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VW and Bentley say COVID-19 will boost electric cars, VW to invest €33B

incentives will push in that direction.Production of Volkswagen ID.3Adrian Hallmark, who heads VW Groups Bentley

Foreign worker of van in Myvi-Hilux crash bolted before authorities arrive

Sinar Harian reports that one of the victims of the crash had bolted from the location before authorities

Volvo crashes a car a day to keep accidents at bay

However, did you know its Volvo Cars Safety Centre crash lab is turning 20?

How to survive a car crash? Don't be stupid with your seatbelts

And this is just at a speed of 60 km/h.As you can clearly see, the crash test dummy at the rear who wasn

Top-5 cars with the most expensive road tax in Malaysia

Rolls-Royce Phantom/Bentley Mulsanne 6.75L – RM 19,0053.

BMW X5 Crash on NKVE: From driving machine to flying machine

Still, the driver of the BMW X5 managed to crash into the cars from the earlier accident, at considerable

Driver unhurt in massive Formula E crash; Shows how the halo and aerospace tech save lives

The crash has been regarded as the biggest crash in the series’ history so far but Lynn miraculously

Stuck at home? Mercedes-Benz has a fun animated series for you!

seem to be the case though as their ad department have come up with this little gem of a series called Crash

Tanjong Pagar BMW M4 crash: Was it really going at 220 km/h?

travelling way beyond the speed limit, crashed into a vacant shop lot, and caught on fire.The fatal crash

VW says no more new combustion engines, EVs only from now

Also Read: VW and Bentley say COVID-19 will boost electric cars, VW to invest €33B

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Rolls-Royce just proved that the rich don’t give a damn about the pandemic

Former partners and now rivals, Bentley saw its best sales ever in 2020 with 11,206 vehicles sold.

BMW M4 crash in Tanjong Pagar, how and why it all went wrong

Image creditBy now, you would have read all about the BMW M4 crash at Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore.

Volvo performs 30 metre vertical crash test all in the name of safety

You’ve probably seen a few crash test videos before.

All-new 2021 Genesis G80 or should we call this a mini Bentley?

lacking in road presence too, with the large crest grille and Quad Lamps design that somehow is giving us Bentley

Why did my airbags not deploy in a crash? Is it normal?

However, a case of undeployed airbags in a crash might make you contemplate how safe your car really

If SUVs are safer than sedans, how do you explain the Persona and HR-V toll crash?

A common excuse for buying an SUV would be the added safety in the event of a crash.

Video: Jeep Wrangler rolled over onto its side after hitting barrier in crash test

In their latest driver-side small overlap frontal crash test, the 2019 Jeep Wrangler 4-door tipped over

We need to talk about Volvo, but not about its safety

When it comes to crash safety and collision avoidance, no other car company can match Volvo’s wealth

In Dubai, learner drivers use a Bentley Bentayga to get their driving licenses

This is why this driving school in Emirates is offering lessons in cars like a Bentley Bentayga.The Emirates

Myvi driver from viral van crash released from custody

On Monday, videos of a horrifying crash between a Perodua Myvi and a van started circulating on social

Watch: Motorcyclist cool as a cucumber after witnessing high speed crash

This motorcyclist’s reaction after a high-speed crash just inches away from him has us in awe.In

Take a virtual tour of the new Bentley Bentayga

In conjunction with the official launch of the new Bentley Bentayga, Bentley Motors Asia-Pacific has

The Suzuki Waku Spo concept is a 4-door shooting brake convertible

of a coupe and the practicality of a wagon.The interior is also able to change its appearance in a Bentley-like

Watch: New Kia Carnival owner accidentally becomes crash test dummy in dealer lot

But still, this is a very painful crash on a car that has barely done 10 km on its mileage metre.Have

Hyundai Nexo Wins Top Safety Pick+ Award

get the Top Safety Pick +, the first thing a vehicle needs to do is be able to withstand a series of crash

5 things that surprised us about the 2021 Bentley Bentayga

A week ago, Bentley Kuala Lumpur extended an invite to us to sample the new 2021 Bentley Bentayga.

