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All-electric BMW 5 Series coming soon as BMW ramps up its electrification line-up

BMW 530e PHEV shownAt BMW Group’s recent Annual General Meeting, the German carmaker announced

Mazda quietly released a new rotary engine when nobody was paying attention

Instead, this is a REEV (Range Extended Electric Vehicle), like a Chevrolet Bolt, or a BMW i3 equipped

The carbon-fibre dream dies with the BMW i8

In 2011, BMW unveiled the i8 and i3 concepts, two cars that didn’t have faux-carbon fibre stickers

BMW M8 and BMW M8 Competition revealed

Another week, another new BMW M car.

BMW commemorates the discontinuation of the BMW i8 with 18 custom-built units

As you know, BMW has officially discontinued the BMW i8.

BMW M unveils the all-new BMW X5 M and X5 M Competition

BMW M has introduced the third generation all-new 2019 BMW X5 M.

The one problem with the G20 BMW 3 Series that BMW needs to fix

There is no doubt that about the BMW’s superior dynamics, which is far ahead of the Mercedes-Benz

BMW X8 M to be the most powerful BMW yet; plug-in hybrid, over 700 PS

Rendering by X-Tomi DesignYes, the BMW X8 is happening.

BMW Malaysia launches AR feature for 2020 BMW X5

Last month, BMW Malaysia launched the 2020 BMW X5 plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV) in Malaysia and it costs

Behold the BMW M8 Gran Coupe, BMW M is on the roll

Now the BMW 8 Series is even more powerful!

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BMW Malaysia introduces CKD 2019 BMW X3 M Sport

It’s a very sporty month for BMW Malaysia as they launch yet another M Sport equipped car - the

Mild-hybrid Mazda MX-30 confirmed for Japan - new e-SkyActiv-G engine

range extender engine was also speculated to complement the electric-only variant, in the same way BMW

Who Can Duck Out From The BMW’s Axing?

Bitter, but model cutting is an obligatory course for BMW to go through this gloomy course.Majority of

80 Malaysians bought a BMW M last year, BMW Group Malaysia sold 9,890 cars in 2020

BMW Group Malaysia ended 2020 with a total of 9,890 BMW and MINI cars delivered, down 5 percent from

BMW and MINI owners can now renew their insurance with BMW Malaysia online

BMW Group Financial Services Malaysia introduces the i-Renewal digital service for the BMW MINI Comprehensive

The South African E23 BMW 745i was the BMW M7 most didn’t know existed

BMW 1M, M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, and M8. See what number is missing there?

BMW Shorties celebrates local film makers with Tayangan BMW Shorties event!

It has been 13 years since BMW Malaysia started their annual BMW Shorties Award to support local film

Half of BMW’s engines will be gone by 2025, EV variants to cover 90% of segments

BMW equals inline six-cylinder engines, so says the narrative for Munich’s famed blue-white roundel

BMW i3S: Now available in Malaysia, starting from RM 278,800

dealerships, specifically the ones that carry the BMW i branding.

Take a look at our list of the cutest cars in the world!

Unfortunately, BMW has since discontinued the car as of 2020.BMW i3BMW’s i-Project seem intend

Wapcar Morning Insiders (Sep. 19, 2019)

Continue reading International News BMW i3 to be discontinued and will not get a successorAfter it

All-new BMW X6 M and BMW X6 M Competition unveiled

In an era when SUVs are booming and cars’ performances are continuously rising, BMW M GmbH has

You can now buy a BMW without visiting a showroom, just go to BMW Shop Online

Group Malaysia, which just launched its BMW Shop Online - a digital showroom to view and place a booking

BMW Malaysia drops 2021 BMW i4 teaser, 530 PS sedan launching in Q4

Well, it seems like BMW Malaysia is charging up its EV game, as they have begun teasing the 2021 BMW

BMW looks to hydrogen power for carbon neutral manufacturing

Hydrogen-powered BMW NEXT Concept picturedThe journey towards sustainability has never been easy.

BMW readies itself for producing 500k electrified cars a year by 2022

Like it or not, BMW drive towards its electric ambitions is only accelerating.

BMW Malaysia updates price list for 2021, BMW 320i cheaper by RM 1,911

BMW Malaysia has released the updated price list for 2021 with a few notable changes.

Is the road tax actually cheaper for electric cars in Malaysia?

