consider it a hassle. A customer here might focus more on the camera or the processor than the cloud or internet features which the infrastructure here can’t support and so on. What this all means is that there’s a market for a product here that hasn’t been detected by manufacturers and brands in the west but is being serviced by the Chinese and this is noticed by customers here. How many boardrooms in Europe are talking about the best way to entertain goat herders in remote mountains? In this generational phase, Chinese products simply had a reputation for fulfilling localized needs in the developing world that Western firms weren’t fulfilling. This isn’t to slight say Apple or Google for not knowing what the local needs of a working professional in the middle income bracket of Pakistan. Or the needs of the guy who needs some entertainment while herding his cattle in the mountains. Apple for example wants to target the premium wealthy Japanese, European, North American customer with deep pockets and lots of disposable income to spend on pricey phones and brands. The customer here just wan’ts functionality that is suited for their local environment which has bad internet, more wired than wireless networks, load shedding and regions without cellular coverage. China, perhaps due to their geographical proximity to us or their more broad spectrum of firms willing to explore these local markets in their backyard, simply filled the needs of the customers here when no one else was. So Chinese products acquired the reputation of being friendly to the developing world and it’s unique conditions during the 2000s. b,) Making consumerism affordable in developing countries The second reputation Chinese products acquired was the “affordable copy”. A good excerpt that conveys what this means is given in the passage below from an analysis of Chinese products in Rawalpindi’s “China Market”: It is quite late in the night but Rawalpindi’s China Market is still swarming with customers. An array of shops in narrow alleys selling imported Chinese goods next to the bustling Raja Bazaar, the market is stuffed with all kinds of merchandise, leaving little space for the tired customers to move around. “Be careful; you may break the vase. It is expensive,” a salesman in a crockery shop warns a little girl trying to feel the smooth surface of a vessel on display. At another shop, a woman is haggling over the price of what looks like a Versace handbag. She knows it is a copy – a good one though – and wants the shopkeeper to give her a hefty discount on it. “You are demanding a lot of money for a copy,” she politely reproaches the man at the counter who reminds her that it is a “first” copy and not just an “ordinary” bag. But then he agrees to give her a handsome discount. Able to buy the copies of branded luxury goods, which look as good as originals, and at prices that are within the shopping budgets of most middle-class households across Pakistan, customers in the country have much to thank traders in China Market for. “The best thing about these goods is that our middle-class people can now afford to live in style,” says Noshad Sheikh who runs a shop at China Market. “[Shopkeepers selling these goods have] brought international brands within the reach of local customers who, otherwise, would see those brands only in movies and on television shows,” he says. “Of course, I am talking about copies and not the original products,” he adds with a smile. Shopkeepers in the market are not bothered by the fact that they are dealing in counterfeit products. On the contrary, they take pride in what they are doing. “We are helping middle-class consumers access new trends and fashions in the world,” says Mohammad Ishaq, another trader at China Market. Mother China: A 'Chinese revolution' sweeps across Pakistan Basically it conveys the following picture: The purchasing power for branded items has always existed in Pakistan among the middle class who have become a major market for goods and services in the past 2 decades. But foreign brands have always been priced beyond their ability to purchase them due to the devaluated currency (to facilitate exports), the tariffs and duties on our ports and the country’s middle income status which allows only limited spending money for branded items from the west. So the lower and middle classes use their disposable income to buy the Chinese versions of those branded items instead. Note that the customers didn’t care whether the bags or clothes they were purchasing were branded or not. A lot of firms assume that there is enough of a stigma around “copies” to prevent people from staying loyal to the original branded item, but the quote shows otherwise. People are content to buy the copy that is good enough and is affordable. Because they will buy SOMETHING at the end of the day, that’s the essence of consumerism. And Pakistan is very much a consumer economy, there is no savings culture here like in Japan. Buying goods as status symbols, to give as gifts, to throw lavish weddings and so on is a common cultural phenomena here (the only restraining factors being children’s educations or saving for weddings etc). This is why a lot of economic analysts in the country during the 2000s said that Pakistan’s retail and consumption based sectors had blossomed because the Chinese had made consumerism affordable for middle income, developing countries like Pakistan and the consumers who existed in them. So our second observation of the time of Chinese goods is: The affordable brand item. If you had money and wanted to buy branded items or any goods just to get a taste of the 21st century, consumer experience you didn’t have to go window shopping in a posh, elite market where the guard probably wouldn’t let you in because you didn’t look rich. You could now go to the many China markets across the country and just get a solid copy of the item and get that same consumer high. The 2010s: ,Why are we still buying iPhones? The rising technological quality of China’s exports At some point consumers in the developing world have to think: how much is a brand worth to be honest? Do we really care anymore about brands or do we want functionality? Chinese quality cellphones have gradually risen in quality to the point that it’s making more sense for consumers to switch to them rather than buy pricey branded phones. Let me give an example. I bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in 2015 for around Rs. 68,000. This year, i bought a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (a Chinese cellphone) for my mother for Rs 17, 000. Look at the spec comparisons of both phones: Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4 - Phone specs comparison Compare Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X - Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X Comparison by Price, Specifications, Reviews & Features | Gadgets Now The Samsung Note 4 still has a few advantages and obviously, when bought in 2015 it’s price would be greater as it was closer to it’s release date. But good lord, look how much the tech gap has closed and how vastly different the prices are. And I've used the Xiaomi Redmi myself for a long time and i’m surprised at how good the functionality is. At a fraction of the cost, you can have a Chinese cell that is fairly close to the tech of a major, branded cell phone. And this brings us to our observation of this decade: China’s tech investments and R&D spending is REALLY coming into play now. The companies in the PRC are beginning to replace other major brands from market sectors where they had unchallenged dominance for the past few decades. And they’re combining this massive increase in tech capability with lower prices than their competitors because the Chinese themselves are off sourcing labor abroad as their own labor costs grow and they have a massive industrial base set up which permits economies of scale to depress the prices of their products. Other than that, the Chinese have taken advantage of their better diplomatic PR and their massive foreign investments to get FTA deals which let their products in the gate in several developing world economies without the tariffs or duties other products get. So the last observation is basically: Chinese products are moving up the value chain while keeping their costs low. And this is displacing foreign brands in areas ranging from air conditioners, TVs, Fridges, motorcycles and cellphones. They aren’t hit with the “low quality” label much anymore and there is serious consumer interest in getting products that are fairly high up the tech chain but at a fraction of the cost of branded items from companies like Apple and Samsung. A Xiaomi Note 4: Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 32GB Price & Specification in Pakistan - Mi Pakistan A Case study: The Air conditioner Market of Pakistan. To illustrate the points i discussed in this answer, here’s a case study about Chinese businesses competing in the Air conditioner market of Pakistan: Pakistan’s air-conditioner (AC) industry has witnessed interesting developments. With penetration standing at a meagre 10% (source: The Pakistan Credit Rating Agency, 2016), significantly lower than the 90% mark of developed countries, combined with an expanding middle class with larger disposable incomes, the demand has been on the rise. This has prompted several Chinese manufacturers to enter the market in the last three years, bringing with them innovative technologies and extensive marketing campaigns. The production volume of the market in Pakistan is estimated at 600,000-650,000 units per annum. In terms of share, Chinese brands Haier (at 23%) and Gree (at 22%) enjoy the lion’s share, with local manufacturers such as Orient (at 16%), PEL (at 6%) and Dawlance (at 4%) struggling to keep up. As Gallup Pakistan statistics indicate, the industry scenario was very different before China’s entry. Window ACs dominated the market and PEL controlled 75% of the market (along with GE), mainly because it was one of the first local brands to launch window ACs and therefore enjoyed the first-mover advantage. Split ACs were almost non-existent due to the lack of trained technicians to service them, the non-availability of replacement parts and the considerably higher price tags (approximately 80% higher, according to the Federal Bureau of Statistics, 2012). However, things began to change when more affordable split AC brands (local and international) began to enter the market and slowly encroached on PEL’s substantial customer base. Up to this point, because of exorbitantly high power tariffs and electricity guzzling outdated technology, ACs were considered luxury appliances. With increasing imports from China of affordable split ACs, consumers suddenly had plenty of cost-effective brand choices. Retailers in Sindh and Punjab (the two provinces that constitute more than 85% of the market) attribute PEL’s decline to higher prices and delays in bringing energy-efficient technologies to market. However, according to Muhammad Shahid, Category Manager, PEL, “our focus has always been on providing quality products that are durable, and we believe that jumping on to the latest technologies without proper R&D is irresponsible and unsustainable as a business strategy.” Shahid believes that in the end, brands offering quality rather than cost-effectiveness will survive. Zeeshan Ali Khan, Media Manager, Orient has a contrasting viewpoint. In his opinion, the negative perceptions about Chinese products have changed over the years and “the average buyer is looking to save electricity and the brand that delivers this benefit will be the quickest to disappear off the shelf.” This observation was validated by an informal audit of the electronics market in Lahore. Within the last three years, Chinese brands have flooded the market, and according to retail sales estimates, account for almost 80 to 90% of the total annual sales. According to Iqbal Riaz, owner of an electronic appliance outlet in Gulberg (Lahore), “the two most frequently asked questions are how quickly it cools and by how much will the electricity bill increase.” This suggests that the value-added features, such as air filtering, cellular or Bluetooth connectivity and smart compressors, are secondary variables. In Riaz’s opinion, the reason why Chinese brands have gained such a strong foothold is because they introduced ACs that functioned on inverters, thereby promising energy savings of up to 60%. Chinese brands that have created the most buzz on media, and subsequently in the market, have primarily been Gree and Haier. Shoaib Younus, Senior Marketing Services Manager, Gree, attributes the brand’s success to superior technology, but more importantly, to the extensive advertising campaigns executed throughout the year. A review of Gree’s campaigns thus far reveals that the brand opted for functional advertising to increase awareness of how inverter ACs are different and what benefits can they deliver. With taglines ranging from ‘,Khoob chalain,, ,khoob bachain,’,‘,Khoob thanda karey,’ and ‘,Aaj, kal parson, chaley barson’,, the brand has focussed on conveying the fact that not only do Gree ACs cool a room quickly (and are therefore cost-effective in the long-run), they are also very durable. Humayoun Bashir, Marketing Manager, Haier, concurs with Younus’ assessment. “We invested heavily in advertising to make the market aware about inverter technology. Initially people were apprehensive, and it took a while to gain their trust that this was not a marketing gimmick.” Muhammad Kashif Amin, Executive Director, Blitz Advertising (Haier’s creative agency), said that glossy campaigns would not have helped. “Instead our focus was explaining the specifications of our inverter ACs through our TVCs and print ads.” This is evident from the visuals of Adnan Siddiqui (their brand ambassador) operating different controls and explaining the utility of each in the TVC; added to this were the print campaigns which highlighted the cost savings Haier offer. ‘Chill out and look ahead to 100% saving’ and ‘Kill Bill offer’ are some of the taglines Haier has used this year. Local players PEL and Dawlance have also launched their inverter ACs and most of their advertising has been reactive. PEL came up with ‘Saving ,waala, AC’ campaign and Dawlance came with ‘It’s almost free’. Judging from the sales trends reported by retailers, these campaigns failed to leave their mark on consumers. How China is keeping Pakistanis cool Note the following takeaways in this study which strengthen the central thesis presented in this answer: The entrance of Chinese products in a developing world market with an emerging middle class turned what was once a luxury product (the AC) into a more accessible product for the middle classes. The Chinese managed to beat out competitors who had dominated the market before them. Their market strategy involved focusing on cheaper Split Air conditioners that were more affordable. They focused the tech on the inverter technology for more cost savings, correctly identifying that the customer here was a working class salaried professional whose main worry was about monthly electricity bills. The customer did not care much about air filtering, smart ACs, blue tooth connectivity etc which a Western audience may have been more concerned about as they already have cheaper electricity than us. Their marketing strategy correctly advertised electricity savings as the primary focus. Interestingly, other brands actually tried copying the Chinese