Haval H6 airbags failed to deploy in C-NCAP crash test, cries foul over improper test

best-selling SUV in China, recent events could slow sales down a bit.The reason is because a recent crash

Prasarana facing RM 1.8m lawsuit from family of critically injured LRT crash victim

also the sole breadwinner of the family.Wong suffered serious head, face, and spinal injuries in the crash

Myvi driver's attempts to flee high-speed car crash foiled by witnesses

Malaysian Police (PDRM) has arrested a man suspected to be the driver of the Perodua Myvi in the viral car crash

Future Bentley-inspired Proton designs? Stefan Sielaff leaves Bentley for Geely

Stefan Sielaff, the designer of the Bentley Bentayga, Audi A7, and Audi A1, has left Bentley as its design

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ima crash the bentley truck if you think bout breakin up girl this is forever love https://t.co/UrqRwUMtic

Tyler Perry Involved in T-Bone Crash With His Bentley Bentayga https://t.co/wAKzp5rS56 https://t.co/V8udsKhTdb

28 May 54: Lots to update you on. I ended up in a car crash just past Charing. Some large rolls of newsprint came off a Bowater's delivery truck, rolled down the hill and hit the Bentley. Rescued by Drax and Krebs. (1/3) https://t.co/ejO0gIQVRS

Tyler Perry wrecks his Bentley in car crash https://t.co/FqPLfN5mef via @DailyMailCeleb Being a woman driver myself, I have seen some bizarre driving practices that leaves one to wonder, WHY? Men folks can be aggressive, but women get tunnel visioned. Stay three car's BACK😁

Tyler Perry car crash- Actor wrecks his Bentley in smash while driving home from airport in LA https://t.co/aW4HUinJbV

The aftermath of Tyler Perry's car accident in Los Angeles https://t.co/4kgeQUX0NP

#OUCH! Car Thieves Elude #NJDevils Owner, Crash High-Priced #Bentley https://t.co/hU16bWwSod Bentley crashed and rolled at Alps Road and Maple Avenue, he said. Two occupants hopped out and bolted into nearby woods.

Tyler Perry wrecks his Bentley in car crash minutes after leaving Burbank – Viu Hapa https://t.co/Wq9jOGCNcq

TYLER PERRY Gets Into Car Crash in Bentley While In LA https://t.co/9ZuoS4H0fd

Tyler Perry wrecks his Bentley in car crash after colliding with another vehicle https://t.co/jYDYSF7uF1

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Are ultra high-end cars from companies such as Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Lamborghini and Ferrari crash tested?

Yes, every car that is sold to the public needs to be crash tested before its public release. These are some of the main tests conducted to each car model- Frontal-impact tests Moderate Overlap tests Small Overlap tests Side-impact tests Roll-over tests Roadside hardware crash tests Old versus new Computer model Sled testing A car has to be used for each one of these tests, and that number changes based on the category of car it is i.e., everyday road car, super-car, etc. Governmental safety standards require manufacturers to demonstrate that their cars offer at least some degree of crash safety, and car companies will often subject prototypes and development cars to tests that assess how well they’ll perform in collisions and how much protection they offer in the event of a rollover, etc. What car manufacturers aren’t required to do is undergo independent testing from the likes of Euro NCAP in Europe or the NHTSA in the US, both of which carry out much more extensive and thorough tests than those legally required and which offer safety ratings out of five for each car. As a result, it’s rare to see a Euro NCAP or NHTSA-tested supercar, and as i checked the Euro NCAP site there are no ratings for any supercar currently on sale. The crash tests can be done completely with simulations but some countries such as the USA would not consider them to be road legal just like the Porsche 959, which was never street legal in USA. Here are some picture that I managed to find of high end cars involved in crash tests. Pagani Huayra Mclaren F1 Lamborghini Countach Koenigsegg Agera Footnotes→ Crash test - Wikipedia The European New Car Assessment Programme | Euro NCAP

What would you do if you are driving a Bentley Continental Supersport and accidentally crash into a parked Pagani Huayra BC?