BMW i3s (135 kW)- RM42 Road TaxRange extended BMW i3 RExThe official price list on BMW’s webpage

BMW 320e and BMW 520e make global debut, new entry-variant PHEVs with 204 PS/350 Nm

slim-to-none chance of being launched in Malaysia.BMW Group has announced new plug-in hybrid variants for the BMW

Malaysia-bound BMW i4 debuts with first all-electric BMW M performance model

the final specifications (international markets model, local specifications to be confirmed) of the BMW

Penawaran BMW i3s bekas November

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bmw i3 slammedbmw i3 slammedbmw i3 slammed
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Revealed: the new #Audi AI:me, a semi-autonomous, electric powered city car for the megacities of tomorrow. Kinda like a slammed BMW i3, then? https://t.co/I1WV0JCbcE https://t.co/g1uxNIiEZR

BMW i3 electric car slammed in EuroNCAP crash test. http://t.co/DwOcVCY3wl http://t.co/qNsqJ8OxJD

Slammed BMW I3: A few weeks ago we were approached by a BMW I3 owner to make the car a little more like his ta... http://t.co/RlzBkd7ZCP

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Will Tesla eventually overtake traditional auto manufacturers?

Thanks for the A2A. Electric does seem to be the future, and Tesla is leagues ahead of the traditional car makers in this space. Their technology is vastly underrated. When it comes to electric cars, batteries, motors, charging, and technology all play a significant role in EV market success. Batteries Batteries are the core of electric cars, so this is where it can be make or break for prospective electric car companies. When it comes to batteries, no one comes even remotely close to the sheer scale of Tesla’s battery manufacturing. Gigafactory 1 in Nevada, despite being just 30% complete, already produces almost more Lithium-ion battery cells than the rest of the world COMBINED. That’s right, Gigafactory 1 produces almost 50 Gigawatt hours of these batteries per year. Not only do they produce the MOST batteries per year, but they produce the BEST batteries as well! Tesla’s are of the highest technological standards today. While this is astonishing enough, Tesla still plans on building TWO MORE Gigafactories in the near future. There is one in Shanghai being built as we speak, it’s completion date being later this year. Tesla also plans to build another Gigafactory in Europe as well. With these 3 factories up and running, I find it hard to believe traditional car companies like Volkswagen catching up to Tesla. Motors Motors also play a very important role in electric cars, and again Tesla is far ahead. Their motors are the most efficient, powerful, lightest, and cheapest. Yes, all of the above is true, here is just a snippet of what experts have said on the Model 3 motor. “Another innovation that impressed the teardown team was how advanced the inverter/convertor device was that provides power to the motor, particularly in the use of silicon carbide on the devices’ integrated circuits. “It creates a lot less heat and is a lot faster than the Chevy and BMW,” Ellis added to the discussion. “Silicon carbide is the latest and greatest and Tesla so far is the only vehicle out there with it.” Munro and Ellis further noted the high level of tech Tesla’s motor contained, all while being considerably smaller than the competition. The study will be released in a few weeks and also includes detailed information about the motors inside the Chevy Bolt, BMW i3, and Jaguar I-Pace. Munro had very positive things to say about Tesla’s technology, but the electric vehicles produced by industry giants did not receive quite the same accolades. “It looks like the other guys just went around and glued together whatever they could find off the shelf,” Munro jabbed at Tesla’s competition.” These are the words of Sandy Munro, a man with 30 years of experience in designing, building and processing components in automobiles, not mine. Range, Charging, and Infrastructure Next comes charging. Electric cars are limited greatly by their range and charging speeds. Tesla AGAIN comes out on top here. Their cars have more range than basically every other EV on the market. The Long Range Model 3 can go 325 miles on a charge, while the highest capacity Nissan Leaf and Chevy Bolt can only go 226 miles and 238 miles, respectively. This is a 30% lower range than the Model 3, a significant margin indeed. When it comes to the Model S, there is really no level EV competitor to compare it to. The only significant non-SUV EV’s are the 2 aforementioned plus the BMW i3 and Volkswagen e-Golf. The Model X does have 2 competitors, the Jaguar i-Pace and the Audi E-Tron. The Model X outdoes the Jaguar and Audi in range as well, besting it 325 miles versus 234 miles and 204 miles, respectively. This gap is extremely significant, as the Model X is much larger than the 2 other cars. What is also disappointing is the range of the so called “ Model X killer “ E-Tron. How does it only have 204 miles of range? This pales in comparison to the Model X, a significant drawback indeed. It is also important to note the efficiencies of the batteries here. The Jaguar and Audi have capacities of 90kWh and 95kWh, respectively. The Model X has a 100kWh capacity. They are all within 5–10% of each other in terms of battery capacity, why does the Tesla Model X have 30–35% more range WHILE being the larger vehicle? This has to do with the superior battery and powertrain technology that Tesla is known to have. It is clear that the traditional car companies are significantly behind in the technology here, and the numbers