rather than the other way around. We have the confirmation of Chinese products being able to compete technologically with already established brands. And how they allow a burgeoning middle class to access products that were once considered luxurious and beyond their means through technological innovation, lower prices and costs of operation and understanding the customers of our developing world regions better than western firms (who are after a different audience). Haier Air conditioners in Pakistan: Haier DC Inverter | DC Inverter | Air conditioner | Haier Pakistan Conclusion and thoughts on the future If i were to speculate on the future, I think in a few years the Chinese will being moving into markets dominated by high-tech manufacturers like Germany and Japan. The US and UK are currently undergoing some political turbulence which has hit their trade abroad and they might be set to lose market share in a variety of sectors to the Chinese who are offering high tech products at lower prices to replace them. My observations are based on a period ranging from the late 90s till present. It would be interesting to see what the future would hold. But if the current technical progress of the Chinese continues moving upwards, it might mean that they begin to push into the “luxury” and “premium” category of products that previously brands like Prada, BMW, Apple etc had maintained their dominance over for a while. Of course, you should recall that i said at the beginning of the answer that this was a fairly regional perspective. There is a network of FTAs and Chinese investments which makes the region fairly conducive to their products. There’s also the very specific economic conditions we have here with an emerging middle class. The key phrase here being “emergent”: New families having increasingly disposable incomes and steadily growing in terms of wealth. They are starkly different customers from what you have in say France or Canada in both wealth, mentality and needs. China’s proximity to South East Asia, Central Asia, South Asia etc also lends them a greater level of insight into markets here that others might miss. But overall, the central thesis presented in this answer holds. As China’s entire economy moves up the value chain, it’s reflected in their exports as well. The Chinese are making major inroads into markets across the globe based on the factors presented here and this has largely moved their image away from a “poor quality goods exporter” to “affordable good quality products” that are replacing foreign brands at an increasing pace. And in the future, their goods might hold the same brand and quality value we mentally associate with Japan and Germany if their progress up the tech-quality ladder continues unabated. Questions i’d like to ponder about their future are: How will they maintain their lower prices compared to competitors in high tech sectors like cell phones, laptops etc? Will OBOR be tied to FTAs to keep Chinese products free of tarriffs and duties and thus better able to penetrate Asian markets compared to other brands? Will the Chinese offshore to cheaper labor markets in the future? Will they maintain a large economy of scale at home instead to ensure cost effectiveness? While the case study presented in this answer shows a pretty adept Chinese advertisement and marketing campaign, can they replicate this marketing and branding success in more high tier sectors like fashion and luxury products? Regarding this point, there is a Chinese fashion brand that opened in Pakistan called MiniSo. They opened as one store but have quickly expanded to 9 stores. The brand was started by a Chinese entrepreneur Ye Guofu and Japanese designer Junya Miyake and features accessories, bags, clothing etc that is aesthetically very close to similar Japanese products. This raised the issue of Chinese businesses operating under the guise of Japanese firms to raise their brand value. Basically Chinese brands would operate under the cover of “Japanese” and “German” branding while handling business operations themselves. I’m obviously no marketing expert so it would be interesting to see how this works. The Air conditioner case study showed that Chinese brands can operate and win market shares under their own China brands. But perhaps the market dynamics are different in fashion, luxury and premium products hence necessitating the current cover of other countries with brand value. Perhaps later down the line about 5–10 years from now this practice will be discarded as China’s own brand as a country continues to gain momentum with their political stability and economic growth. While Pakistan is a market under the influence of OBOR and the Pak-China FTA, can such marketing success be replicated in other countries without such beneficial conditions? Will we reach a point where China’s moves to higher tech but begin pricing themselves out of export markets as their currency becomes stronger relative to other countries and their domestic labor costs and economies of scale do not remain favorable? Will India replace China then? Or some other country? These are all important points to consider. But they are for another time. For now, the answer lays out the case that the POV of Chinese products being low quality, easily broke down, unreliable is fast becoming a thing of the past and new perceptions are being attached to Chinese products, some of which have been expounded on in this answer. China’s MiniSo store in Pakistan: Source: ,https://trending.pk/2018/01/famous-chinese-fashion-brand-aggressively-expanding-pakistan/

Should conscription be mandatory for every country?

A period of national service that includes service to the state in a designated role, whether it’s military or non-military, and of a period of at least 2 years, can go a long way towards developing bonds between citizens from disparate groups, give them exposure to the rest of the country and instruct them on the meaning of what it is to be a citizen, what their country is all about and even what their country is like. National service does not need to be service with military units only but two years of service in whatever work the government needs labor for, for which the youth are qualified and which are deemed suitable for public service. For e.g. I met a South Korean gentleman once who had served in this country’s Airforce as a logistics personnel (he loaded weaponry such as bombs and missiles on to the fighter aircraft’s hard points). This is an example of a role a young person can do if he is assigned to the military or chooses the military. Other roles include public service roles such as working in public sanitation, teaching in rural schools, assisting public health officials in remote locations or working in government offices to help reduce the burden on government employees. Even helping build roads should not be off the table. Governments should base decisions on who to post where based on any number of scientific factors but should prioritize their own needs as a state, depute citizens far from their homes to put them out of their comfort zones while applying reasonable constraints such as safety and capability. Some of the benefits from my own experience as a government servant are as follows: More independence South Asia has a very family centric culture and while it has the benefits of giving a sense of belonging and a social safety net to citizens, it also means that many South Asians are devoid of the independent life style that several people practise in say America. What’s worse is that our cultural skew towards favoring sons over daughters means that our young male citizens either fail to develop or develop basic life skills such as cooking, cleaning, chore related house work fairly late as the patriarchal structure of our society tends to assign such duties to young female citizens instead, who must handle household tasks while handling studies at the same time. To put it bluntly, too many young men are pampered by their parents as “princes” and accustomed to a lower workload, which means they are in for a shock when e.g. they move abroad and have to do their own laundry and cook their own food while working and studying at the same time. This is even more true if they come from an upper-middle class family and are accustomed to an army of servants bringing them their tea at a moments notice and washing clothes for them. Improved Gender relations Even if it’s segregated, National service puts men and women through a fairly equal period of trial and tribulation after which they view each other less through the lens of gender and more as fellow citizens who served. In the absence of national service, relations between both genders are dependent on whatever societal construct currently exists. If women are viewed as home makers, responsible for focusing on house chores, child rearing and so forth, then that’s what society will expect from them. If men are expected to be the bread winners and the patriarchal head who decides what happens in the family, then that will be the role model all young men are expected to follow. Deviations from such gender roles, obviously result in social censure. Public service creates more space for both genders to bend regressive social practices by some amount at least and put both genders on a more equal footing when it comes to dialogue between the two on establishing roles for each other. To make this work best, Genders must be interspersed within the full variety of national service rather than segregated by occupation. That is women should be represented in all public service branches rather than relegated to “female occupations” like teaching or nursing. I developed a much more respectful attitude towards the female citizens of my country during service. It was quite something to see them juggling important roles in service towards the state while raising families at home. It was also quite something to see their competency in traditionally male dominated fields and to have female superiors with a clear, firm grasp on every situation and a level of expertise I wouldnt match in 10 years. Outside of service, they would have been oppressed by the same societal factors that extend from home life to the private sector and involve harassment, being ignored and being superseded. But in the service, we have our own meritocratic and bureaucratic bubble that creates a space where women can excel. Outside of public service, they would have had to conform with the “household girl” stereotype with the scarf on head, dutifully preparing tea and food and so on. Government employment gives women “teeth” in the sense that it gives them real power to wield. Try eve teasing a plain clothes female police officer. I came away from that experience with a firm belief in the technical and management capabilities of the female citizens in our country and my beliefs as a feminist have been largely shaped by observing their commitment to the state as equal public servants. Source in Photo. Source: ,Women commandos, trigger-ready to combat terror Learning to handle adversity This kind of ties into point # 1 but it’s a fairly important life lesson as more and more of our urban youth live lives that are accustomed to city comforts and rarely if ever leave their urban bubbles. Our current educational model, where the children of upper-middle class families are taught in private schools before departing for abroad or taking up jobs in the private sector or posh government offices in large cities, means that the cream of our society feels entitled to a certain lifestyle and won’t tolerate changes to that lifestyle. If they end up in leadership positions, they will ensure that lifestyle continues on your taxpayer dime. It also means that too many of our youth don’t go through the character building that’s necessary to mark the transition from teenage years to adulthood. The point of Public service is to put young citizens in a position that challenges them, away from the care of their parents or servants, away from the comforts of their childhood and puts them on unfamiliar ground with unfamiliar roles. We have to understand that most public and private schools only emphasis an education that’s designed to give you the skills to get into college and then perform there. And there isn’t anything inherently wrong with that. But a period of public service only adds to that educational rounding off by adding work experience in somewhat difficult conditions with other strangers, as part of a team in service of the state, which I think is a valuable experience to have before departing for college. While this section is somewhat skewed towards children who have stable home environments with decent income levels, young citizens already facing adversity due to their poor backgrounds would also gain quite a lot of benefits from a period of public service. If it comes with a stipend, it’s basically 2 years of confirmed employment. It’s a chance to build contacts, save money, educate yourself further and get work experience. It’s a tool for at least some small amount of socio-economic elevation. 2 years spent in paid public service are better than whatever child labor job or lack of opportunity they would have otherwise been faced with. A better understanding of their country I cannot stress how important it is to leave the urban bubble of major cities and traverse the country side, rural areas, frontier regions and interiors of your country. You will gain a better appreciation of the entire spectrum of political and social views your countrymen hold in different regions and a more direct, empirical view of your country than what you can get from the media and internet. In our current political climate where accusations are rife with “out of touch political elite being put in their place by the ignored masses”, it’s important to cover your bases. We need to raise generations that don’t spend their entire lives within the cocoons of their very specific regional environments and completely miss out on the bigger picture of their country or make assumptions about regions that turn out untrue and so on. Personally speaking, i gained an incredible amount of knowledge about how small towns and villages work during my service. Their unique economics, political systems, social dynamics and so forth. I was actually able to predict the 2013 election result fairly well because of this since i had an understanding of which parties were all media hype and which ones had actual grass roots level political structure that translated into votes. Other areas where i gained a lot of knowledge were underdevelopment in the country side, rural to urban migration and it’s impacts, extremism outside the cities and so on. You need this knowledge about your own state to make informed political decisions and public service can deliver it. A sense of camaraderie and kinship with other citizens, a more egalitarian society There is no better way to break down class, caste and other layers of social stratification than to be cast off into uncertain waters with fellow citizens of a different background from you. When i entered government service, i had one of the most diverse bunch of folk in my social circle. Sons of wealthy, important army men, people who’s dads were humble clerks in private banks, business class folk waiting to inherit their family business and poor kids who’d signed up with the government because their families couldn’t afford to educate them further. When we would sit for tea after work, all of our backgrounds and pasts were