Question: ,“,What would you do if you are driving a Bentley Continental Supersport and accidentally crash into a parked Pagani Huayra BC?,” I would call my personal assistant and have her resolve the issue. At the wealth levels required to own a Bentley Continental Supersport you employ others to solve life’s problems. If the other car was a Pagani, it woud be quite likely that neither owner would be directly involved.

What screams "I'm upper class"?

Recklessness: A young driver rashly rammed his car into an auto-rickshaw killing its passenger - a (turkmen) Turkmenistan’s woman on the spot . His misdeed also injured some more citizens, Arrogance: But, instead of apologizing or assisting victims; he was found arguing with crowd.Well, he turned out to be a ,British passport ,holder and belongs to a renowned business family of India ., Indifference: Well, he was soon taken away by his security escorts (cops). It was only after hue and cry raised by onlookers and journalists; he was duly arrested;but later given bail , Paradox: It is noteworthy; once Sarah Churchill- daughter of British Prime minister ,Winston Churchill ,was arrested for driving rash and injuring fellow citizens; but Churchill refused to bail her out , Conclusion: Power corrupts ; absolute power decays ! Pic credit: Google Note: Kindly appreciate it without taking offence !

If you had the choice between any model Rolls Royce or any model Bentley which would you want?

My fantasy car garage doesn't include any Rolls Royce nor Bentley. Rolls Royce is too ostentatious for me. The Queen doesn't even drive one. It is to car people, an idea of an ultimate luxury car, made for non-car people. That is perfectly fine, Rolls Royce never pretended that it is any otherwise. But I am quite a car people. Besides substituting tachometer (RPM indicator) with “Power Reserve %” meter, every bits of the car are designed for maximum comfort. The car is not even driver-oriented, as it is meant to be driven by your trusted chauffeur or at least, your father's butler. As a result, the steering feel is often described as “firm but compliant”, and the throttle response, in Top Gear trio's language as “aristocratic”. Floor the pedal, then experience a short delay, as if Jarvis clarified to you first “are you sure?”, keep your foot planted, and then he goes like “well, certainly”, another firm but smooth oomph from the car. So no Rolls Royce for me. Besides, Rolls Royce is an aircraft engine, not a car. Then there is Bentley. To be honest, from my culture point of view, this brand is just like British BMW (or Audi today). Yeah, driven by the sort of footballing chaps who wears that kind of hooded shirt. Football is a fine sport, I like it. But once you get to know British sports scene and its unsavoury bits, particularly the hooligan culture, this is the sort of car that Nigel wants to buy if he won the lottery. If you own one, you can't just park it there without the Nigels shouting at you, “what are you doing with my car?” And then he goes, “oh sorry mate, got one with the same colour” Some Nigels will touch you before even checking the license plate. Some Nigels will eventually crash the car, increasing the model's insurance premium. In addition, a Bentley, for me. Nah, never felt worth the fame, nor the attention to drive one. I am not a footballer, nor a superstar, I would be the other guess then: a successful pornographer. No, I don't want any of that. I drive a Mazda, the kind of car for car hipsters, chosen by those who constantly tries to feel better than those owning Toyota or Honda. Between incessant worship and other false attributes to the economical car, I got tired pretty quick with the smugness. Certainly, owning a Bentley and be a car guy is just too much of a challenge for me. I got other things to do in life besides car too. But if I had to choose. I'll pick the sort of Bentley that the yobs stayed away from. Yep, a 4-door saloon Bentley, the Mulsanne. I also like LeMans race, so the name is appealing for me.

Why does James Bond drive an Aston Martin?