show it. Here is a graph that shows battery capacity versus range. The Tesla’s make FAR better use of very similar battery capacity versus its current competitors. Here is a graph of the battery consumption at an average speed of 120 km/h. The Jaguar and Audi are FAR behind the Tesla. Next comes charging infrastructure. The great thing with EV’s is that for the great majority of the time, you never have to charge anywhere other than your home or work. You wake up with a full “ tank “ of juice, which should be more than enough for your daily commute. For longer trips, however, things get tricky. EV’s do not have the battery technology to charge in 5 minutes like you would similarly with an Internal Combustion Engine vehicle at a gas station. For trips like these, you need charging stations that are both FAST and COMMON. As you can probably guess, Tesla again is ahead of the competition. Tesla’s network of superchargers is by far the most intricate and largest in the United States. Here is the closest competitor, Electrify America, with it’s 900 charging stations. As you can see, Tesla is still ahead. There are now over 1,400 Tesla supercharger stations in America. They are all strategically located off of major highways at the optimal distance from each other to allow EV access to where ever you please to visit. It doesn’t end there though. In addition to having the most charging stations, Tesla superchargers, more importantly, are also the FASTEST available EV chargers at the moment. They charge at a max rate of 120kW. To put this into perspective, all a Tesla owner needs, the majority of the time, is a 30 minute charge to continue on their trip with enough range. This is not the case for other EV owners. The Leaf, Bolt, i3, I-Pace, and E-tron cannot charge at the 350kWh speeds that their charging stations offer as their battery technology cannot handle those speeds. Furthermore, Tesla has just announced v3 superchargers that can charge all Model 3’s and new Model S and X’s at 170kWh. This again pulls Tesla ahead of the competition, making it harder for the traditional car companies to catch up as they simply don’t have the battery technology just yet. Here is a graph that better displays the information regarding charging speeds. As you can see, the Teslas have the most range and fastest charging speeds compared to the competition. We aren’t done yet. Tesla just announced that they will be putting the new batteries and motors of the Model 3 into the new Model S’s and X’s. The Model 3 contained Tesla’s most technologically advanced batteries and motors, and they are now present in the newest Model S’ and X’s. These battery packs are capable of charging at 170kWh on the new v3 superchargers. It is true that the EV market at this current moment is underdeveloped and needs time before true competition starts, so let’s talk about technology and safety overall, encompassing ALL current vehicles. Technology It is no secret that Tesla makes technologically driven cars. A simple way to explain a Tesla is to think of it as a smartphone on wheels. It responds to all of your commands, receives software updates regularly, evolves with time and changing needs, and is extremely user intuitive. The center screen controls EVERYTHING in the car. Many people prefer buttons, and that’s perfectly fine, but the software configurability of a central screen like this is something hard to pass on. It’s basically a top of the line iPad slammed onto the dash. Everything is easy to use, exactly where it needs to be, and configurable. The left portion of the screen is an overhead view of the car showing all nearby object, speed, and range information. The right side is all Google Maps, arguably the best navigation system available today. The bottom contains all quick access climate control buttons. The screen is massive, completely lag free, and of the highest resolution of any screen in any car today. No other car company at this moment offers this level of technology. Now to the software, oh boy. Teslas wouldn’t be Teslas if it weren’t for the software configurability. Everything in the car can be readily improved via over the air free software updates. This is very under appreciated by the car industry. Imagine waking up, getting into your car to get to work, and seeing that your car now can automatically change lanes on highways and recognize red lights? What about being able to summon the car to your location in a parking lot? A security system utilizing 4 cameras that records suspicious movement/damage near and to your car? Improved braking distances and a 5% increase to peak power and range? The list goes on and on, showing the capabilities of having a car built around a software centered design. No other car manufacturer today has this level of software configurability in their GAS powered cars, forget trying to make an ELECTRIC VEHICLE from SCRATCH and trying to match this level of technology. It just isn’t possible. By the time some companies DO get to this point, Tesla will be 4 steps ahead of them. I think this analogy works well to describe what Tesla has done to the car industry. This Is to that What This Did to that I personally don’t look at it as Tesla overtaking other companies, but rather other companies trying to catch up and contest Tesla. Electric vehicles are the future, and having this sort of lead is simply HUGE. Tesla will stay at the top of the EV game for a long time until other car companies can produce EV’s that have comparable technology and infrastructure. Thanks, Liam Johnson

How fast can an electric car go in reverse?