stripped away. It was just us, as people, together in that present moment. For one, singular moment, it wouldn’t matter whose dad was a general and whose dad a pauper. We were on the level plane of the round table, with no rank other than the one we had earned. This permits a level of discourse and mutual understanding between us that would never have been possible in the outside world. If we had met for coffee outside of work, one of us would have showed up in a BMW and the other would have walked and stuck with water because he couldn’t afford the 500 rupee coffee. If we had never met during out service, we would have always stood apart as citizens; separated by the tinted windows of expensive cars, gated colonies and the tyranny of social interaction governed by over priced hang outs. We had only our shared moments during service to see each other at our truest self. No crowns, silver spoons or inheritances. No rags, empty wallets and piling debts. Only our vulnerable selves as people for each other to see and to accept. And accept we must, because when you are cast off into the wilderness and solitude, you understand the kind of people you truly need in your life. And that leads you to understand what kind of people your nation needs in it’s life. An understanding of what it means to serve, whats best for your country and what your duty is as a citizen Nothing gives you a better understanding of what your country needs than to be part of the state institutions that make the state function. When you have to teach in a class room without a roof and no proper bathrooms, mother’s giving birth on hospital floors due to lack of beds, public employees taking 3 hour lunches, corruption rife from the lowest to the top layer of office and you see the dynamics of state dysfunction at play, you get a far better understanding of what exactly is wrong with the government and how it can be fixed. Public service is a good introduction to the realities of government. Where it performs and where it doesn't and what the typical functions and inner workings of a typical state institution are. This will make you better informed voters and more politically informed, politically conscious citizens. I really should underline the politically informed and politically conscious part and add Politically ACTIVE as well. We have a plethora of youth who never register to vote, are cynical and apathetic towards the state, think of politics as boring or beneath them or that the system is too corrupt or rigged for them to make a difference. I’m not going to dispute the perception of dysfunction towards the state, but if you remain un-engaged with the system, you’re just leaving the playing field wide open for others to engage with it and for others to impose their viewpoint on you. Public service makes you a part of the system, gives you stake in it and makes you want to care about it. Confidence about your identity and your political opinions Public service gives you the clear eyed, hard headed fire of conviction that few other forms of service will give you. You have become part of the system and have seen it from the inside out. I am sometimes truly bemused at the ways some civilians react to say, military service men. On the one hand, you have the keyboard warriors itching to defend the honor of their country at the slightest trigger, exhorting genocide online and baying about the glories of war and conflict. The “AC Brigade” if there ever was one. On the other hand, you have the nihilistic, impractical, edge factor youth with barely any productive contribution to society to speak of. They have that never ending air of superiority and self proclaimed intellectual ability and are completely devoid of any common sense on some of the critical issues facing the country and would plunge it into chaos if only a fraction of their ideas turned into national policy. Public service gives you enough confidence to form your own convictions and not be swept up with popular opinions and mass hysteria. When you’ve spent night after night swatting mosquitoes from your face in a location with no electricity, sweat running over your body and teeth gritted from irritation during the course of your service, it can give you enough of a back bone to not take crap from anyone who makes no sense to you or tries to bully you into changing your views for their own sake. Whether it’s macho lads raging for war or toffee accented dreamers with no grip on bad realities. Public service for me, personally, made me feel that I had done my part and had a stake in the system. I had a right to speak and be heard now. And more importantly, it removed a lot of my insecurities. So many of the loudest warhawks are people with deep insecurities about their self worth and value to the nation and attempt to make up for it with extremely militant views to prove their toughness and mettle. Others stay silent out of fear that their lack of service will be called out or they don’t have enough worth as a citizen to make their voice heard. Serving the state is like rubbing one out: You no longer have the itch to prove yourself out of insecurity nor are you afraid that you wont be able to get it up. You can finally have a more clear eyed look at your state and country and give a more relaxed opinion about the national situation. We can talk about the specifics of how to implement such a program, but I would definitely say that a period of paid public service for 2 years should be mandatory for young, coming of age citizens who have finished school. It does not have to be military only but in any field that the government chooses. Care needs to be taken that the safety of participants is ensured but at the same time, strict regulation is needed so that the children of rich, politically well connected citizens don’t end up in “champagne units” in the major cities while the kids from less well off backgrounds end up in the harsher rural areas.

What seating position is better for long trips, the one in an SUV or a sedan?

Depends. I have a Range Rover, it has power, comfort, is smooth and quiet, it has leg room, adjustable seating position, high point of view, a great stereo, adjustable lumbar. I can drive for hours in comfort. I have driven a rented Chevy Traverse SUV, it was terrible, bad seats, cramped, no power, noisy. Each day I got out in pain. I have a friend who has a Honda CRX SUV. It is tiny, fuel efficient and nice around town, but when he takes a long road trip, he rents a full size sedan like a Lincoln Continental or a Taurus. Or a Ford Expedition for ski trips. He can fit his friends and gear inside, four wheel drive is great for snow. Sedans vary also - the big Ford Crown Victorias are comfortable and roomy - police departments use them constantly for patrol. They are no longer available, but big sedans like Buicks and Lincolns are. A Subaru Impreza sedan may not be so comfortable. Cramped quarters, buzzy engine, hard suspension. This also depends on you - I have long legs - I am 6′4″ tall. I need to stretch out. I also am spoiled - I do not put up with bad vehicles, I like road trips, I have made hundreds of cross country trips in a variety of vehicles. I prefer big ones. My favorites were a Jaguar XJ6, a BMW 5 series, a Ford Excursion diesel, Range Rovers. When I was young, I had a Volvo 1800es which was tiny, but great. It had legroom, but the rear seat was a joke. We used to drive muscle cars (Challengers - like the Vanishing Point movie, Mustangs, Chargers, Torinos, Chevelle SS396, GTOs) between Colorado and California in the 70’s - the idea was to leave the Western border of Colorado at sunset, you then had to cross into California by sunrise, same the reverse direction. In the summer, you had shorter nights, so you could drive faster. In winter, you had longer nights, but ice and weather lowered your average speed. The criteria for those trips was pure power. and a lead foot - and luck. See the idea; sedans AND SUV’s work fine. Even Sports cars. The secret is comfort and room for legs, companions and whatever you are bringing with you. I do not know what your personal requirements are - maybe you are a small young person, in that case, maybe a Kia Soul would work. My son has one of those and he, his girlfriend and their Corgi are very happy in that. Where are you going? How far? What season? What are you bringing? how many travel companions? Are you going only on highways between cities? If some off road or camping will be part of your trip, obviously an SUV will be your best bet. Really, either an SUV or a sedan will work, as long as you pick a good one.

What is something that almost nobody knows about the Toyota Tacoma?

I’ll base my answer on my current ’02 Tacoma 4WD with a 2.7 litre four and 5 speed transmission. I’ll make comparisons to a ’95 4Runner 4 cylinder 5 speed and to a ’04 Porsche Cayenne S. The 4 cylinder Tacoma is an excellent offroad vehicle and is rather awesome in snow if you use 4th gear, Low Range, and engine revs of about 4000. On multiple occasions I have planed over expanses of drifted snow to oases on the far side where I could safely stop. I learned this when on one occasion I found myself desperate for a bathroom but facing a 600 foot, uphill, heavily drifted driveway blocking my destination. I put it in 4 LO, 4th gear, and floored it. Turned out 4000 rpm was fine. The thing just floated over the snow without that much effort and stopped in a bare spot by the house. I have tried this on other occasions while ice fishing. Yep, it will plane over firm, drifted snow. Tire tread and condition no doubt affect performance in deep snow. Don’t blame me if you get stuck, and for goodness sakes stay off the ice this year. It’s no good in Eastern Ontario. The light Tacoma regular cab is a most capable tow vehicle around a yard and offroad, but it’s pretty limited on the highway. Its tow rating of 3500 pounds is a bit high, I’d say, while the 4Runner could handle that weight easily. In stock trim the Taco is too tall and short for its weight to serve well towing much more than a ton on a utility trailer. The tandem trailer for my Ranger has a 6 X 12′ bed. It beats the Tacoma up on a rough road. My Porsche Cayenne handles this trailer with no difficulty at all, and can handle a 750 lb hitch weight. It’s all in the geometry of the hitch ball in relation to the rear axle. The Porsche carries its hitch very close to the rear suspension. The Tacoma has it hanging way out at the back (accounting for the 350 lb hitch weight). This geometry and its low range make the Tacoma a great vehicle to use to back a trailer into a tight opening. Conversely, the Cayenne is the worst tow vehicle I have ever encountered to back up. It is also the best on the highway, so go figure. Offroad, the Cayenne is basically a joke in comparison to the Tacoma. It has low range and lockers, but the 5400 pound V8 is just too stiff to be any good over rough ground. It pulls very well, though. My son uses another ’04 Cayenne S to haul a 20X8.5′ enclosed trailer with his BMW race car and all his tools in it. But before that he used an aluminum car hauler with electric brakes and my Tacoma to haul the BMW the four hours on the 401 (Canada’s busiest highway) to the track. He ran the 4 cylinder engine at high revs in 4th gear to keep up with the traffic. No problem over two seasons. No oil consumption, no damage. I did the same thing to haul a one-ton tractor home from King City on a flat bed without electronic brakes, though, and wouldn’t do it again. Not enough braking power for the load. So what is the advantage of the Tacoma over the Cayenne and the earlier ’95 4Runner? On the Toyota page they called the 4Runner “the Lead Sled” in reference to its 3800 pounds. It was pretty good at bashing through brush and snowbanks, but it was better on snowy highways in 4WD. I ran it for 370,000 km in that role. The Tacoma’s stock suspension is loose enough to take advantage of any available traction when traversing uneven terrain. And low range is right there on its own gear shift and gets used regularly to boost power. I grew up on Jeeps, but I have never driven a better offroad truck than the Tacoma.

What is a terrifying experience you've had while driving?

I’ve been a few prangs, one was actually caught on film and is part of the “Boneyard Run” movie- a film I was shooting a few years ago- that one was a high speed brake failure into a tree in the outback. Both the driver and I were very lucky, I managed to stagger into a remote hospital, the driver was airlifted to a base hospital. But that was so fast, there was only a brief moment of impending doom. Nothing compared to the story I’m about to tell you now. It was a rainy, dark, and stormy night, My 2 young sons and I were heading back down the range after catching a flick at the Drive In. The road is very steep twisty and winds through 22 km of road cut into a mountain with cliff face on one side and huge cliffs back into the city. Even on a dry day it’s foolish to push 60km/hr so even though the road was completely empty I was happy enough to sit at a sedate 40. The car I was driving was a small but respected front wheel drive Japanese brand, had all the whistles and bells- ABS, Stability control, it was 2 years old, the tyres were brand new and not cheap rubbish. As I came around a corner the car lost traction and started spinning around in circles. Complete loss of control. There was nothing I could do. Nothing. I tried turning into the spin, out of the spin, I tried applying power, feathering the brakes, stomping on the brakes, tried the handbrake, tried gearing down, gearing up, the steering wheel was pointless. Nothing worked. I was just slowly spinning around in circles right next to a cliff that would mean certain death, I kept spinning and spinning, around and around, down this treacherous road, around the curves. Eventually the road flattened out a bit and the car stopped on the wrong side of the road. Another car travelling up the range was going slow enough to avoid a crash, the guy driving got out and helped me get my wits back enough to get the car parked on the side so I could get a breather. After half an hour or so, I was still shaken but none the less got back in and started the car again, I had travelled no more than 20 meters when the car did it again. The car was going no more than jogging pace, spinning in circles on a wet slippery road, the car moving toward the cliff face one moment and toward the cliff edge the next, with luck it would crash into the face of the cliff and get stuck, but it might just hit the face and bounce back off and over the cliff for all I knew. My boys were strapped in their kiddy seats all I could do was sit back and “enjoy” the ride. While technically neither incident could be classified as an accident, they were none the less more terrifying than the first incident I mentioned by order of magnitude. Being in a vehicle completely out of control, slowly traversing between death and mere destruction for minutes at a time gives you a lot of room to think. How can I get my boys out of the car? is it even feasible? how could I live with myself if I only saved one- or survived and they didn't? Luckily we hit another level part and the car stopped. I sat there for a long long time, and listened to my boys little snoring sounds. We had made it to the end of the range, a fair portion of it going in circles. Nowadays, I have a beautiful rear wheel drive BMW, it drives in the wet as if is is a train on rails but I point blank refuse travelling the Kuranda range in the wet.