In the original novels by Ian Fleming Bond drives a variety of cars, although his own personal car is a 1930 Bentley 4.5 litre with a supercharger by Amherst Villiers (who incidentally also painted the only ever official portrait of Ian Fleming, being a painter as well as an engineer)- the legendary “Blower” Bentley. The “Blower” Bentley 4.5 litre- Bond’s car in the books Ian Fleming in his Blower Bentley The famous Amherst Villiers supercharger that characterised the “Blower” Bentley Ian Fleming by Amherst Villiers, who later became a painter and was a close friend of Fleming’s After crashing his Bentley in Moonraker the literary Bond replaces it with a more modern 1953 Mark VI, and eventually with a modified Mark II Continental. 1953 Bentley Mark VI Bentley Mk II Continental It was not until Goldfinger that Aston Martin made an appearance into the Bond franchise. In the book, Bond is given an Aston Martin DB Mark III (NOT to be confused with the Aston Martin DB3) to drive, but in the film they decided to go for something a little more recent and the legendary 1964 DB5 was introduced. The DB Mk III, Bond’s ride in the book Goldfinger Some people erroneously believe Bond to have driven a DB3 in the books, but since the DB3 was exclusively a racing car it is highly unlikely Bond would have been given one to drive on the road The legendary 1964 DB5, the original Bond car. In many ways Goldfinger was the film that set the tone for the rest of the series- it was the first to feature many of the standard Bond tropes, including a gadget-laden car Before that, Bond had driven a Sunbeam Alpine in Dr No, and (true to his literary self’s tastes) a 1938 Bentley 4.25 litre in From Russia With Love. Dr No’s Sunbeam Alpine, the first ever movie Bond car FRWL’s 1938 Bentley 4.25 litre Aston Martin was originally reluctant to provide cars for such an expensive production, but eventually they were convinced to enter into a product placement deal, and the subsequent torrent of publicity (including the famous model with working gadgets widely released by Corgi Toys) must have convinced them that they were on to a good thing. Interestingly, although Connery is forever linked to the DB5 he only drove it extensively in Goldfinger, as well as in the opening scene of Thunderball- and that particular model did not appear again in the franchise until the Brosnan and Craig eras. Aston Martin cars have appeared in 13 Bond movies up to and including No Time To Die (Goldfinger, Thunderball, OHMSS, The Living Daylights, all four Brosnan films- even though the principal motoring brand in these was BMW- and all five Craig films). Interestingly the longest-serving Bond, Roger Moore, is also the only one never to drive an Aston (he is most commonly associated with Lotus, even though the famous amphibious Esprit appeared in just two of his seven films)- although ironically he did drive a DB5 in The Cannonball Run where he plays an eccentric billionaire who is convinced he is Roger Moore/James Bond. The film to feature the most Aston Martins to date will be No Time To Die, which according to press releases will feature the DB5, the V8 Vantage, the DBS Superleggera, and the Valhalla. Although Bond has not been exclusively partnered with Aston over the years, the DB5 is undoubtedly the definitive Bond car, and the most iconic and best-loved one in the history of the franchise- possibly along with the Toyota 2000GT from You Only Live Twice (which was made into a convertible by sawing off the roof since the 6ft 1in Connery could not fit into it!) and the amphibious Lotus Esprit from The Spy Who Loved Me. Toyota 2000GT The Lotus Esprit submarine car Out of interest, the other Aston Martins featured in the James Bond films are: Aston Martin DBS (On Her Majesty’s Secret Service) Aston Martin V8 Vantage Volante (The Living Daylights, No Time To Die) Aston Martin V12 Vanquish (Die Another Day) Aston Martin DBS V12 (Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace) Aston Martin DB10 (Spectre) Aston Martin DBS Superleggera (No Time To Die) Aston Martin Valhalla (No Time To Die) So, why is Bond associated with Aston Martin? Because Ian Fleming decided to include one in Goldfinger, which then became one of the most famous and successful Bond films of all time. May I also take the opportunity to express my sorrow at the passing of Sir Thomas Sean Connery, without a doubt the greatest James Bond who ever lived, who died earlier today at his home in Nassau. RIP Sean, you’ll be sorely missed.

Have you ever been in an accident while in a Tesla? What impressed you?