Fast, real fast. How do I know? I had a BMW employee driver in a BMW i3 knock me off a BMW R1200RT that I was test riding from the showroom. There was no reason for her to reverse after seeing a car coming as she pulled out, the young driver just panicked for no reason and slammed the i3 into reverse. Oh, and the horn on the BMW R1200RT would not do justice to a scooter.

Have you ever crashed a car during a test drive?

Brand new BMW R1200RT and a brand new BMW i3. As I go to leave the showroom parking lot on the BMW, the i3 in front sets off from the parking lot in to the road and I set off behind her, she changes her mind when a car comes around the corner and slams the i3 in to reverse to go back in to the space that I had now occupied on the RT. Around £3500 ($5000) worth of damage to the bike and the car (back of the i3 exploded in to a million bits of glass) and I never even got off the parking lot. Both the car and the bike belonged to BMW and the driver of the i3 was a BMW employee.

Is the Tesla model X worth the price?

No! Not by a long shot. The build quality, materials and finish are abysmal. And that’s just the start of it. Depreciation? Nasty I’ve had mine had mine in the service center 8 times in the first year - out of warranty this thing will have little or no value if the new owner has to pay for each and every visit. Worse still it’s not as if its a single thing that’s breaking doors, windows, dashboard, wipers, seats, media center and suspension have all non-damage related warranty work. I tried to trade mine after 10 months and Tesla offered me 52% of the ticket price!!! This was for a 10 month old, single owner car, with less than 10,000 km on the clock at the time. Green? No It’s not even saving the planet - the range, over a year and 11,5oo km (6,500 miles) of driving, struggles to get to 300km (186 miles) and for several months of the year (at 10 Celsius / 50 Fahrenheit) it’ll drop to 180km (or 111 miles). For all those who might chime in and say it’s how i drive it, or about the range/connectivity settings - i’ve been to the SC and they can offer nothing further to improve it. At the lower end of this, and given how electricity is generated in Ireland - this car produces about the same Co2 per km (circa 280g per KM) than my old 6.0L W12 Bentley GTC. Amazing. Safe? Not for kids As for safety - don’t be fooled. It might crash well - but the disastrous design of the seats in the rear (without removable headrests) makes for the correct fitment of Child Seats impossible. Add to that recessed seat belts are difficult for kids to close (tucked in beside/under the latch system) and then to add insult to injury problem the seat belt warning system not working if there is a child seat fitted. With this kid unfriendly set up there is a sporting chance your kid will be sitting in an ill-fitting child seat with their seat belt incorrectly latched (or even removed) when you do eventually crash trying to get the hopeless media center to connect to a radio station, media file or spotify. On safety - after several efforts the SC cannot make is that my wipers have anything other than a passing acquaintance with the windscreen. In rain i’m forced to look our through all manner of streaks and lines. They are hopeless and positively dangerous. It’s a good job it does crash well! Comfortable? No On creature comforts - you can forget those too - the cheap and nasty plastics are rattly and shakey. My dash popped out of it’s holders twice, my drivers window fell out of it’s runners and flapped against the car, the drivers door fell off it’s hinges and would not open nor close. the seat motors squeal, the windows squeal and that media center means i spend most journeys in splendid semi-silence listening to the cacophony of nastiness generated by the shoddy build quality. Nice to drive? No It handles well in a straight line, and accelerates like you stole it. That’s about it. Cornering is helped by the low center of gravity - but not a patch on something like a my X5M which is a similar sized jeep. As to comparing it with a car? Not a chance - there is no feel from the steering and the suspension just tends to make the children sick - it’s bland and bouncy. Surely the advanced features swing it? No A relatively simple one - the autopark - generally doesn’t find any spaces (except in traffic where you’re not looking for one). I’ve only had it park the car successfully twice in a year despite many efforts. Autopilot - after slamming on the brakes on the motorway (highway) in the overtaking lane while passing a truck - i decided that, like all else with this car - it’s not very well made. Two such experiences was enough to teach me to drive my own car and not let some kid with a computer do it for me. Over the air updates - tho version 9.0 promises a lot - to date I’ve got nothing of value in them. They appear to be just more of the hype. The intermittent wipers just don’t work - unless you don’t mind looking out through rain for several minutes. Easy entry is a nonsense and most of the other additions are trivial - and could have been done by the SC in anyone of my 8 visits. But you’ve forgotten the superchargers? No In Ireland they are not a thing - there’s only 3 or 4 of them. Not once have i driven past them or used them. The one i did stop at didn’t work and the Tesla helpline, in any event, had never heard of the location they were in. Check carefully if they will be of any use to you in your general driving - if not - they are, like many things, just something for other people to use and of no value. Finally… those FWD, are they cool? No When they work, which is not with any certainty, you have to be sure that you don’t clip pedestrians walking by - and avoid having them head height when they do. As a result, because of poor visibility for rear passengers it is safer, in areas where there are other people, for only the driver to open the doors. You also have to be very careful no-one leaves their fingers where they shouldn’t - I’ve done the carrot test to show my kids - and the door has no problem mushing it. Optically, the panel fit on them is comical - with up to half an inch of rises and falls between the body and the door on each side. The FWD are pointless. Overall. Run, then hide, then run some more If you must by a Tesla - then buy a 3 or a S - but to be honest i’d buy an iPace or such - i’ll never be touching them again. I have an i3 as a runaround - it’s by far a superior EV - for a start BMW finished designing and making it ,before, they sold it to me! (Edit: Co2 emissions figure corrected for typo, and change upwards to one year old trade in value percentage from 45% to 52%)