Why are Presidential rallies becoming so violent in America?

Because the radicalized, left-wing fascists keep showing up to conservative rallies and blocking traffic, pelting people with jars of piss, setting cars on fire, throwing trash cans through windows, and beating people with padlocks. Meanwhile, the mainstream media refuses to condemn left-wing violence, and the police set up barricades and allow disgruntled, anti-free speech Democrats to tear up city blocks with impunity. Democrats in Congress are encouraging confrontations against peaceful conservatives, while their staffers engage in harassment and doxing of conservatives. Try wearing a MAGA hat in public some time and see how far you get. 019.06.04, – UK: Protestors chanting ‘Nazi scum’ throw milkshake on Trump fan moments after Corbyn’s anti-hate speech 2019.06.04, – UK: An elderly supporter of the US president is pushed to the ground during anti-Trump protests in London. 2019.05.03, – AZ: Conservative Jewish Student ‘Forced to Go Into Hiding’ After Admitting She Voted for Trump 2019.06.02, – Daily Beast Doxx Trump Supporter Behind Viral Video of Nancy Pelosi 2019.06.02, – CA: Assault at L.A Trump Supporter Street Rally 2019.05.30, – D.C.: Theater cancels Kristy Swanson and Dean Cain’s pro-Trump performance over ‘threats of violence’ 2019.05.16, – CA: For sixth time, Republican HQ hit by ‘random’ vandalism in Humboldt County, California 2019.05.01, – TX: Four Texas State University students were arrested Wednesday after a conservative student says one of them grabbed a “Make America Great Again” hat off his head and later kicked it as it lay on the ground. 2019.04.30, – D.C.: Two men grab MAGA from the head of a man and harass a group of Trump supporters. 2019.04.15, – WA: Surveillance video shows a conservative student trying to escape a fellow student she said is trying to run her down with his car. The woman said the two got into a heated discussion about her politically conservative views. 2019.04.15, – MD: Immigrant from Togo pummeled by 2 men for wearing ‘MAGA’ hat 2019.04.14, – PA: Antifa, others threaten Candace Owens event at U. Pennsylvania 2019.04.11, MO: – Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles is attacked by student protestors while giving a speech at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Protestors rushed the stage and squirted a bleach-like substance at him and his crew. 2019.04.11, – NY: ‘Model’ Assaults #WalkAway Founder Brandon Straka at the Airport for Wearing a MAGA Hat 2019.04.08, – UT: High School Student Hospitalized After Vandal Pepper Sprays Venue for Conservative Group TPUSA Event 2019.04.06, – CA: A Hispanic Trump supporter was attacked and called a racist at a post office by a customer who was triggered by her “Make America Great Again” hat 2019.04.01, – CA: California Woman Spazzes Out, Tries to ‘Shame’ Elderly Man in MAGA Hat at Starbucks 2019.03.28, – CA: Shattered Window at Humboldt’s Republican Headquarters Again! 2019.03.25, – PA: Arsonist Torched Woman’s Car Because Cardboard Cutout of Trump Was Inside 2019.03.23, – LA: Tulane University Student, Who Was Doxed For Being A Young Americans For Liberty member, Had His Dorm Room Door Set On Fire 2019.03.17, – ID: Man assaulted for wearing a MAGA hat at a St. Patrick’s celebration 2019.03.16, – CA: During Trump Flag waving rally man was hit in the head with a soda can filled with Bongwater 2019.03.15, – NM: Vandals spray-paint the word ‘traitors’ on the Republican headquarters building 2019.03.12, – AZ: Woman admitted to slashing tire over MAGA hat seen inside SUV 2019.03.07, – VA: Virginia Teacher Wraps Trump Flag Around Student’s Neck 2019.03.07, – FL: Video shows bus aide pulling ‘Make America Great Again’ hat off teen’s head 2019.03.02, – TX: Woman assaulted at a bar for wearing a MAGA hat 2019.02.26, – OK: Trump Supporting High School Student Cornered, Harassed, had Hat Knocked Off and Flag Stolen 2019.02.25, – NJ: 81-year-old Trump supporter assaulted over his MAGA hat at a supermarket 2019.02.21, – MA: Woman Attacked Trump Supporter for wearing a MAGA Hat at a Restaurant 2019.02.21, – CA: While recruiting for a conservative group at UC Berkeley a leftist thug comes & assaults activist, punching him in the face & hitting him repeatedly 2019.02.17, – KS: Vans Store Employee Fired After Telling 14-year-old ‘f*ck You’ for Wearing MAGA Hat 2019.02.17, – KY: A Tennessee Man Was Arrested And Charged After He Pulled A Gun On A Man Who Was Wearing A Make America Great Again Hat Inside Sam’s Club 2019.02.12, – NY: Conservative students at SUNY-Oswego receive death threats for set up a table with signs promoting President Donald Trump’s southern border wall 2019.02.08, – MD: White House counselor Kellyanne Conway revealed that a woman has been charged for grabbing and shaking her while Conway was eating out with her teenage daughter in Bethesda, Maryland. 2019.01.19, – D.C.: Pro-Trump Journalist Owen Shroyer presses charges against a woman who grabbed his genitals on camera during the 2019 Woman’s March in Washington D.C. 2019.01.18 – D.C.: Tens of Thousands of Threats Including Death Threats Were Made Against The Covington Catholic School Students 2018.11.13 – AZ: Man wearing MAGA hat assaulted while walking downtown Tucson 2018.11.05 – OH: Building targeted in bomb threat cleared ahead of visit from President Trump 2018.11.03 – FL: Gillum (D-FL) intern arrested in Florida for throwing chocolate milk at College Republicans 2018.10.31 – MI: Traverse City GOP office evacuated for bomb threat 2018.10.31 – MI: Grown Woman Threatens Violence Against 11-Year-Old over Trump Halloween Costume 2018.10.29 – FL: Shots Fired into South Daytona Republican Party Office 2018.10.25 – IA: Johnson County Iowa Republicans Headquarters vandalized 2018.10.24 – N.J. GOP Congressional Candidate Receives Letter Threatening His Children 2018.01.23 – CA: Boulder thrown through Republican Kevin McCarthy’s office window 2018.10.19 – NY: New York Man Charged With Threatening Two Republican Senators Over Kavanaugh Support 2018.10.17 – NV: Dem operative for Soros-funded group arrested for ‘battery’ against Nevada GOP candidate’s campaign manager 2018.10.17 – TN: Restaurant owner’s life threatened for renting space to GOP’s Marsha Blackburn 2018.10.16 – NM: Comedian George Lopez Charged With Battery … After Trump Joke Triggers Fight 2018.10.15 – MN: Republican State Representative Sarah Anderson confronted a man for kicking her campaign sign when he charged at her 2018.10.15 – MN: Republican candidate for Minnesota House seat suffered a concussion after a man punched him in the face at a Benton County restaurant 2018.10.12 – NY: Vandals Smash Windows, Deface Doors of Metropolitan Republican Club in Manhattan 2018.10.12 – AZ: A Republican campaign office was reportedly vandalized in Mesa, Arizona 2018.10.10 – CT: Stanford College Republicans President John David Rice-Cameron Assaulted at Pro-Kavanaugh Event 2018.10.10 – WA: A truck with ‘Trump 2020’ bumper stickers was set on fire 2018.10.07 – CO: Republican Sen. Gardner claims wife received a beheading video through text message 2018.10.06 – IL: Republican headquarters in Rockford vandalized with word ‘rape’ because of Kavanaugh hearings 2018.10.02 – D.C.: GOP Congressman Andy Harris (R-MD) assaulted by protesters 2018.09.11 – CA: Man Tries To Stab California GOP Candidate For Supporting Trump 2018.09.06 – WY: Wyoming GOP office set on fire in an apparent arson 2018.08.29 – NC: Gay #BlackForTrump Supporter, wearing a #TeamTrump shirt & a MAGA hat, was sucker punched at the local club 2018.08.28 – CA: Student Arrested and Charged for Stealing Another Students MAGA Hat and Smacking Teacher 2018.08.19 – Dad Dares Daughter To Knock Off Dude’s MAGA Hat For 100 Bucks. And She Does It! 2018.08.14 – CA: Punk Rock Frontman Jumps Off Stage, Attacks Trump Supporter In Middle Of Concert… 2018.08.06 – FL: Vandals throw dead fish on Lee Co. Republican headquarters 2018.08.07 – CA: Humboldt Republicans headquarters vandalized 2018.08.06 – PA: Antifa Protesters Attack Charlie Kirk & Candace Owens in Philadelphia Restaurant 2018.08.04 – PA: Man parks his car with Trump sticks in Philadelphia. When he returns he finds all 4 tires slashed and serious dents all over. 2018.08.01 – MA: Woman enraged by Trump bumper sticker intentionally rammed into car, police say 2018.07.26 – KY: Fayette County GOP headquarters vandalized 2018.07.26 – CA: Trump Supporters Attacked At Donald Trump’s Walk Of Fame Star 2018.07.22 – MA: Republican opponent of Elizabeth Warren, Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, was Attacked by Elizabeth Warren supporter 2018.07.18 – CA: Leftist Mob Hurls Feces At Pro-Trump Kosher Coffee Shop 2018.07.18 – WA: Leftist Assaults Teen Trump Supporter For Wearing MAGA Hat 2018.07.13 – UK: In London, pro-Trump counter-protesters hit with abuse, some violence 2018.07.13 – CA: 76-year-old Man Assaulted by Anti-Trump Thug, 36-year-old Attorney Benjamin Siminou, in San Diego 2018.07.09 – VA: Longtime Hillary Clinton aide publishes contact information about bookstore owner who stopped the harassment of Steve Bannon in order to harass the bookstore owner 2018.07.06 – IL: Brick Thrown Through Front Door Of Wheeling Township Republican Headquarters 2018.07.06 – NY: Man threatened to kill supporters of Trump, GOP congressman outside campaign office, police say 2018.07.04 – FL: Homeowner says he was attacked over President Trump flag in yard 2018.07.04 – TX: 16-Year-Old Teen Attacked for Wearing ‘Make American Great Again’ Hat 2018.07.03 – NE: GOP office windows smashed, ‘ABOLISH ICE’ spray-painted on the sidewalk 2018.06.25 – D.C.: Burned animal carcass left on Trump staffer’s porch 2018.06.16 – CA: Jewish Trump Supporter Attacked Outside Kathy Griffin Show In San Francisco 2018.06.16 – CA: Jewish Trump Supporter Attacked Outside Kathy Griffin Show In