About a month and a half ago, I was involved in what most would consider a fairly severe accident. I was driving my 2015 Tesla Model S. Yes, I had soreness for a few weeks, but I know it would have ended much differently if I had not been in a car with such high crash safety ratings. A Bentley made an extremely wide right turn across five lanes and didn’t stop for me once my light was green. I tried to avoid the car but ended up hitting the car. The force of the impact sent me flying into the Comerica tower in Dallas, TX, then I spun around and came to a rest against a tree. Although it looks horrific, the entire interior of the cabin was unaffected. It didn’t compress or change shape at all. In fact, all of the electronics inside were still working. It felt like a roller coaster ride. During the accident, I thought I was going to end up bleeding with broken bones. I ended up getting some bone bruising on my right side. My finger was impacted against the side of my chin by my iPhone when the airbags went off. The force of the impact hitting my face popped some glass out of the back and destroyed the phone instantly. I definitely am trying my best to be a little more grateful to be alive each day! And I know the car kept me incredibly safe. I was able to hop out right away and walk just fine.

What if Rolls-Royce (or Bentley, or Lamborghini) made a pick up truck?

Question: ,“,What if Rolls-Royce (or Bentley, or Lamborghini) made a pick up truck?,” They have, actually. This is a 1926 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Pickup Truck. It is powered by this massive Rolls-Royce 40/50 horsepower Silver Ghost Inline-6. No. It is not a Straight-12. Those do not exist. The Silver Ghost had 2 spark plugs per cylinder and ,2 ,separate ignitions—battery and coil and magneto. The car did not always have the pickup body configuration. Rather it started life as a Tilbury Sedan with Willoughby & Co. coachwork. A Tilbury Sedan looks like this. Here is a drawing of a Rolls Silver Ghost Tilbury Sedan with the top raised. The car was purchased in its original configuration in 1940 by a California rancher. The chassis being very reliable but the Tilbury partial folding top body configuration being thought to be impractical, the new owner decided to rebody the Silver Ghost as a pickup. OK. This was 1940. Few people thought of cars as collectible industrial art objects that needed to be preserved. Classic Packards were crushed in war time scrap metal drives. Classic Duesenbergs could not be sold because of their high operating and maintenance costs. In the 1940s these cars, which we think of as million dollar collectibles toady, were just old cars that might be sold for scrap value. In the 1950s and 1960s, before collectors became investors, these cars were relatively unexpensive. And this Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost found itself hauling citrus fruit and garden tools rather than being driven by a chauffeur. This Silver Ghost, by the way, was a Springfield Rolls. It was built by Rolls-Royce at its American factory in Springfield, Massachusetts. Yes, Rolls-Royce once produced cars in the United States. The cars were almost identical to the British built car with the exception of their left hand drive and their 3-speed, rather than 4-speed, gearboxes. Many thought that the American Rolls exhibited higher quality. (Side story: I knew the daughter of a Rolls-Royce salesman who, in the 1920s, sold a lot of Silver Ghosts to Indians in Oklahoma who had suddenly come into oil wealth. These buyers had never owned a car before, and thus they did not know how to drive. So after selling them their new Rolls, this woman’s father had to teach them how to drive the car. They were not very good at that. And they frequently drove while drunk. Thus he also had to deal with a lot of crashed, and sometimes abandoned, new Rolls Silver Ghosts!) Because the Silver Ghost 6 produced a lot of torque and had a heavy separate chassis it worked well as pickup. The Silver Ghost pickup truck conversion is not the most unusual modification of a Rolls-Royce. Here are two Rolls purposely built by the factory specifically for tiger hunting. And the Rolls-Royce factory did once build a Silver Cloud Shooting Brake, i.e., a station wagon. Rather like that one. A modern Rolls-Royce could not similarly be converted into a functional pickup. Yes, it could be rebodied to resemble a pickup, like the Chevrolet El Caminos and Ford Rancheros or the Honda Ridgelines. But modern car based pickups built on unibody architecture are show trucks, suitable for light package delivery or use as funeral flower cars. Because there is no separate frame and the body is not separate from the bed even slight overloading of the bed will cause serious frame damage and buckle body panels. But there have been other (questionably successful) attempts to rebody a Rolls-Royce as a truck. Thus, with some regret, I give you these. And finally a Bentley pickup. Now I need a drink.