Do you think the BMW i3 was purposely designed to be ugly as a way for those driving it to virtue-signal that they are environmental?

I really don’t see the “Ugly” in it at all. Actually it looks to me like a futuristic cross between an AMC Gremlin and a Pacer. The Gremlin had a cool name and if the right wheel and tire combo were added, (Not to mention air-shocks to get the right “Rake” , or “Stance”,) was pretty cool, especially if a V-8 were shoe-horned in it. The pacer though, what can you say other than it WAS an ugly little Bubble-Car. The guitarist in a band I was in right after High School was “Gifted” one by his parents, (Thanks Mom and Dad!) We spent many hours trying to conceive some way of making this horrible little car “Cool”, and the only way was to “Chop” the top, and take about 6 inches, Or more, out of the glass and slam the roof down on it. Unfortunately, this was way too much money to spend on a car that already needed way to much TLC to begin with. So we tortured this poor car in every conceivable way imaginable. I think one time we spent an afternoon stuffing the thing with every piece of band equipment we had at our disposal until the only other thing able to fit in it, was the driver - and he barely fit in it then, and the body hung so low, that the fenders started to rub the sides of the tires! Another time we rounded up all the people we could, The exact count is lost to Short Term memory syndrome, or something. But we had an incredible amount of people in this car, stacked one on the other, and the back hatch open and arms and legs hanging out every which way. I think we even got stopped by a Policeman, who when the prank was explained nicely to him, let us go directly back home with a warning, and how many people could LEGALLY ride in it at one time. I wonder what ever happened to that horse? Other than it was “Ridden Hard, And Put Away Wet!” So the i3 is by no means “Ugly”, and there are quite a few things a creative owner could do to “Accentuate the Good things, and Tone down the not - so - good things,” You know , Like make-up ? A good source for ideas might be an online car parts supplier like CARiD.com. Here, I’ll make it easy on you and give you a direct link to all their parts for a 2019 BMW i3. Just go through the site, and pick out what you want to make the vehicle less “Pedestrian,” and more you, or “chic,” or “rad,” or whatever floats your boat. Because that is the real reason for owning and driving a car - To let that inner Van Gogh loose on the streets, and be seen, and heard! And any time you start to feel that your BMW is “Ugly,” just pretend that it is an AMC Pacer. That ought to do it it, For awhile anyways. 2019 BMW i3 Accessories & Parts

  • What is the Boot Volume of BMW i3s?

    Here are the Boot Volume and variants of BMW i3s:

    Variants2019 BMW i3s eDrive
    Boot Volume260
  • Does BMW i3s has Rear Foglamps?

    Yes, BMW i3s has Rear Foglamps, which are: 2019 BMW i3s eDrive.

  • Does BMW i3s has Speaker Brand?

    No, BMW i3s doesn't have Speaker Brand.