San Francisco 2018.05.23 – MN: Water & Profanities Thrown At Fox News Contributor Tomi Lahren In Minneapolis 2018.05.13 – FL: Cheesecake Factory Employees Attack Black Man For Wearing MAGA Hat 2018.04.14 – NY: Danish tourist mugged at knifepoint over MAGA hat 2018.04.05 – FL: Trump Supporter Punched While Waving Trump Signs in Public 2018.04.04 – Texas: Councilwoman accused of yelling obscenities over teen wearing Trump shirt 2018.04.04 – TX: Law enforcement filed a disorderly conduct charge against Councilwoman for yelling obscenities at teen wearing Trump shirt 2018.04.03 – D.C.: Trump supporter ‘brutally attacked’ in D.C. restaurant 2018.04.02 – D.C.: Woman says she was attacked by 2 women after telling them she was Trump supporter 2018.03.18 – CA: Trump Supporters Peacefully Protest Anti-Police Coffee Shop and Get Attacked 2018.03.16 – D.C.: Capitol Police Arrested Male Dem Operative For Assaulting Female Trump Admin Official 2018.03.15 – MN: Student with ‘Trump’ flag assaulted by mob during National School Walkout 2018.02.27 – NY: Trump Supporter Threatened With Knife For Not Opposing Trump 2018.02.07 – NY: Suspect in ‘white powder’ letter to Trump Jr. donated to Dems, posted anti-Trump rants on Facebook 2018.02.06 – NY: Anti-Trumper Pulls Knife on Man Who Doesn’t Hate Trump [Media tries to claim it was a Trump supporter] 2018.01.20 – NY: Protester Charged in Serious Attack on Trump Supporter at a NYC Mike Cernovich Event, Also Tried to Put Cop in Headlock 2017.12.14 – NY: Woman accused of supporting Trump gets robbed, groceries are thrown at her in Bronx deli 2017.12.07 – NY: Students wearing MAGA hats booted from ‘safe space’ coffee shop 2017.12.02 – MA: Antifa attacks Trump supporter outside of a Harvard Book Store 2017.12.02 – MA: Trump Supporters truck and home vandalized for the second time 2017.11.27 – TX: Man Who is Not a Trump Supporter Attacked For Being a Trump Supporter 2017.11.20 – IL: University of Illinois Ph.D. student/instructor assaults conservative students at Anti-Trump rally 2017.11.12 – Blaire White assaulted in Hollywood for wearing a Trump hat 2017.11.03 – KY: Anti-Trump Democrat Charged with Assaulting Senator Rand Paul at His Home 2017.10.09 – CA: Trans Pro-Trump Student Assaulted By Anti-Trump Activists at Travel Ban Protest 2017.09.28 – CA: Angry Student Steals MAGA Hat, Demands Victim Be Punished 2017.09.17 – An American woman decided to throw a glass at another American in a Danish Bar in the city of Aarhus. She didn’t like that he was wearing a MAGA cap. 2017.09.07 – NY: Hunter College professor wishes death upon Trump supporters in Florida 2017.09.07 – WA: Roosevelt High School Republican Club Co-President was Physically Assaulted in the Gym Because of His Support for Trump 2017.08.28 – CA: Vandals In SF Place Trump “MAGA” Bumper Sticker on Car and then Spray Painted it “KKK” and Slash the Tires 2017.08.27 – CA: Berkeley Antifa Terrorism 2017.08.26 – KY: Republican headquarters in Fayette County, Kentucky were vandalized with “Die Nazi” and “Nazi Scum” sprayed onto their windows 2017.08.24 – Black Trump Supporter Spit On For Being a Black Man Wearing ‘MAGA’ Hat 2017.08.23 – CA: Antifa Richard Losey Arrested for Sucker Punching Trump supporter after Laguna Beach Rally 2017.08.22 – AZ: Trump Supporter Punched By Protesters While Fleeing Arizona Rally 2017.08.17 – NH: ‘Nazis’ spray painted on New Hampshire GOP headquarters 2017.08.14 – VA: Conservative Student Attacked For Wearing YAF Hat At Vigil For Charlottesville 2017.07.07 – Student Brutally Threatened by Left-Wing Teammates for Being Republican and Supporting Trump 2017.07.06 – NY: Conservative activist Jovi Val attacked by liberal @ NYC bar after Milo’s party. A beer bottle was smashed on his face for wearing a MAGA hat 2017.07.02 – PA: Philadelphia Antifa Attack Trump Supporter Carrying “Trump 2020” Sign with a Bottle 2017.06.15 – VA: Republican Congressional Baseball Shooter was Big Bernie Supporter and even Volunteered for the Campaign 2017.06.15 – IN: Several shots fired at truck flying ‘Make America Great Again’ flag on I-465 2017.06.10 – WA: Trump supporter was beaten with ‘Queers for Muslims’ sign 2017.06.07 – WA: Woman Brutally Beaten for Simply Admitting to Being Trump Supporter 2017.06.04 – OR: Mayor Demands Police Chief Explain Use of Crowd Control When Anti-Trump Thugs Threw Urine and Feces Filled Balloons, Balloons with Unknown Chemicals, Marbles, Bricks, and Rocks at Trump Supporters. Mayor Preferred Police Use No Crowd Control Devices At All. 2017.05.19 – CT: Man arrested on 103 counts of vandalism at UConn, many anti-Trump 2017.04.23 – DC: Antifa Gets arrested in 15 Seconds after Assaulting Trump Supporter 2017.04.15 – CA: Berkeley Free Speech Rally Attacked By Antifa (Anti-First Amendment) Comrades with Rocks, M-80’s, and Bike Locks 2017.04.14 – MD: 2 Arrested For Burning Trump Sign. Police: “Trump sign burned for ‘race and religious’ beliefs” 2017.04.14 – D.C.: Jackie Evancho Opens Up About Being Bullied For Singing At Trump’s Inauguration 2017.04.09 -2017.04.07 – CA: Cal State Professor: ‘Trump Must Hang,’ Republicans Should Be Executed For Each Immigrant Deported 2017.04.02 – WA: Antifa Clash with Trump Supporters at Pro-Rally 2017.03.25 – CA: Pro-Trump March Pepper-Sprayed & Attacked By Protester 2017.03.19 – CA: Violent Kids Hit Trump Supporter in the Face with a Skateboard. Says “I Can Do What I Want”. 2017.03.16 – CA: ‘M_rder Trump ASAP’ Graffiti Found on Freeway Wall 2017.03.15 – MI: U of M Student Detained After Pulling Trump Supporters’ Flag Off His Trailer 2017.03.15 – CA: Pro-Trump Radio Host Michael Savage Attacked. ‘It Is Clearly Open Season on Prominent Trump Supporters’ 2017.03.14 – MA: In Newton, Young Trump Supporters Are Online Targets 2017.03.12 – MN: Conservative Students Say They Have Been ‘Violently Threatened’ at St. Olaf College 2017.03.11 – ‘Dreamgirls’ Jennifer Holliday Canceled Trump Inauguration Because of Death Threats 2017.03.08 – FL: Man Punched In Face Claims Trump Bumper Sticker Motivated Road Rage Attack 2017.03.06 – CA: Berkeley Student Arrested After Destroying College Republican Signs 2017.03.05 – FL: Supporter of House Republican Ted Yoho was punched in the face by Anti-Trump protestor 2017.03.04 – MN: March 4 Trump Protesters Used Tasers, Pepper Spray, Smoke Bombs, & Were Swinging Fists! 2017.03.04 – CA: March 4 Trump Berkeley Rally Protestor Thugs Acting Like Thugs And Bring Violence To A Peaceful Trump Rally 2017.03.04 – TN: At Pro-Trump rally, Protester arrested after stealing President Trump shirts 2017.03.04 – Opera star Andrea Bocelli backs out of singing at Trump’s inauguration after receiving death threats 2017.03.04 – TN: ‘Dead Trump supporter’ comment prompts school district to ban substitute teacher 2017.03.03 – CA: Berkeley condemns ‘disturbing’ attacks on College Republicans 2017.03.01 – OR: Trump Supporters Car Is Vandalized With Paint And Dents From Rocks Because of Bumper Sticker 2017.02.27 – TN: Former Labor Secretary nominee Andy Puzder withdraws nomination after opposition groups threatened his family by sending white powder to his wife 2017.02.26 – NY: Glenn Nocera, Who Ran For Brooklyn Borough President and is a Trump Supporter, Had His House Egged Three Times 2017.02.25 – CA: Protester Assaults Female Trump Supporter at Boycott of Oscars 2017.02.25 – OH: Anti-Trump Mob Viciously Attacks Man Outside Bar 2017.02.17 – NC: UNC Flyers Incite Violence Against Trump Supporters 2017.02.16 – MO: Kansas City Man with AR-15 Taunts Trump supporter over Trump Flag and Rips It Down 2017.02.15 – CO: Trump supporter’s historic Denver home has their window shot at with a BB gun and left hateful messages. 2017.02.13 – MS: Hate crime hoax perpetrated on Trump supporting radio host. 2017.02.09 – CA: Man Grabs Trump Supporter and Police Immediately Arrest Attacker 2017.02.09 – CA: Berkeley Thugs (Including Teacher Yvette Felarca) Beating Up Trump Supporter In Front of the Police 2017.02.08 – NY: Black Lives Matter Activist Threatens to Smash Girl’s Laptop Because of Donald Trump Sticker 2017.02.08 – NC: Police investigating 20 reports of property damage including anti-Trump graffiti 2017.02.08 – CA: Cal State Fullerton Instructor Has Been Suspended for Striking a Student During a Rally Against President Trump’s Policies 2017.02.07 – CA: Vandals egg home, deface Trump sign. “It has a smiling face, and the word ”f” you, ‘f” you a-hole,’ but the full word, signed ‘a Mexican,’” 2017.02.04 – MO: 12-year-old suspended because he was beaten up on school bus for wearing ‘Make American Great Again’ hat 2017.02.02 – NY: Protestors at NYU Gavin McInnes Event Use Pepper Spray & Attacked 2017.02.02 – CA: Random Attack On Trump Supporter Day After Berkeley Riot 2017.02.01 – CA: Berkeley Anti-Trump Protesters Riot And Shut Down UC Berkeley Milo Yiannopoulos Speech. “…They [were trying] to burn the building with us in it.” 2017.01.30 – NJ: Anti-Trump Criminals Spray Painted Threats of Punch Nazi’s on NJ’s Rowan University Sign 2017.01.30 – WA: Spokane police investigate vandalism of county GOP headquarters as hate crime. Scrawled “Refugees welcome” and “Nazi scum” across the front door and windows. ** 2017.01.29 – TX: Gay Trump Supporter Beaten Unconscious on Texas Street After He Pulls Out Trump Lighter 2017.01.29 – OR: Blackbloc Protesting Against the Travel Ban at Portland Airport. Trump Supporters were Surrounded and Brutally Attacked 2017.01.29 – WA: Trump Supporter Has House, Flag, Vehicle and Camper Vandalized 2017.01.29 – OR: Protesters damage Trump supporter’s vehicle after march downtown 2017.01.27 – MA: Donald Trump Campaign Sign Set On Fire In Massachusetts 2017.01.26 – NY: Shia LaBeouf Arrested In NYC At His Anti-Donald Trump Livestream Art Project LaBeouf tugged on a man’s scarf and pushed him, police said. 2017.01.23 – MD: Woman kicked off a plane for berating Trump supporter 2017.01.23 – NY: Golden Trump Graffiti Sprayed Onto Bentley in Queens, NYPD Says 2017.01.23 – FL: Woman charged with trespassing at Mar-a-Lago, smeared bananas on vehicles, typed “F***UTrumpB” on a computer inside 2017.01.22 – CA: Woman Slashes Trump Sign Because it ‘Ruined Her Chill’ (Admitted to Holding a Knife During the Confrontation) 2017.01.21 – NC: Graffiti Girl Gang Arrested for Scrawling Anti-Trump and Black Lives Matter Slogans Over a Cop Car and Stores 2017.01.21 – UK – “VIOLENCE IN LONDON: Fights break out during an unofficial protest against Donald Trump” 2017.01.20 – WA: High School Senior Beaten by Mob for Wearing American Flag Hat at U of W Milo Yiannopoulos Event 2017.01.20 – NY: Trump Supporter Hit with Sign by Anti-Trump Protester in NYC 2017.01.20 – D.C.: Inauguration Day Antifa Violence – Limo Set on Fire at Trump Inauguration Parade 2017.02.20 – OR: “…he ran up and punched the Trump supporter at the back of the head…” 2017.01.20 – D.C.: Deploraball Inauguration Attack: Project Veritas Exposes Plans to Deploy Butyric Acid into Ventilation Systems 2017.01.20 – D.C.: Anti-Trump Protester Lights a Trump Supporters Hair on Fire 2017.01.20 – Nigeria – Donald Trump Inauguration Rally – 20 Biafrans were Shot Dead and Many Missing During March To Support Trump ** 66 Inauguration Day Trump Assassination Threats On Twitter 2017.01.20 – CO: Vandals destroy Donald Trump supporter’s truck. Spray-painted, dented, keyed, tore seats, and broke radio 2017.01.20 – D.C.: Trump Supporters Coat Slashed During Inauguration 2017.01.20 – D.C.: Two Gold Star family members ‘assaulted and spat on by protesters’ as they tried entering the Veterans Inaugural Ball 2017.01.20 – D.C.: At Trump Inauguration, Protesters Go After Actor Scott Baio 2017.01.20 – Infowars Owen Troyer Gets Slapped in the Face 2017.01.17 – MI: Couple attacked in their car over their support for Donald Trump 2017.01.17 – NC: Woman’s Car was Vandalized with Swastika Because of Trump Bumper Sticker 2017.01.05 – IL: Kidnap And Torture Of Trump-Supporter Streamed On Facebook Live 2017.01.04 – CA: Man Verbally Abused for Wearing Trump T-Shirt 2016.12.31 – WA: New Year’s Eve ‘Red Baseball Cap’ Wearer Assaulted 2016.12.29 – NC: Wayne County GOP Headquarters Break-in and Defacement of Ronald Reagan Mural 2016.12.23 – PA: Bryn Mawr College Student was Harassed Online After She Asked for a Ride to a Donald Trump Event, Eventually Causing her to Leave School. 2016.12.20 – AL: Deputies investigate a rash of anti-Trump vandalism. 8 Homes & 6 Cars were damaged. 2016.12.19 – Trump Electors Receive Death Threats 2016.12.13 – MD: $300,000 McLaren ‘Trump mobile’ Torched 2016.12.09- CA: Actor T.J. Miller arrested because of an altercation with his Uber driver over President-elect Donald Trump 2016.12.08 – NY: Man Murdered UPS Driver he Believed was Trump 2016.12.05 – MD: Trump Supporters’ C7 Z06 Corvette Vandalized 2016.12.02 – WI: Truck Spray-painted with Anti-Trump Slogans, Set on Fire in Madison 2016.12.01 – PA: 69-Year-Old Woman Left With Bloody Head Wound After Man Brutally Beats Her With a Chair for Supporting Trump 2016.12.01 – WA: Trump argument leads to cutting the neck of a Trump Supporter at Pasco bar 2016.11.30 – MD: Another Trump supporters car vandalized by a criminal in Montgomery County 2016.11.29 – MO: Man Attacked at Plaza Bus Stop Says Teens Asked Him Political Question Before Throwing Punches 2016.11.29 – FL: Navy Veteran & Trump Support’s Home Torched, Ransacked, and Tagged with Anti-Trump Graffiti in Florida 2016.11.27 – PA: Police: Youths smashed car window over Donald Trump sticker 2016.11.22 – MD: Trump Supporter Victim of Hate Crime in Montgomery County – Swastika Spray Painted on Front Door. 2016.11.20 – CA: Blue-haired woman sentenced to more than 100 days for scrawling anti-Trump graffiti on government buildings 2016.11.20 – Australia: The moment ‘anti-bullying advocate’ and Safe Schools founder ‘harassed a Donald Trump supporter’ at a Melbourne rally 2016.11.20 – D.C.: Trump Supporters Kicked Out of Bar. “We Came to Dance and Were Approached By Multiple Feminists But Never Provoked Anyone. Then a Bouncer Got Hostile and Passersby Attacked Us.” 2016.11.18 – OR: 1 Car Set on Fire, 2 Cars Spray Painted with Anti-Trump Vandalism 2016.11.16 – MD: Student Attacked for Wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ Hat 2016.11.16 – NJ: Man who was marching in support of a “sanctuary campus” attacked a Trump supporter, punching him in the face and knocking his “Make America Great Again” hat off 2016.11.15 – NJ: “My Pro-Trump Stickers, Flags Got my Tires Slashed” 2016.11.15 – GA: Man Murdered in Shooting Outside Atlanta Bar After Joke About Voting for Trump 2016.11.15 – KY: Business Helps Trump Supporter Whose Car was Targeted By Vandals Because of Trump Bumper Sticker 2016.11.15 – MA: Trump Supporter Attacked Outside Boston Bar 2016.11.14 – MT: Polson residents angered by Trump vandalism on Republican Headquarters 2016.11.14 – Anti-Trump Woman Throws Coffee on Trump Supporters in their Car 2016.11.14 – FL: Trailer Homes Spray Painted with Anti-Trump Messages And BLM. One Home was Set On Fire. 2016.11.13 – CA: Mustang Vandalized and Set on Fire Because of Trump Bumper Sticker 2016.11.13 – TX: Department of Public Safety Arrested 6 Members of a Communist Group, Red Guards Austin, for Assaulting Pro-Trump Members 2016.11.12 – CT: Two Men Were Arrested After Punching and Kicking a Man Holding a Donald Trump Sign 2016.11.12 – AZ: “F*** Trump” was tagged three times on a central Phoenix home 2016.11.11 – NY: Elderly uncle of Manhattan Rabbi attacked for wearing red Yankee hat mistaken for a MAGA hat 2016.11.11 – NY: Black Lives Matter Activist Arrested For Assaulting 74-Year-Old Man At Trump Protest 2016.11.11 – TX: Mother Kicks Out 8-year old Son for Wanting to Vote for Trump at School Vote 2016.11.11 – CA: High School Student Attacked for Supporting Trump 2016.11.11 – OR: Anti-Trump Protesters Attack Jeep Driving Through City, Rip Off USA Flags, Smashed Windshield, Beat Vehicle With Bats and Fire Extinguishers, and Set Off a Smoke Bomb 2016.11.11 – NY: Man Wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ Hat Attacked & Choked on NYC Subway 2016.11.11 – WA: Seattle Protest – Attack on a Donald Trump Supporter During Protest 2016.11.11 – TX: “All because I had a trump sticker at a liberal arts university…” – Car Vandalized 2016.11.11 – OR: ‘Peaceful’ Anti-Trump Protest Turns Into Riots **2016.11.10 – IL: Trump Supporter Was Dragged Out From Car, Beaten, Car stolen, & Dragged Down the Road in Chicago 2016.11.10 – NY: Trump Supporter Attacked at NYC College; MAGA Hat Almost Set Alight – Black Student Victimized Accuses Public Safety of Cover-up 2016.11.10 – NY: Anti-Bullying Activist Charged with Assaulting 74-year-old Trump Supporter During Protest 2016.11.10 – CA: After Election, Resident Discovers ‘[Expletive] Trump’, ‘666’ Spray Painted on Car 2016.11.10 – VA: GOP headquarters vandalized amid anti-Trump protests 2016.11.10 – NC: Anti-Trump vandals hit Old Chapel Hill Cemetery gazebo and path. Spray-paint “Nazi Pres Elec”. 2016.11.09 – FL: Man’s BMW with Trump Sticker Vandalized in Fort Myers Community 2016.11.09 – AZ: Trump Supporters Car Vandalized. “Their Windows were Smashed, and they Found Graffiti on their Mailbox.” 2016.11.09 – NY: NYC Man’s Dog Brutally Attacked by Unhinged Rioters During Trump Protest 2016.11.09 – TX: 11-Year-Old Student Gets Beat Up For Supporting Donald Trump At School 2016.11.09 – MI: Anti-Trump vandals target Lansing building by smashing a window and a glass door, and spray-painting vulgar anti-Trump graffiti on the building 2016.11.09 – FL: Student Punches Classmate Over Donald Trump Sign at Local High School 2016.11.09 – TX: Anti-Trump Protester Punches Trump Supporter 2016.11.09 – IL: 16-year-old Trump Supporter Receives Death Threats and has Car Vandalized 2016.11.08 – CA: Vandals Target Bay Area Trump Supporters’ Homes, Cars, Flags 2016.11.08 – VA: Gun was stolen from Trump supporter waving sign on I-95 2016.11.08 – FL: Woman Handing Out Campaign Literature Supporting Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump was Assaulted 2016.11.08 – NY: NYPD Investigating Tires Slashing On Hasidic Trump Supporters Van 2016.11.08 – FL: Woman’s Trump sign, Art Gallery Vandalized 2016.11.08 – NY: Election Night, President of the Cornell College Republicans Was Assaulted for Being Republican. “Fuck You, Racist Bitch, You Support a Racist Party,” the Attacker Grunted at Corn, as He Shoving Her to the Ground 2016.11.06 – CA: Man Approached 72-Year Old Trump Supporter Holding Sign, Cursed at Them, and Stole Giant Trump Sign. Arrested On Robbery Charge. 2016.11.06 – MA: “Kill Your Local Trump Supporter” graffiti was spray-painted on Massachusetts School 2016.11.05 – CA: Black Trump Supporter Is Told “Ni**as Like You Should Be Killed” 2016.11.05 – IL: Rock Island County Republican office vandalized with spray paint 2016.11.04 – CO: Suspect in custody after rock breaks window at Trump’s Denver campaign office in the second act of vandalism in a day 2016.11.04 – CO: Trump’s Denver Campaign Office Vandalized with Painted Anti-Trump Message 2016.11.04 – NC: Alamance County GOP Headquarters Vandalized with Anti-Trump Graffiti 2016.11.03 – CA: Vandals continue to attack Trump headquarters in Ukiah 2016.11.03 – MA: Person Dressed as Gumby Destroys Trump Sign on Halloween 2016.11.03 – CA: Trump Supporters Truck Torched Because of Bumper Sticker 2016.11.02 – IL: Evanston man’s Donald Trump sign burned on his front lawn 2016.11.01 – CO: Arsonist Sets Trump Campaign Sign On Fire, Endangers Entire Neighborhood 2016.11.01 – MD: Trump Staffer Assaulted for Wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ Hat on Towson University Campus 2016.10.31 – ID: 100’s of Pro-Trump Signs Destroyed. Swastikas. Car Keyed. 