Why can't they keep the size, scale, and proportion of robots in the Transformers movies consistent?

The same reason a lot of computer graphics in movies still get the laws of physics (gravity, speed of movement, effects of crashes), plus lighting, shadows and camera setup wrong. It’s a lack of a correct model of the world that the animated object appears in. Get the model right (i.e., simulate not just Bumblebee correctly but all the significant features of the world around him), and you can have special effects that are so special they look real. To see the state of the art in research in computer graphics, check out ,SIGGRAPH,. These computer scientists are inventing the techniques today that will be used in the movie theatres of tomorrow.

What do these Marine ribbons from Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan mean?

Original Question: ,What do these Marine ribbons from Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan mean? ,Pin by Elizabeth Glasscock on TRENCH (Image courtesy of: ,Pin by Elizabeth Glasscock on TRENCH,) But the above image is horrible, at least as displayed here in Quora…it’s not much better on the original Pinterest. So, let’s see if a better image of the ribbons in question exist, and it does! See: (Image courtesy of ,Jack Ryan,) Ignoring for a moment, the partial DD-214 Discharge/Separation document in the right of the image, riddled with errors…which I might say is normal, but some of the errors are what we call ,fatal errors, so bad, so irredeemable, that the entire DD-214 document must be redone…some things are just unforgivable, but enough about that for a moment, back to the question of what ribbons is Lieutenant (unclear whether he is first or second lieutenant…) Jack Ryan wearing? This image shows, in decreasing order of precedence the following ribbons and badges worn on the US Marine Corps Blue Dress “B” officer blouse:, , Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal (commonly called the “NAM,”) Navy Unit Citation (the “NUC,”) National Defense Service Medal (the “NDSM,”) Afghanistan Campaign Medal (the “ACM,”) Global War on Terror Service Medal the (the “GWOT-SM,”) Humanitarian Service Medal (the “HSM.”) Here is what the images SHOULD be showing…clearly, in the light of day, with proper colors, as the authorized ribbons of Lieutenant Jack Ryan, USMC: (Image courtesy of: ,https://www.medalsofamerica.com/build-your-ribbons-rack?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI0Ye0_6uG5gIVBr7ACh26fgCsEAAYAiAAEgL9UfD_BwE,) Notice that between the 4th and 5th ribbons, there is an unauthorized gap, causing the 5th and 6th ribbons to slide to the right about 1/8th of an inch. This is unsightly, and only an accidental (and temporary) oversight would allow this…as soon as any other Marine saw it they would politely take the officer aside and help them fix this ghastly uniform violation… While it is difficult to clearly see (the picture’s context and scale), I would estimate that the lower edge of the ribbon bar (the lowest line of ribbons) is wrongly placed onto the uniform blouse, as well, as proper placement when wearing both marksmanship badge(s) and ribbons is for the bottom edge of the rifle shooting badge (to the left as viewed in the picture) to be 1/8th inch from the top of the uniform pocket, and then the bottom of the ribbon bar to be 1/8th inch from the top of the rifle badge, thus the badge would be perfectly equi-distant between the top of the pocket and the bottom of the ribbons. (See page 1–129 for proper placement under USMC Regulations, as shown below:), (Image courtesy of Figure 5–8 of: ,https://www.marines.mil/Portals/1/Publications/MCO%201020.34H%20v2.pdf,) The image clearly shows how the blouse is rounded and falls off to the wearer’s left as it begins to wrap around the body (or is tailored to do so, if the blouse is not worn), but the ribbons and badges must be placed on the blouse as if on a flat surface, first. For this reason, the pistol marksmanship badge to the right (in the picture; to the wearer’s left when worn) appears to be out of place and falling away from the ribbons. This is fairly normal unless someone has a very broad upper torso that keeps it all flat. I estimate that if placed flat, the top of the pistol badge would be closely aligned to the top of the rifle badge (which would be correct), except that it then also is not 1/8th inch from the bottom of the ribbons. The appearance of the shooting badges as “rounded,” higher in the middle than the outside edges, is partly because the uniform appears to be worn or placed other than perfectly flat, but also the inner edge of both shooting badges may have been slightly (and improperly) placed higher than the outside edges. Even in the rare case when the tailoring of the breast pocket results in something other than a flat line, 90 degrees horizontal to the fall of the buttons down the uniform, the badges, and thus the ribbons above the badges, must be placed as if in a perfectly flat manner, using the highest part of the pocket to begin measuring the 1/8th inch. IN such a case, the officer in question should immediately take their uniform blouse to a qualified tailor and have them fix the pocket by reattaching it in a neat straight line at 90 degrees to the fall of buttons… No professional Marine officer would allow their Blue Dress uniform to be worn or displayed improperly, and their fellow officers, seniors, and indeed any subordinate Marine who notices improper wear of the USMC uniform would immediately do their best to notify the officer of the deficiencies noted…this is partly how we catch Stolen Valor cases…they wear their uniforms in some way that is inappropriate, not according to uniform regulations…and we are slavish to our Uniform Regulations and to “keep our honor clean” when wearing our uniforms. Now, back to the errors on the snapshot of just part of the DD-214 document: OBVIOUS ERROR #1: It lists his final grade at separation as “LT.” The US Marine Corps has no rank or grade for a “LT.” That is a US Navy and US Coast Guard rank. Like the US Army and US Air Force, the USMC uses “first lieutenant” and “second lieutenant,” abbreviated for purposes of the DD-214 as “1STLT” or “2NDLT.”, The backstory on previous versions of Jack Ryan in the “Ryanverse” had him separated for disability (although in reality, it probably should have been “retired for disability,” since his injuries should have been sufficient to overcome the level required to meet retirement vs. mere separation) early in his career; at certain points in recent years the USMC was promoting 2ndLt’s to 1stLt at the 18 month mark rather than the usual 24 months of commissioned service mark, so let’s assume it more likely that after his initial entry training (which was at least 7 or 8 months, possibly much longer), and the at least one tour overseas he undertook (which granted him the Afghanistan Campaign Medal and the Humanitarian Service Medal), and then the time involved with his injury and subsequent time it takes for recovery, and then the processing time involved for a medical discharge or retirement (which have robust due process and notification protections for the servicemember involve), I estimate a minimum of 2 years of commissioned service, making him a First Lieutenant. A related problem is: why doesn’t he wear the Sea Service Deployment Ribbon? Any Marine who deploys in a “Marine Corps operating forces” unit (i.e., formerly known as the “Fleet Marine Force”) and under the proper orders to deploy abroad, which would make him eligible for the award of the ACM and the HSM as already worn, would also make him eligible for award of the SSDR. It doesn’t matter if he was ordered to serve in an assignment completely ashore, in land-locked Afghanistan, or stayed at sea on an amphibious warship the entire deployment. After the first 90 days of such deployment, the Marine is eligible for the SSDR, which he is not wearing. Assuming he served a deployment (whether deliberately shorter than 90 days, which would be highly unusual for an infantry lieutenant, or because it was cut short due to an injury such as his previously known helicopter crash and back injury), there is provision for his commander to make an exception to policy and award the SSDR for a period shorter than normally required to earn the award. This waiver of policy is common for anyone who is medevac’ed out of theater; they typically are awarded any campaign or service medals they ,would have earned, had they remained in theater until the end of their original deployment. Conclusion: Lieutenant Jack Ryan should have been awarded, and thus be wearing, the SSDR. (See par. 420.20, Awards Manual), Further evidence is shown in the first image above, although not clear, his