2016.10.31 – FL: Campaign Signs Vandalized with Racist Nazi Stickers 2016.11.30 – PA: Church Hit With Anti-Trump Graffiti 2016.10.28 – MI: Criminal Who Ran Over Trump Signs Didn’t Realize They Were Messing With The Wrong Person 2016.10.28 – CA: Truck Vandalized Because Of Pro-Trump Bumper Sticker 2016.10.28 – FL: “Someone sprayed swastikas on his Trump sign — but he won’t take it down until Election Day” 2016.10.28 – CA: Hollywood Homeless Black Woman Attacked for Supporting Trump 2016.10.26 – CA: Family woke up to their two cars’ windows smashed-in, home covered in eggs, and Donald Trump campaign signs stolen 2016.10.26 – PA: University of Pittsburgh Trump Supporters Campaign Table Flipped 2016.10.26 – CA: Donald Trump’s Star on Walk of Fame Vandalized with Sledgehammer 2016.10.25 – AL: Car With Trump Bumper Stickers Gets Destroyed…Spray Painted “F*** Trump” On Car 2016.10.24 – NV: Trump sign and vehicle vandalized at Reno gun shop 2016.10.21 – WI: Man Arrested After Torching Trump Sign 2016.10.20 – UT: #FeelTheBurn “AmeriKKKa” – Trump signs were damaged or defaced with vulgar graffiti, and the vandals also damaged a front door and two vehicles painting signs and property with profanity along with “#FeelTheBurn” and “AmeriKKKa”. 2016.10.19 – VA: Leesburg Neighborhood Tagged With Anti-Trump Graffiti 2016.10.18 – IN: Vandals Throw Bricks Through Windows at Delaware County Republican Party Office 2016.10.18 – FL: Driver Who Posted Video of Himself Busting Through Trump Sign, Busted by Police 2016.10.18 – FL: Trump Signs Spray Painted with Swastikas in Cape Coral 2016.10.17 – WI: Wisconsin woman ‘fed up about the entire election’ smears peanut butter all over cars in misguided Trump protest 2016.10.17 – NC: Hillsborough GOP Headquarters Firebombed 2016.10.16 – MD: Student Wearing Trump Hat Is Punched & Kicked to Ground 2016.10.15 – MN: Trump Supporters Lawn was Salted and Sign Torched 2016.10.15 – HI: Maui Trump supporter’s home egged by vandals 2016.10.15 – AR: Woman finds Trump signs burned; arson investigation underway 2016.10.15 – ME: Anti-Trump Criminals Spray-Painted About 20 Parked Cars Outside of the Trump Rally 2016.10.13 – OH: Gay Couple Gets Death Threats from Tolerant Left for Supporting Trump 2016.10.13 – MI: Trump Mobile Vandalized in Walled Lake 2016.10.12 – MD: “Streak of vandalized Trump signs ‘unprecedented,’ local party leaders say” 2016.10.12 – MD: 2 Attacks – After they burned his sign, they came back and torn it down. 2016.10.08 – IN: At GOP office, signs for Trump were hanging in the window when landscaping bricks were tossed through the windows, shattering them 2016.10.06 – TX: Vandals have spray painted her garage. Painted swastikas on Trump signs and stole others. Shot BB’s through her living room window. Broke her landscaping lights and windmill. Egged her Trump signs, car, driveway and garage. “I never back down, and when the dust settles, my friend, it will be me and Trump still standing!” 2016.10.01 – CA: Stealing Trump Signs and Fighting Trump Supporters 2016.09.28 – IL: Anti-Trump Vandalism Outside Polish Center Ahead of Appearance 2016.09.28 – CA: Trump Supporter Attacked Outside Trump Rally 2016.09.27 – NJ: I Wore a Trump Hat Around Rutgers University for a Week and One Girl Threatened to ‘Shit on My Face’ if I Didn’t Take It Off 2016.09.26 – Trump-supporting Minnesota co-ed says she was ‘assaulted’ on debate night 2016.09.25 – FL: Man Steals Trump Sign and Urinates on Mailbox Canada – SJW Attacks & Steals Hat from Trump Supporter at Mount Royal University 2016.09.02 – PA: Philadelphia ‘Democrats For Trump’ Supporter Attacked By Protester 2016.08.20 – MN: Anti-Trump Idiots Crash Trump Fundraiser, Attack Motorcade & Assault Trump Supporters in Violent ‘Gauntlet’ 2016.08.18 – TN: 68-Year-Old Man Punched in the Jaw at Yard Sale For Being a Trump Supporter 2016.08.12 – CA: Twitter Video Purports to Show Trump Supporter Assaulted After Being Refused Service 2016.08.09 – NJ: Man’s Trump T-shirt Sparked Crowbar Attack By Stranger 2016.08.09 – FL: Trump Sign Vandalized with “KKK” 2016.08.08 – NH: Trump Campaign Sign Torched Near Nashua 2016.08.07 – NY: Pro-Trump ‘installation’ torched on Staten Island 2016.08.07 – TX: Woman’s Home Vandalized Because Of Trump Signs 2016.08.06 – MA: Susan Bryant of North Reading Charged With Vandalizing Trump Sign, Attempted to Run Over Resident 2016.08.03 – NJ: In Liberal South Jersey Town, All-in for Trump Means Vandalism, Threats, Rock-throwing, Thefts, Arson Threat 2016.08.01 – NY: Hate Mob Forcefully Ejects Trump Supporter From NYC Park 2016.08.01 – CA: Trump Supporters Pushed Out of San Francisco Bar Zeitgeist & Stalked Down the Block For Being Trump Supporters 2016.08.01 – MI: Trump Campaign Sign Burned on Lawn 2016.07.31 – PA: Clinton Supporter Attacks Trump Supporter & Lights Flag On Fire 2016.07.27 – OH: Trump Supporter Shot at Cleveland Bar During Heated Political Debate 2016.07.09 – AZ: Trump Supporter Attacked by ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protesters 2016.07.07 – FL: Trump Supporter Ambushed, Hit in the Face, Stomped on the Ground, Broke his Arm 2016.06.29 – VA: Virginia Family ‘Enraged’ After Trump Sign Vandalized. Five American flags they placed on the sign broken and tossed on the ground. Signs were spray painted and eggs were thrown. 2016.06.29 – African-American Teenage Trump Supporter Received Death Threats By ‘Black Lives Matter’ Activists 2016.06.24 – NY: Vandal Attacks Gowanus Trump-Fan’s Home 2016.06.18 – Nevada: Man Who Attempted to Grab Gun at Rally Wanted ‘To Kill Trump’ 2016.06.16 – CA: After Anti-Trump Vandals Destroyed Signs and Windows at His Business, Business Owner Confronts Vandals With a Legal Weapon to Stop Attacks 2016.06.07 – PA: Vandals Graffiti “Trump Truck” in Scranton 2016.06.04 – WA: Vandals take the destruction of Trump signs to a new level. First, they tore them down, then they threw paint on them, now they burn them. 2016.06.02 – CA: San Jose Riots and Attacks at Trump Rally 2016.06.02 – CA: San Jose Woman is Stalked, Spat On, Shoved, Pushed and Hit For Being a Trump Supporter 2016.06.02 – CA: While Leaving a San Jose Trump Rally an Angry Mob Attacked Gay Latino Trump Supporter & Log Cabin Republican 2016.05.24 – NM: Trump Rally Protesters Attack Trump Supporters, Burst Through Police Barricades, Throw Rocks, and Set Fires in the Streets. 2016.5.24 – IL: Milo Yiannopoulos Assaulted by BLM ‘Protesters’ at Chicago’s DePaul University 2016.05.24 – NM: Disabled Trump Supporter Gets Water & Water Bottles Thrown At Him By Protesters 2016.05.20 – FL: Trump Supporters’ Home Vandalized, Lawn Burned 2016.05.16 – CA: Vandals Egg Home of Trump Supporter, Destroy Trump Flag, & Throw Paint on his Truck 2016.05.08 – WA: Man Says He Was Called a ‘Trump Supporter’ before Bellingham Beating 2016.04.29 – CA: ‘Complete Chaos’ as Trump Protesters Beat Up Trump Supporter & Threw His Phone 2016.04.28 – CA: Trump Supporter Gets Beaten Up. Rocks are Thrown at Trump Supporters, Police, and Police Horse at Costa Mesa Rally. 2016.04.27 – CA: Pair of Girls, Ages 8 and 11, Were Among the Bystanders Struck by an Anti-Trump Counter-Protester’s Stream of Pepper Spray 2016.04.24 – Man Arrested, Charged With Threatening To Bomb Trump Rally 2016.04.16 – OR: Masked Anti-Trump Protester Spits In Trump Supporters’ Face 2016.04.16 – NY: Trump Supporter with 2nd Amendment Banner is Grabbed and Pushed By Anti-Trump Protesters 2016.04.13 – OR: Portland Man Says His Car Windows Were Smashed Twice Because He Supports Donald Trump. Won’t Back Down And Remove His Trump Bumper Stickers. 2016.04.13 – PA: Trump Supporter Attacked Outside Pittsburgh Rally 2016.04.10 – WA: Trump Supporter’s Tire Slashed; Vandal Claims “It Was An Act Of Community Service” 2016.04.08 – OR: Protesters Crash Pro-Trump Student Event. “Every single Trump supporter has a full legal name attached to a social security number with a place of residence, [and] an employer…that information is easy to find online,” 2016.04.06 – NC: Trump Supporter Shocked After Vehicle Vandalized Because of His Trump Supporter 2016.04.04 – WI: Teen Arrested After Throwing Egg at Donald and Melania Trump at Milwaukee Rally 2016.03.29 – WI: After an Anti-Trump Protester Punched a Trump Supporter, and She Gets Pepper Sprayed In Return. “I Deserved That” 2016.03.19 – Protesters Block Road Near Trump’s Fountain Hills Rally in Arizona 2016.03.19 – FL: Man shatters door & throws taco at Donald Trump Jacksonville headquarters 2016.03.18 – RI: Vandals Key Coventry Man’s Car Bearing Trump Bumper Sticker 2016.03.18 – CA: Republican Students Pro-Trump Bumper Stickers’ Vandalized at Saint Mary’s College of California 2016.03.17 – NC: Idiot Records Herself Running Over A Trump Sign With Her Car 2016.03.16 – FL: Trump campaign signs stolen from a Naples home, home vandalized 2016.03.14 – 70-Year-Old Virginia Trump Supporter Faces Threats, Harassment, and has Home Vandalized 2016.03.14 – FL: Vandals target neighboring Trump supporters by spray-painting ‘Nazi scum’, ‘KKK’, and ‘f*** Trump’ on street in front of homes 2016.03.12 – NJ: Donald Trump supporter’s billboard burned in Egg Harbor Township 2016.03.12 – Psycho Tries To Attack Donald Trump 2016.03.11 – Riots After Trump Chicago Rally Cancelled. Police Officer Attacked by Anti-Trump Protesters. Blocking Ambulance. 2016.03.09 – GA: Trump Supporter has Trump Sign Taken & Gun Pulled on him by Trump Haters 2016.02.29 – FL: Trump Volunteers Brutally Assaulted & Body Slammed While Campaigning 2016.01.26 – IA: Protesters Threw Two Tomatoes at Donald Trump at a Rally in Iowa City 2016.01.25 – NH: Trump Supporter’s Large Sign Vandalized with Graffiti Islamic Symbol 2016.01.09 – MA: Donald Trump’s campaign headquarters in Mass. vandalized 2015.12.12 – CO: ACLU Leader Resigns After Saying He Would Shoot Trump Voters 2015.09.04 – TX: Attackers Beat Texas Teen Because He Seemed Like a Donald Trump Supporter

How was your life 10 years ago?