pistol marksmanship badge shows what appears to be either the 5th or 6th award of Expert on the additional “Expert requalification bar” of the pistol marksmanship badge (per paragraph 5500 of the USMC Uniform Regulations)., , It is impossible to be awarded more than one marksmanship award for rifle, or pistol, per fiscal year (1 October to 30 September). Most officers without prior enlisted service first qualify during their first 6 months of officer training in Quantico. Assuming he qualified Expert the first time, and then Expert each subsequent fiscal year, he served for at least 5 years…and it would then be unlikely that he would still be a first lieutenant, because first lieutenants are almost always promoted at around the 4–5th year of commissioned service…and undergoing the process for a medical discharge or retirement would not stop the almost-automatic promotion to Captain (90% of first lieutenants in any given year are promoted to captain). Since Jack Ryan didn’t seem to be a bad officer, the odds are quite high he should have been a captain when he was separated/retired…EITHER THAT, OR THE PISTOL MARKSMANSHIP BADGE IS FLAT OUT WRONG. CAN’T QUALIFY FOR THE ANNUAL BADGE IF YOU ARE LYING ON YOUR BACK AFTER SURGERY…AND GOING TO THE PISTOL RANGE — AND THE STRESSES OF STANDING AROUND FOR SEVERAL DAYS DOING VARIOUS VIGOROUS MOVEMENTS FOR THE QUALIFICATION PROCESS — WOULD BE VERY LOW ON THE LIST OF PRIORITIES OF HIS COMMANDER TO HELP MAKE LIEUTENANT JACK RYAN REHABILITATE HIMSELF TO A DUTY STATUS… OBVIOUS ERROR #2: His DD-214 clearly shows he is a “0302 Infantry Officer.” Ok, no problem. But his last duty unit is clearly shown as 5th Battalion, 10th Marines. 5/10 does exist, but it is an ,artillery, unit. Having an infantry lieutenant assigned would be highly unusual…while I suppose there are some here and there, it would be uncommon, and even more uncommon for infantry lieutenants as they are expected to be learning how to lead infantry platoons and companies, not hang around with cannoneers. OBVIOUS ERROR #3: His DD-214 clearly shows that he was awarded the “MARINE CORPS GOD (SIC) CONDUCT MEDAL… Ok, the spelling error ,is probably accurate, as Marines who prepare the DD-214’s always make at least one such error somewhere…so let’s overlook God’s conduct medal in that sense, but… The Marine Corps does, of course, have a Good Conduct Medal. And Lieutenant Jack Ryan would not have been awarded one unless he served 3 years of honorable active duty as an enlisted Marine before he was commissioned. AND, more importantly, ,he is not wearing any version of any Good Conduct Medal…so either his DD-214 is wrong (again…) or his uniform is wrong. Given the choice, seeing how his DD-214 is riddled with other fatal errors, and how no Marine officer who served for several years would ever make the mistake of not wearing any ribbon/medal which was authorized for them to wear…we err on the side of the uniform and thus Lieutenant Jack Ryan was not issued a Good Conduct Medal and his DD-214 has another error., (See par. 420.3, Awards Manual), OBVIOUS ERROR #4: The Afghanistan Campaign Medal (ACM) ,cannot be worn without at least one “campaign star.”, See the example above that I posted, you will clearly see the single (minimum) bronze campaign star centered on the ribbon (it would be centered on the suspension ribbon portion of the full-size and miniature medals, as well). Since we don’t know the exact dates that Lieutenant Jack Ryan was in Afghanistan, we cannot properly determine whether he is entitled to one or possibly two campaign stars, based on the campaign “phases” established by DoD., , Since he was not awarded the SSDR, it is ,highly, unlikely in the extreme that he was in Afghanistan during three separate campaign periods, but the ACM must be worn with at least one star, so let’s give him that, at least…,another error on his DD-214, undoubtedly, that must be corrected. To be fair, this particular error is actually quite common…but it’s still an error, and wearing the ACM without at least one campaign star is unauthorized and a violation of Uniform Regulations., (See par. 420.12, Awards Manual), SO, WE HAVE ANSWERED THE QUESTION OF WHAT RIBBONS (AND BADGES) HE IS WEARING, AND WHAT ERRORS ARE SHOWN. Here is what I think he should be wearing, based on the limited information available: (Image courtesy again of: ,Build Your Ribbons Rack,)