This is a technology related question? I’ll answer both the technology side as well as some other points. For the non-technological side: 10 years ago I was 17. It was 2010, and I was in my home country of Macedonia. I had just come out of a long and protracted beef with some of the friends in my immediate group, who had chosen to side with an ex best friend, at that point my arch nemesis, over disagreements of social dynamics, hierarchy and experience. It started off with poking fun, friendly and childish insults and banter, and spiraled out into death threats against both my person and my family, and into periodic violent physical confrontations on the street and during parties. It culminated when at the end of my wits, I decided to pull out a knife on this ex best friend during a nightclub party where most of my friends were invited, but not me. After that they gave me this long lecture about how to solve problems with my mind and my words instead of violence, despite hundreds of attempts at diplomacy and to foster support from the friends who sided with him, to make them see my point of view, failed(so it felt like an insult to injury that we were having this discussion to begin with). After that, alienated by my generation for awhile for what I tried to do, I was incorporated into my cousin’s group of friends, all older guys, some a few years, some 10 years older than me. They respected me. For the first time in my life, after a betrayal by my closest friends, I did not see it as the end, or a new beginning, but as a continuation of what was before(I think most people see it this way when they lose a friend or two, because they have other friends, we used to move around a lot so I changed schools every year, and every time I lost a friend, to me it was absolute, and I had grown up with this wrong worldview, this is why I always advise against absolutism as a doctrine in any facet of society). The transgressions were countless. In Toronto, in the ghetto where I spent some time growing up before going back to my home country of Macedonia, these former friends would have been killed multiple times over for their transgressions, but due to my town being small and people being very invasive of your privacy, you couldn’t get away with something like that, so everyone had to put up with each other. The only way out that didn’t result in someone’s death was leaving the country, which 25 percent of Macedonians have done anyways over the past 30 years or so. Anyhow, it was both a dark period, as well as a period of enlightenment. It was during this period I shifted from caring about improving my social life and gaining social experiences, to studying, research, self development, career choices and leaving my mark in history(of which after the age of 25 I shifted to being profit oriented, because you need money to change the world for the better). For awhile it was the scariest time in my life, but also the most entertaining. Where I lost friends, I gained a bunch of humoristic, music and party loving guys who were much more mentally and emotionally mature. They had already been established in the community, and people were not as willing to pick on them because they knew people who protected them. For once, I felt I fully belonged. On top of that, I got a batch of tenants in my house(my grandma lived alone in a huge 7 bedroom house, my mother father and I moved out to Canada, my uncle in the US, my aunt with her husband in their 3 story house a 20 minute walk away from grandma’s house, it was a good way for her to earn extra income, as well as keep her company during the more isolated and depressing winter months when it was difficult to traverse up the road on the hill that would freeze over and was never cleaned by the city from snow and never salted) that we ended up being so close with, they were like my sisters(they were all university students starting out their first year). I still contact some of them to this day. They supported me in my social strifes, they came in during the beginning of the stalemate with my former friends, and offered rapport I never had before. We would get drunk together, watch movies every night, study together, hang out, drink coffee, eat together, go shopping and for walks together, I would go visit their houses and their cities once in awhile, we were close. In addition to this, I started going out to student parties, held usually on Wednsdays, in addition to the typical Friday and Saturday going out, and these were a crazy, different flavor than I was accustomed. They were mostly populated by drunk, horny students, or drunk, angry students, and there was tons of shennanigans, especially because for many of them this was not their hometown, and they did not have to adhere to some level of civility and decorum that you would find in a place where you live, because you care about what people think about you. It quickly turned from a depressing, angry time to a fun time. I had finished high school by then because I was doing a high school program online on a private school from Quebec whose parent company was in Pennsylvania, so it wasn’t as rigorous as regular high school, but it was better quality material you could do in your own time, giving me time to finish assignments on some days while partying and devoting time to friends and family on others. It was not your traditional high school experience, that’s for sure. I could go into details but that would mean potentially writing revealing aspects of some situations that could legally compromise some individuals and their identities. As far as technology goes, we would watch the movies on a laptop. Back then laptops had S video connectors and you had to plugin the sound separately, unlike today’s HDMI or streaming. We would torrent the movies(it’s a third world country, nobody buys movies) and had a whole backlog of stuff to watch, both new and old movies. We would huddle up on my king sized bed, like 5–6 of us, eating sunflower seeds and smoking cigarettes, with the lights off, the fireplace on, under the covers, drinking coffee or tea. The TV was a box TV(I actually still have it there) with an S video connector, and I had a surround sound system for the AUX connection. We would watch the movie on the laptop placed on top of a pile of books on a chair at the end of the bed but with the surround sound connected. I had a Redbull phone, and a Samsung that slid open, but not a flip phone. It was cozy. I did not have a very powerful laptop, and the internet was not that fast. At best, a 1 gb movie took 10 minutes to download, but usually it would take an hour, so we would let the laptop download movies ahead of time while people were out doing other stuff. Skype was one way to call my parents in Canada, but the quality was so bad we would just talk on the phone with the phone cards. People did not have data, and public wifi hotspots weren’t that widespread. People mostly took pictures with digital cameras instead of phones. I had mine stolen at a post new years party. There was no cloud computing together with fast and unlimited internet widely available a snow so you had to upload pictures and videos using a mini USB cable(yes, mini usb, not micro usb) to the computer, then to Facebook or other social media networks that served as your galleries. This was after Hi5, long after Myspace, but before Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok and Twitter. This was probably the beginning of Facebook’s high point in terms of activity. Timeline updates, posting stuff, pictures and videos, tagging people, comments, likes, etc. Now overall it has a lot more, but since other platforms are out, people disperse their efforts throughout, and most people I know only use it as a relic, a type of phone book, and have migrated to other platforms. Birthdays were another big one - everyone used to wish eachother a happy birthday on Facebook. In 2010 or 2011 I think I had 350 people post on my Facebok timeline, out of my 2,400 friends. In 2019 I had only 30 people, and that’s the case with most people, unless you are a celebrity. Now, when I see my life, it’s a lot more technologically advanced. I have two gaming computers and I can use them both for work - they are each $2000 and very fast. Wifi is everywhere, and even if wifi is not available, I can set up a data hotspot on my phone. My phone is faster than the last computer I had before either of my gaming computers, and it’s now more affordable with the payment plans that it would’ve been back then. I have a robot vacuum, a portable dishwasher, I can make ice cold water in my fridge, I have a smart TV, a projector for my computer, and drive a BMW X5 with all kinds of cool features including a hologram for the speedometer. In my handbag I keep a small bluetooth speaker, some wireless bluetooth headphones, a variety of chargers, a tablet I barely use, some USB’s and even a GPS tracking device. In my house I have a camera I can see on my phone. My life is much more interconnected with technology. Most of my studying, work and relationships or friendships can be maintained with it. I can Facetime any friends or relatives at any time, and it would be good quality without much interruptions due to slow internet. This means I can access people I would otherwise have to save up money and go fly over to see, at any given time, as if they were here. Social media and instant messaging allows me to talk to people from everywhere, anywhere, all the time. We can call each other on Snapchat as opposed to the regular phone line - this way you don’t need to keep people’s numbers in your phone, only their digital profile. Self checkout lines at the store are great for when the regular line is cluttered, or when you just don’t feel like talking to people, and I can call and email most of my employers without having to actually be physically present for a meeting. I have the world of information at my fingertips - and I did back in 2010 too, but not with the expansive nature as I do now - much more videos, books, tutorials on any subject matter than back then, and search engine algorithms have improved. As far as how my life is going, I still live with my parents, because the average house price in my area is $1 million. We are staying put in a nice 3 bedroom apartment close to the lake, in the Toronto area, in the downtown core of my suburb. I work 48 hours a week, and during my work I operate my side businesses, such as my websites. I study, research and learn. Once a week I go out with friends I know here, and they know how to live, so I don’t feel as detached or nostalgic about the great social life and adventures people have in Macedonia. It’s a quiet suburb of mostly older people, so I don’t get to mingle much with locals or the younger generations, and often have to travel to hang out with people I already know. Where I have lost much in terms of an eventful life with tons of adventures and experiences, I have much more free time on my hands to create something of value, and am not distracted by social clutter. It’s a good balance, and even though I might not be completely happy, I am content. I have everything I need. I am also not in some ongoing situation where there is a threat of death, constant harassment, violence, etc. I have never been this stress free in my entire life, but there is still something deep inside that’s missing, some coziness, some companionship, some certain outlook for the future. As in the past, I don’t know where I’ll be 5 years from now. It’s always a mystery. I’ll start to plan something that either never materializes, or I do reach some ultimate goal, but in a weirdly distinct way that is different from how I planned on achieving it. Right now I live for the present, as I can’t afford to live for the future. I can’t understand the luck or inexperience of people who live for the future and it always pans out how they hope. How do these people not see constant setbacks? I feel a lot more mature than I was 17, but obviously not mature as I’ll be when I turn 37, or 47 For the most part, I’m glad I no longer CHOOSE to see the world in a naive sort of way(now I am much more grizzled and doubt and fear about the outcome of a situation do not prevent me from creating it). I knew how reality could be back when I was 17, but out of principle decided to avoid conforming. I would do everything legitimately and ethically. Now I see it doesn’t matter, nobody cares, and am willing to lie, cheat and steal my way through life, like everyone else, because in the end, the only thing that is absolute is death, and entropy will consume us all. But that’s okay, because now is now, and you might as well enjoy it while you still can, even though you did not obtain what you wanted how you would rather have obtained it. If the means to the end is justified, then playing dirty games if it means keeping a situation peaceful instead of violent, then so be it. Life is not as simple as I thought, but also more simple than I tried to make it be back then. I have lots of wisdom to give, but also room for more wisdom to receive. I never stop learning and always keep my eyes open for opportunities. I think the biggest change went from that of mostly self inflicted and reactionary emotional turmoil and overthinking preventing action to action oriented, pragmatic solutions that are based on a mix of research and gut instinct, but designed for maximum effectiveness and minimum risk. In hindsight both are time wasters, but trying something is better than savoring an untested theory for the perfect moment that may never arrive. In my work I can also use more technology. I can get things done and organize things much quicker. Without it I would be stuck to an old system, and things would slow down drastically. I am glad I live in a time of exponential growth, both technologically and economically, but at the same time I am winded and disappointed by the fact I wasn’t born in a century far more advanced than this, when all these unnecessary problems that I’ll contribute to solving, have already been solved, especially through technological innovation. Best product of my maturity is to tell people who want to give advice, to give me money instead. Everyone wants to show you the way, but nobody wants to invest in your journey. As far as technological outlook goes, here is a list of emerging technologies: List of emerging technologies - Wikipedia Sci fi has always been a huge fascination of mine. Imagination fuels innovation, no matter how crazy it can seem to the unrefined mind. Things like space travel, teleportation, cybernetics, robotics, autonomous systems and AI, nanotechnology, 3D printing and self replicating systems, can have enormous improvements for humanity and be a universal fix it all for all problems we might have, without the need to dabble in things like political or ideological differences. It can solve things like fear, sadness, anger, jealousy, spite, revenge, and our basic needs… It can eradicate disease, poverty, violence and change the human condition to a state more evolved, and more civilized.